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Kert has studied history like most of the staff of Traveller Tours. He is a philosopher stuck in thought at one second who can turn into a humorist and a showman with the blink of an eye.

He is an experienced alpine skier and a used to do acting as a hobby. He has even won a prize for mimicking a former Estonian prime minister (yeah, we give out prizes for that). Kert also likes to think of himself as a semi-professional crowd-surfer and stage-diver who is willing to travel abroad to see his favourite bands play. He actually plans on becoming a teacher one day.

Kert's vast work experience includes but is not limited to working as a journalist, archeologist, lifeguard, organ builder's assistant and a carpenter. He also only claims to need one match to set up a bonfire, coincidentally, that's how many matches he has on Tinder.

Kert's tours are a one-man stand-up show that will never cease to amaze - historic facts fixed with satire and improv will sum up to a great day out.

Tours: Riga-Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus/Lahemaa National Park/Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski/Western Coast & Haapsalu/Narva & The Eastern Bloc/Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus
Languages: English

What people say about Kert:

Estonia is a wonderful country with amazing nature, sightseeings and interesting history. I love it and want to come back! Kert is an awesome guide with a lot of knowledge of history, able to answer every question and the tour with him is an adventure full of laughter, fun, stories and very friendly atmosphere. Kert is a safe driver, speaks excellent english and always cares about participants´ needs and wishes..the best guy to explore beautiful Eestimaa with :) Thank you very much !!!
Sandra, Slovakia
I had a superb tour to a lot of places at Lahemaa National Park with Kert. This tour caused definitely the wish to return to Estonia for more places at the countryside. Kert is an expert at the region because he grew up locally. He is also a historian who knows interesting facts about visited places (as Kert has also studied in Cologne, Germany where I live, I also got a view of Cologne carnival from an estonian)
Sven, Germany
We took the Lahemaa National Park day tour. It was a very full and varied day, with a range of interesting and entertaining experiences. The mixture of nature and history was very good. Kert, our excellent guide, put everyone at ease and had a gift for explaining Estonian history. His knowledge of nature and Estonia was also very broad. His driving was also perfect.
Robert, Belgium
I did a Laheema National Park day tour with Kurt as my guide. He was absolutely fantastic. Not only was he knowledgeable with the history of Estonia, he is a fun guide as well. I have experienced playing on the traditional Estonian swing and had so much fun with it. Thank you so much Kurt for giving me such an unforgettable experience in Tallinn.
Andrea, Australia
It was an amazing day in the Lahemaa National Park with Kert. He is a professional guide with a lot of knowledge of Estonian history. He tells with passion and humor and brings a lot of personal experience with it. The national park is really amazing and wonderful place and if you go to Tallinn than this tour should be in your program.
Federico & Anna, Italy
We joined the Laheema National Park tour today. Our guide was Kert. Not only did he amaze us with his thorough knowledge of Estonian history that he happily shared with us, he also managed to return 100% of the participants for the first time in his career - what a keeper! ;) The whole tour felt like an exciting road trip with friends from different nationalities and at different ages. Thank you very much!
Stephan & Anja, Germany
Kert was a great guide. Made us feel very comfortable. He was charming, funny, and informative. We had a great time and can recommend him highly. Best of luck, Kert, we'll send friends! We just loved Estonia!
Susan&Gilda, USA

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