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Long under the suspicion of using steroids to keep her wits about her, Ülane possesses the three qualities needed to run the perfect tour company - a passion for travelling, a passion for business and the determination of a bulldozer facing a house of twigs. The house of twigs in this case being the ludicrous idea that work has to be serious.

Having quit a well payed day job for a vague promise of epic success in the tourist business, Ülane has spent the past years putting together a team of fun-loving youngsters with the ultimate goal of livening up the whole tour guiding field. It all seems to have paid off too, as her trusty staff displays enthusiasm and joy the kind of which hasn’t been seen since the opening of Disneyland.

With a strong belief in the notion that everything can always improved upon, Ülane has witnessed the growth of Traveller Tours from just a few busted bicycles to three full-size vans.

Her future plans include massive global expansion and perhaps even tours in Latvia.

Tours: Lahemaa National Park/Best of Tallinn 5h Car & Walking Tour/Kummitustuur Tallinna vanalinnas/Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski/Best of Tallinn 4h Bike & Walking Tour/Lõbus päev Käsmus ja Lahemaal/Western Coast & Haapsalu/Tallinn Walking Tour (Old Town)/Best of Tallinn 3h Walking Tour/Maaliline militaarpäev Loode-Eestis/Welcome to Tallinn Bike Tour/Tallinn Ghost Tour/Narva & The Eastern Bloc/Beautiful Bike Tour to Kadriorg & Pirita/Custom Tour/South-Estonian Countryside/Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus/Funky Bike Tour to Kalamaja/Tallinn Pubcrawl/Tallinn Free Tour
Languages: Estonian /English

What people say about Ülane:

When I travel, I crave new and different experiences. The only way I can describe Narva & Eastern Bloc Tallinn tour is an absolute adventure. Going to the Russian/Estonian Border seeing relics of the Old Communist Occupation in the east and learning about the immense history of the region were all highlights. The guides were great. I'd go back again in a heartbeat, even if it's just for the herring.
Andrew, New York
Simply just the best way to explore the city. Even after a few days in the city, the walking tour just made the city even better, aware of the hidden gems... Great work!!!
Victor, the Netherlands
Lahemaa National Park day tour - wow best tour ever and I have done many all over the world - the trip was a day I will never forget from the wonderful company to the amaing sites things I will truly never forget it was not just a trip it made memories - priceless, thank you, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE DO THE TRIP you will never forget it or regret it
J Hilton , Wales UK
Really nice tour! Ulena was really interesting and fun. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested to know Tallinn. Thank you!
Pablo Marco, Spain
Ülane provided an entertaining and educational tour of Tallinn during our recent visit. Historical facts mixed with local color provided a wonderfully narrated walking tour of a beautiful city. The time in Tallinn was one of the best of our Baltic vacation and a tour that was an excellent experience. Don"t miss this wonderful opportunity to see Tallinn.
Bob, USA
Elaine, I want to thank you for the tour of Tallinn towards the end of May. Your English was amazing as was your information. Your bubbly, energetic personally made the tour a wonderful adventure and experience. I wish you all the best in the future. You are wonderful, bright young lady with a lot of promise. Thanks again!
Wayne, USA
Thank you so much Elaine, I loved your tour (May 2011). You shared many fun facts, beautiful sites & folklore. Great introduction to Tallinn, must definitely return.
Cheryl, USA

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