Day Trip to Tartu & Romantic Viljandi

1-8 people 12 hours
Tartu old town (Photo by: Neil Howard) Tartu old town (Photo by: Neil Howard)
Tartu old town (Photo by: Neil Howard)

Join us for a day trip to discover Viljandi and Tartu the two beautiful cities in South of Estonia.

Viljandi is considered the gem in the centre of Estonia. Stroll with us through this romantic small town on a lake shore. Here is an opportunity to visit Livonian order's greatest castle's ruins and learn about the Northern Crusade. We also walk on the Viljandi lake shore, explore the historic city centre and St John's church.

Tartu is Estonia's second biggest city ant it is known and loved by the locals for its unique spirit and for being the home of Tartu University. On this tour we discover the historic city centre with a beautiful Toomemäe Hill park, dome church's ruins, Tartu university's main building, St John church's one of a kind terracotta statues and much more. We also visit the hipster neighbourhood of Karlova, a wood district in Tartu for food and a different look of the city.

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Photos from Day Trip to Tartu & Romantic Viljandi

On the tour we cover:

  • Walk though romantic town Viljandi
  • St John Church in Viljandi
  • Castle ruins in Viljandi
  • Lake of ViljandiWalk through youthful Tartu Old Town
  • Statue of Kissing Students and Town Hall building
  • Toome Hill in Tartu
  • University of Tartu main building
  • Bridges of Tartu
  • Lunch at wooden district of Karolva (not included)

Prices for private tours:

This tour is also available as a private tour. Private tours can be booked only for your group and for your requested time.

  1. 1 person: €360/per person
  2. 2 persons: €180/per person
  3. 3 persons: €120/per person
  4. 4 persons: €80/per person
  5. 5 persons: €75/per person
  6. 6 persons: €65/per person

Starting point

Day trips depart from the Tallinn Tourist Info Center on the corner of Harju and Niguliste street.

Phone: +372 5837 4800.

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