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Jüri doesn't stand in one place for longer than 27.86 seconds. After the set time is over, he will either run, jump or teleport to a next place to discover. Occasionally he moves by the means of somersaulting. The only way for him to stay put is to talk about Estonian history and his own experience, thoughts about the country and life.

At an early age, Jüri figured out being happy feels quite awesome, so now he has turned it into somewhat of a permanent emotional stage. The only time a smile disappears from his face for a few seconds is when someone scores a goal against the Estonian national football team. This happens quite often, so Jüri has gotten really good at explaining to the players on the other side of the television what they should have done. Luckily, nobody has taken his advice yet.

Jüri is one of the many people in our company trying to figure out what to do with their degrees. He studies history, so he likes old stuff. Being a tour guide usually has something to do with old stuff.

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Rated No. 1 Tours in Tallinn by TripAdvisor

"Amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve"

I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! The Lahemaa tour with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)

We had fantastic day with George in Lahemaa national park. We had tons of questions related to history and he knew all the asnwers which made our day really interesting and fun. I wish all estonians were more like him and have so much energy and fun all the time. Thank you so much!

Absolutely awesome tour of the Old Town in Tallin. Our guide's, Jüri's, enthusiasm and joy were contagious. You could see he really enjoys what he is doing and is great at it: great historical knowledge and a wonderful sense of humour, open to chat and provide additional information, very friendly. The tour practically flew by - when I looked at my watch I couldn't believe how late it is, since the trip was so engaging. I can definitely recommend touring with Jüri, he will make you fall in love with Tallin.

Daytrip to Talehaa: best experience of the stay!! Great program with beautiful nature and sowjet relicts that I've never seen before. I can only strongly recommend it, it is worth every cent. And don't miss the delicious lunch that is offnered in the tour - one of the best meals I've eaten in Estonia. Special thanks to the absolutly great guide Jüri (George): so friendly, so many facts and fun and perfect English speaking - best guide :-) Thanks from Germany Katharina

We had an awesome trip a couple weeks ago. The guide (George) was absolutly fun and entertaining (his summersaults are amazing :P ). His knowledge about the estorian history is remarkable! The lunch was the best salmon we ever had! The host was friendly and made ourself feel comfortable. Overall the whole tour was worth it.

We had a chance to take the tour comprising the Haapsalu sea resort tour as well as some picturesque landscapes and ruins in the North-Western Estonia with our guide George (or Juri for those more familiar with Estonian names). George was an excellent guide who showed us very interesting places and always gave relevant comments. He was very nice and easy-going and eager to answer our questions. We particularly appreciated his personal involvement in the tour as he did not hesitate to go off the road to show us the most beautiful places on the seaside. The Haapsalu tour with George was one of our journey to Baltic countries’ highlights and we thank him once again for his great work.

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