Defeater of Darkness, Ruler of Heavens, Goddess of Eternity and a Tour Guide

Liine is not only a culture theorist of Middle-East (which is an essential skill for a tour guide of Tallinn), she also bakes a mad good cake (which, is also a very good quality for a tour guide).

She loves to travel and would jump at the opportunity to live in every part of the world for a short time. Currently, though, she is not traveling and discovering the world herself, she stays put in Tallinn showing this lovely capital to others wanting to discover.

Liine is also a nature-fan, if there is a bonfire, she will appear next to it in ten minutes and less. That is how we lured her to join our company - with a massive bonfire.

Because she is from an island, if Liine is too far from the sea for too long, she will be sad. The island-folk, including Liine, just stare lazily into the sea and forget how to use some vowels other Estonians know, granting us a chance to make fun of her by saying a lot of words with the letter “Õ”. Only Estonians will get the last joke, the rest - take a tour with Liine and she will explain!

If Liine doesn’t end up travelling the whole world and being awesome, she will most probably end up living in a forest with a bunch of cats, which is also awesome, because cats are awesome.

Tours: Lahemaa National Park/Best of Tallinn 5h Car & Walking Tour/Riga-Tallinn Sightseeing Tour Bus/Best of Tallinn 4h Bike & Walking Tour/Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski/Western Coast & Haapsalu/Tallinn Walking Tour (Old Town)/Best of Tallinn 3h Walking Tour/Narva & The Eastern Bloc/Tallinn Ghost Tour/Lahemaa National Park + Tallinn Old Town Tour/Custom Tour/Funky Bike Tour to Kalamaja/Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus/Beautiful Bike Tour to Kadriorg & Pirita/Tallinn Pubcrawl/Husky Dog Sledding & Visit to Husky Farm/Tallinn Free Tour
Languages: Estonian /English

What people say about Liine:

