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Mart is one of the many Social Sciences students who has found a way to put his studies into use at Tallinn Traveller Tours. He studies Political Science and can finally share thoughts about history, politics, society and economics with unsuspecting strangers. He especially loves topics of nationalism, use of narratives and discourse and everything concerning China – granted, the last topic is not so useful when tour guiding in Tallinn, though.

He loves to read, cycle and swim, but also spend time with Parks and Recreation, My Kitchen Rules and Game of Thrones. We suspect he has already secretly written a paper on the use of narratives to create ethnocentrism in Kings Landing. Mart also insisted we definitely mention that the best TV show of all time is, of course, Friends.

When he is not stuck in the city, he loves to sit by a campfire, stare at stars and contemplate the answer to life, the universe and everything. Or just pick yummy mushrooms and berries.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

Mart gave us a highly informative, refreshing and humourousely stimulating tour - thank you; a good way to get to know this pulsating city and a great country with (a) wonderful people.

Great tour with Mart. Loved it. Good mixture of history and modern day of Estonia with a healthy dose of Estonian self-deprecating humour. Recommend to anyone.

Great knowledge of the city and its history, funny and interesting to listen to. Congrats Mart!

Tried the free walking tour and was lucky enough to get Mart. He did a fantastic job. Great mix of information and humor, excellent English, very easy to understand even when standing in the back, and I'm mostly sure we didn't even lose anybody on the way.

We took a free walking tour with Mart and it was one of the best tours we'd ever experienced. Not only was it informative but also fun. We came there with no idea of Tallinn's history and came out as pretty knowledgeable. If you want to acquaint yourselves with the city and have some fun in the meantime, that's the best choice for you.

Did the free walking tour with Mart today. It was fantastic. Really interesting and fun. A great introduction to Estonain history, culture and people. I fully recomend it!

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