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Heli is blond and bubbly, her vast energy reserve surpassed only by that of the Sun. Perhaps the most hyperactive person in the country, she just keeps going with the fierce tenacity of a Duracell bunny, stopping only to take a power nap every two or three months. The only thing you must be wary of is the extensive amount of sarcastic jokes she employs, the use of which she blames on the many British comedies she grew up with.

When not clumsily running into trees (and rocks, children) on the job, Heli likes to volunteer at different projects, dance and succumb to her incurable Shopaholicism. Right now she is studying television and film at the Baltic Film and Media School, as she needs to learn how to make brainwashing political commercials for when she finally becomes the first female president of Estonia. Her motto is: There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers!

Tours: Kummitustuur Tallinna vanalinnas/Best of Tallinn 5h Car & Walking Tour/Best of Tallinn 4h Bike & Walking Tour/Tallinn Walking Tour (Old Town)/Best of Tallinn 3h Walking Tour/Tallinn Ghost Tour/Beautiful Bike Tour to Kadriorg & Pirita/Funky Bike Tour to Kalamaja/Custom Tour/Tallinn Pubcrawl/Tallinn Free Tour
Languages: Estonian /English

What people say about Heli:

Today was my best Tour around Tallin. Heli is very smart and very funny, energetic and informative with awesome taste of humor.
Artūras, Gibavičius
Went on a free tour of Tallinn Old Town with Heli. She is amazing, professional, funny and enthusiast. Had the opportunity to get to know some interesting facts and stories that are not written in official guides. Heli made me appreciate the little things and events that, as she says, may change the history ( to quote her 'never mess with the Finns'). I definitely recommend a tour with her.
Silvia, Italy
Went on a great tour today with Heli, she was very informative and injected a lot of humour into the commentary. Was very impressed that the tour was free and would highly recommend it as a way of seeing this beautiful city and getting a brief history.
Diane, Uk
We were on a tour led by the very funny and informative Heli. Her English is amazing. Learnt a lot about this lovely city, country and people. Would highly recommend doing this tour.
Kim, UK
We went on a tour with Heli as our guide. She was very entertaining and spoke amazing English. To be able to joke as easily as she did in a second language is a skill! She was very informative and made history interesting.
Jacqui, UK
We had Heli on our tour and she made it hands down the best free walking tour we have done -and we have done a fair few over the years (because the price is right :) ) Her knowledge of the city and its hostory is top notch and her delivery is right on with humour and information. You will be in good hands if Heli is taking your group.
Dave, UK
Fabulous tour is tallin. Our guide was amazing. Highly recommended tour! Heli is the best guide ! She's a star and should be on stage. Full of information and character and made the trip just brilliant! Thank you
Tracey, Uk
Best tour guide ever!!!well done heli
Marie mc , Ireland
today with HEle she was fantastic incredible english and an excellent sense of humour lots of history i travel a lot and been to many tours she is a crack ! i recommend her 100 %
guillermo, paraguay
We took a walking tour of Tallinn and it was so amazing. Our guide Helli was very knoweledgeable and had a great sense of humor. It was a great opportunity for us to learn tragic but valuable history of the country and the world history surrounding Estonia. We would definitely recommend the tour for all tourists of Estonia. Thanks Helli!
Inky, Korea
Took the walking tour with Heli straight from our cruise ship... what a highlight of the cruise ! Heli is outstanding, funny and witty. Highly recommended.
Steven&Sharon, England
I also participated the tour on 20th of June and must say that what an actor Estonia has missed in HELI. The tour was fantastic mix of laughter, acting, facts and figures. Thank you indeed.
Janne, Finland
Hi everyone, we had a tour with our guide HELI on the 20th of june 2016 and it was very nice. HELI is hugely entertaining, interacts with the audience in a great manner and passes on more information to you than you would believe is possible in one hour. Not just the years and numbers, but speckled with lots of anecdotes and light humour. Best tour I (we!) ever had! Wish she could be hired for Amsterdam...
Job, Netherlands
Had a tour on June 20th at 19:00 with Heli who was the best Guide I've ever had. Our Group was realy impressed of her knowledge and the way she presented her hometown. We all enjoyed every second of her stories.
Heino, Germany
Excellent tour with a great animated tour guide - Heli. Total walk is about 2 miles in 2 hours and the time went very quickly because Heli was captivating. Highly recommend!
Barbara, USA
Helli was brilliant, informative, fun, knowledgable and everything you could want in a guide. Thoroughly recommend - a fantastic couple of hours, and shame on anyone who went on the tour and then sneaked away without giving a donation. Vote for Helli.
Lorri, UK
A little bit more than two hours touring with Helli passed like a breaze as was the best, most enjoyable and educational city tour I have ever done and I have taken lots! The small tip I give was not worth her knowledge, enthusiasm, sence of humor..and she made the Astonia history so simple, easy and fun for me to understand and remember. I m thankfull!
Athina, Greece Oct 2015
I went on the free tour of the Tallinn Old Town with Heli today and it was excellent, really I would have expected to pay a lot of money for a tour guide who had such good knowledge. She presented very well even with a fairly large group from lots of different countries, she was very entertaining and interesting. Thanks so much, it was a really great first morning in Tallinn.
Maddie, UK
Thanks to the great weather and our funny, energetic guide Heli I had a great time. We saw the best parts of the old town, got to know some very interesting stories and got tips for other things to see and do. I can only recommend this tour!
Fred, Germany
Perfect! Really enjoyed my day. Nice views, nature and a wonderfull meal at the fishers place! Small groups and friendly guide with a lot of info and details. Superb!
Sara, Belgium