We went with Lina (probably misspelled) who is a young, friendly and super nice guide. Despite the temperature of -15°C the day was amazing! Seeing frozen waterfalls and bog in the magic of the winter is wonderful. We had lunch with a local family in a beautiful seaside old wooden house. Recommended
Federico, Italy
Had an amazing time yesterday discovering the old town on free walking tour with Liine as a guide. Fun, informative and brilliant in all senses! Appreciated Estonian self-irony and funny jokes :)
Polina, Ukraine
Excelent trip. The guide was professional , knew her subject matter and clearly enjoys her job. Great day!!
Iain, Scotland
Traveller Tours and Lline, our guide, were incredible. Booking was easy and convenient (all via email). We picked the Lahemaa National Park tour and Lline allowed us to make some modifications based on our interests. The national park was beautiful and my children loved the break from museums and historical sites. As we traveled through the the forest and bogs, Lline did a magnificent job telling us stories of Estonia, it's myths and legends; she pointed out flowers, moss etc. used in traditional medicine. It was absolutely wonderful! We then went to visit an abandoned soviet submarine demagnetization base. Lline's descriptive narrative made the base come alive - it was eerie yet fascinating. Our next stop was lunch at a great local restaurant near the Old Town, free from the mass of tourists. We then went on a walking tour of the Old Town. Lline pointed out interesting things in the city that we would have missed had we gone on a self guided tour. We ended our day knowing more about Estonia, appreciating its history and culture and yearning to return for more. Of all the tours we took on our Baltic cruise, this was by far, our favorite. Tip: Estonia has the highest quality handmade items and the prices are very reasonable. This is the place to buy unique gifts.
Chris V, USA
Thank you Liine for a fantastic and thrilling ghost tour, our students loved it!!!
Tina & Hanna, Finland
We had a small group of cyclists from Helsinki and we enjoyed a lot of biking tour with Liine. Liine could tell about the history of Estonia very lively. It really was the best guided tour I've ever been.
Sanne, Finland
We enjoyed a tour to Coastal Cliffs & Paldiski with Liine. It was grasping, we had a nice company with our tourmates, and our guide was very lively and smart. It seems that Liine knows everything about history and Estonia! We recommend this tour for anyone who wants to spend an interesting day in the out-of-doors!
Katerina & Vladimir, Russia
We did Tallinn Free Tour (March 26, 2016) with Liine and she was amazing: very informative energetic and with an excellent sense of humor. Sure, guides are supposed to be funny, but Liine exceeds all expectations easily. Strongly recommended.
Pavlo, Olena and friends, Ukraine, Estonia, France
Did the husky experience. I don't have the words, you just have to try this. The Dogs were so awesome and super friendly and cute huskies (from all over the world, as we were told. The one I got was from Latvia, her name was Enna) and the family running the place was so nice and welcoming. Ploughing through snow with dogs is somehow a primal experience. At the end of it we were exhausted but super happy. A must activity in winter!
Kristel, Estonia
We join free Tallinn walking tour with Liine on 20 December.It was fantastic!!! Our guide Liine was perfect, very professional, enthusiastic, with deep knowledge and excellent sense of humour! I highly recommend this tourist company and looking forward to next visiting Tallinn! Thank you!
elena, russia
The Tallin Ghost Tour is one of the most marvellous things to do in Tallin! Our tourguide Liine was a fantastic storyteller and did a great job! It was great fun and very interesting to meet all the real ghosts of Tallin old town (special regards to the ghost in the swedish embassy :) )
Birgit & Martin, Germany
Our group of four arranged for a private tour. Our guide, Liine, a young university student with excellent English and command of idioms, was full of meaningful details and comments. We were interested in Tallinn during the Soviet period. Liine had much to say including an impressive command of history from the Teutonic Knights til the recent independence. Thank you, Liine, for making our trip to Tallinn so exceptional. Cost: 4 persons, 3 hrs., 100 Euros.
John , United States
We had less than a day to spend in Tallin. So decided to take a short walking tour of the city. Our guide named Liine was very informative, funny and efficient. She took us around the main parts of the city with small stops in between, to tell us the history of the city. It was really enjoyable. I will recommend this tour to anyone taking a short trip to Estonia.
Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky, Bangladesh
We booked the 12 h tour Riga to Tallinn. It was amazing. Thx to Liine. We had a lot of fun. Torsten, Berlin
Torsten , Germany
The Swiss Junior Nationalteams in Curling made a great tour with guide Liine. Just brilliant!!! Scary stories, interesting facts, scintillating wit, coherent language - and of course the hot chocolate afterwards. Thank you, it was impressive!
Rolf Hösli, Switzerland
We did the tour yesterday Feb 19 with the fantastic Liine. I would highly recommend going on it. In 2 hours we did a thorough circuit through old town & got an entertaining insight into the history of Estonia & Tallin as well is its key monuments & buildings. I was more than happy to tip.
Rachel B, Australia
Tallinn is wonderful and walking around with Liin, who is a great guide, has given our trip a precious touch. She is a talent in telling stories in a humourous but competent way, her English is fluent and high level. Thank you Liinn, we will be back to find out more.
Margo&Angelo!, Milan, Italy
I did the walking tour with Liine in early February, it was snowing and cold but her stories were interesting and were well worth it! Actually the snow made it kind of beautiful... The guides on free tours are always more fun and making a greater effort so in the end you tip them happily, even more than you'd pay for a normal tour. Thanks Liine!
Marija, Croatia
We just finished the tour with our guide liine. Although it was snowing we did not mind the cold weather, the stories made it all worth it. And of course the hot chocolate afterwards. Best thing to do to get to know the city in a short time. Greetings!
Stef&natasja, Netherlands
Liine showed us around Tallinn Old Town on Dec 31st. She spoke excellent English with a wonderful sense of humour that made our experience particularly enjoyable. She was very knowledgeable and imparted just enough detail on buildings, history and events to give us the information without over-loading our heads with too much detail. However, when detail was requested Liine was always forthcoming. I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip.
Ian, UK
Amazing! Liine was a great guide with wonderful english skills. It was very exciting to hear her talking about Tallinn history and city stories. I really enjoyed the tour that actually didn't feel like a tour but more a relaxing and engaging discover of the city. I look forward to going back to Tallinn and discover more about the city's corners, legends, culture,... wow! Thank you Liine.
Adler, Portugal
Did the Tallin tour with Liine, was very informative and much fun! Thank you, Liine!! Also was impressed how multi national was my group, all the way from south america to Hong Kong! Cool Best of luck, guys, with your tours!
Alexandra, Russia
Tallinn was a great place with friendly people and Liina was no exception. The walk revealed places we had missed during our stay, both her energetic and knowledgeable way of explaining tales and legends was exceptional. recommend this to anyone but be aware there are plenty of steps and cobbles.
Tony Fytche, England
Liine gave us a great tour of Tallinn, fantastic sense of humor, handled a large group extremely well and kept us engaged through rain and sunshine!!
Bhuvan, India
We went on the ghost tour in Tallinn in August 2014. Liina was an amazing tour gide, she's a very good story teller!! Also she has a nice sense of humor. We've already been two days in Tallinn, but during the tour we saw new interesting places. Afterwards we went together to Pierres Cholocats for a nice cup of hot chocolat! Price, including the drink, was 13 euro and well worth it!
Linda, Holland
Awesome ghost tour. A little minus was the fact that during summertime it's not really dark by 8pm. Maybe it could be a little bit later? But the lack of darkness did in no way ruin the tour atmosphere thanks to the great storytelling! The stories were interesting and spooky at the same time and found out lots of interesting things about Tallinn Old town. Totally worth the 13€, plus the hot chocolate at the end of the tour was amazing. Can totally recommend the tour!
Rinna, Finland
Our visit to Tallinn was a highlight of our 2 week vacation. Our guide, Linna, was of the best we have had among many tours in Europe. She was friendly and engaging. Our kids loved all of her stories....especially the ghost stories! Our group encompassed 3 generations...from 9 years old to 77 and everyone had a great time! We liked this tour in particular with both the biking and walking components. Thanks for a great day!!
The Morgans, USA

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