What an amazing tour of the ghost stories of Tallinn. Well done Tallinn Traveller Tours and thanks to our wonderful guide Heli, one of the best tour guides you could ever hope for. A wonderfully bubbly and energetic young lady with a real talent and passion for storytelling. Superb English too. Over the 2 hours she told lots of great ghost tales with an wicked sense of humour and captivated her audience totally. Among these ghostly tales she added a few other historic details and quirky, funny anecdotes. You cover quite a distance walking around the beautiful streets of the old town but you get a real great feel for the town and some wonderful views from the viewing platforms at the top of the town. It can be a bit steep uphill but everyone should be able to manage and we'll worth the views. Heli organised a nice drink for everyone at a really cosy cafe at the end of the tour which is a really nice way to finish off a great tour. So where you're next in Tallinn check out this Ghost tour and if all their tour guides are as good as Heli you'll have a great evening. 10/10 to Tallinn Traveller Tours, great value at 13€, well done and thank you!
Ash715, Canada
I joined the awesome walking tour with Heli. Thanks for all these interesting stories and silly jokes!
Julian, Germany
I took this tour, and it really really made my day. Seriously, thank you Heli, it was awesome!
Guille, Spain
Heli was our guide around Tallinn on 23 Nov. What a fantastic and enthusiastic guide. She made the Old Town come alive and her delivery and knowledge was impeccable. Thanks Heli!
Hayley, UK
I took Tallin free tour. The tour was awesome as well as the guide Heli;) i would highly recommend this tour to everyone visiting Tallin. It is fun and you learn a lot about the city and citizens)))
Vasilisa, Russia
Did the free walking tour today. I thoroughly enjoyed this and found it very informative and our guide charming. Her name is Hellii (?) and she was challenged by 3 people in the group when she told us that Tallinn was bombed by the Russians in 1944 - 300 planes she said and it destroyed a large part of the city. Her challengers said that Russia didn't have an air force so it can't be. I just googled - Wikepedia confirmed exactly what she said. So, there you go - the tour comes with a highly recommended from me.
Terta, England
We as a group of 15 rouhgly people took the free walking tour. We had a lot of fun and I still remember a lot of the interesting stories about Tallinn. Tank you Heli of this amazing experience!
Johan, Holland
joined the old town walking tour on today. the guide, Hely, did a great job introducing this history of the monuments as well as Estonia. through her jokes and informations given as we walked the old town, I do learn a lot about this beautiful place.
NST, Singapore
Helli (hopefully I spelled it right) was our tour, and she was excellent! This was by far the best tour we had this two week vacation. She gave us a lot of insight into Estonia's history and culture. As soon as I got home watched at her recommendation 'A Singing Revolution' and 'Disco and Atomic War' (thank you). She was funny, very well informed and spoke excellent English. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
Claudia, US
Tallinn surprised us: First of all because we did not expect such a wonderfull city and furthermore because we never had such a great guide before. Heli: We absolutely thank you for the best tour ever and a great time in a great city! We highly recommend this tour to everybody visiting Talinn and surely will come back to see some more and sing and dance along with the Estonians!
Saskia and Stefan, Germany
Here is a link to a review from one of the leading newspapers in Norway: http://www.dagbladet.no/2013/01/08/tema/reise/tallinn/storbyferie/ferie/25089042/ There is also a video from some of the Free walking tour The text is written in Norwegian but Google translate did a quite good translation to English.
Arild, Norway
Heli was very enthusiastic and helpfull. Thanks Heli for wonderfull tour. May god bless you and wish you have a wonderfull life. Thanks for your help :).
Salim Poonawala, Espoo, Finland
I want to thank out tour leader Heli for a both informative and fun tour of Tallinn. It was great despite the awful weather.
Ele, Lithuania
Had an amazing walking tour with Heli today, very informative and enjoyable, had a great sense of humour which made the tour all round fun. Cheers :)
Julian, Australia
We spent 3 fantastic days in Tallin last August and fortunatelly we visited the Traveller Tours Office . It was a great tour, the information was very interesting and given with lots of humor. HELI i hope you'll get the OSCAR this year....you are absolutely professional. We love you!
ricardo & itziar, spain
I had the great pleasure of participating in the "Tallinn Ghost Tour" guided by the hilarious Heli Jurisson on 14 August. With her tremendous enthusiasm and razor-sharp wit, she made the undead come alive with her magnificent storytelling. I enjoyed the evening thoroughly.
Steve P., United States
Great tour. Our guide Helle was hilarious, entertaining and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
Ami, NZ
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Sheena Cason, Canada
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
Extremely good tour around Tallinn's old town. Brilliant ''performance" of sarcastic but, in fact, completely friendly Heli (14.02)! I would love to participate again :)
Adam, Poland
It was a very refreshing and fast paced walking tour. We had a great number of people in our tour which made it a bit harder to hear everything, but it worked. Our tour guide was very informative in her description of the buildings and sites we were able to see. Her personal opinions reflected the "true history" of Tallinn! The tour started on time and ended on time which made the rest of our plans go smoothly. Thanks for a great job!
Mark, USA
Heli was great!
John, USA
The walking tour with Heli on 7/18/11 was excellent!
Bob, Houston
Heli did an amazing job yesterday. I never thought a tour could be so interesting. Thanks very much. One of the highlights of my vacation for sure :)
Brianna Cote, Ireland
This may have been the best travel dollars I have ever spent. Heli was superb and made wonderful Tallinn even better with her knowledge, fun personality, obscure facts and entertaining ways.
Robby, USA

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