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Tallinn Free Tour
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Бесплатный Тур по Таллинну

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Кто сказал, что экскурсии не могут быть веселыми? Присоединяйтесь к нашим молодым гидам для прогулки по вековым улицам Старого города и послушайте увлекательные истории о городе, его истории и жителях.

История Эстонии сложна, но молодые гиды знают, как рассказать её, не запутав Вас в круговороте дат и исторических личностей. Но самое лучшее - это энтузиазм и веселье, с которым они рассказывают, и которое обеспечено и Вам. И, что даже еще лучше - экскурсии БЕСПЛАТНЫЕ! Наши гиды работают только за чаевые.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Для групп больше 8 человек бронируйте, пожалуйста, по электронной почте tallinn@traveller.ee!

Пожалуйста, учитывайте, что данные экскурсии весьма популярны (особенно с мая по сентябрь). Если для Вас предпочтительнее экскурсия лишь для Вашей группы, то бронируйте Пешеходную экскурсию по Старому городу.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Бесплатная экскурсия - на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке и начинается каждый день в полдень напротив туристической информации (Niguliste 2 - адрес).

Фотографии с Бесплатный Тур по Таллинну

В тур входит:

  • Знаменитые церкви
  • Площадь Свободы
  • Кик-ин-де-Кёк
  • Сад Датского Короля
  • Вышгород
  • Невский собор в Таллине
  • Смотровые площадки
  • Ратуша
  • Городская стена
  • ул. Харью

Место начала тура

Туры начинаются у Tallinn Tourist Info Center. На углу ул.Харью и ул. Нигулисте. Контакт: tallinn@traveller.ee, тел. +372 5837 4800.

Отзывы - Бесплатный Тур по Таллинну / Пешеходные

We went for the free walking tour with Liine, it was brilliant! She made sure we had the best time and learned a lot about the city! Totally recommend it!
Berenice, Perú
We went on free walking tour with Heli. She was so knowledgeable and humorous. A lot of things that we learned from part of her research and we couldn't find them in books. It was really worth talking this tour. Hats off to Heli. This proved the point when saw the number of visitors who joined the tour yesterday. She deserved atleast a fiver from each.
Don, UK
We did the free tour through Tallinn on a Sunday and Henri was a very good guide, concise, funny and told very interesting stories, knew the answer to all the questions and gave us insights into the town and people -- like the estonian way of greeting close friends (by looking away and maybe grunting "Tere!"). We had thought it had something to do with us up to that point! And we are from Germany...Glad to have that cleared up. Henri was very open and friendly and i can honestly say the 2 hours went by in a flash. Thanks, Henri!
Anne & Helga, Germany
We did the free tour with Henri. He was a great guide and he knew how to bring the estonian history to the point combined with a good sense of humour. He provided us with some really good tips and recommendations where to go to in Tallinn. Good job and we will definitely recommend this tour.
Franziska, Germany
Henri was a great and humorous guide! He gave us a rather informative history on Estonia and interesting jokes along the way as well :) Thumbs up!
Chloe, Singapore
Good job Henri. Excellent tour, informative clear delivery. Not only fluent in English, you comfortably used humour like a native English speaker. Thank you so much for the tour of your city :-)
Ash and Chloe, United Kingdom
The tour guided by Henri was excellent! Very entertaining and educational. Henri is very knowledgeable and could answer questions. It was fun and I highly recommend it!
Sarah Bremer, Denmark
Today we went on walking tour with Henry. He is AMAZING guide! Today is so cold, but he tell us a lot of interesting facts, histories, jokes an so on. He show us the best places of Tallinn. We like him very much! Thanks a lot!
Tania, Lithuania
Went on a free tour of Tallinn Old Town with Heli. She is amazing, professional, funny and enthusiast. Had the opportunity to get to know some interesting facts and stories that are not written in official guides. Heli made me appreciate the little things and events that, as she says, may change the history ( to quote her 'never mess with the Finns'). I definitely recommend a tour with her.
Silvia, Italy
Went on a great tour today with Heli, she was very informative and injected a lot of humour into the commentary. Was very impressed that the tour was free and would highly recommend it as a way of seeing this beautiful city and getting a brief history.
Diane, Uk
We went on a tour with Heli as our guide. She was very entertaining and spoke amazing English. To be able to joke as easily as she did in a second language is a skill! She was very informative and made history interesting.
Jacqui, UK
Thank you Martin for the interesting tour today! I have learned a lot about Tallinn which I would not have discovered on my own. I definitely reccommend this tour.
Sven, Germany
Fabulous tour is tallin. Our guide was amazing. Highly recommended tour! Heli is the best guide ! She's a star and should be on stage. Full of information and character and made the trip just brilliant! Thank you
Tracey, Uk
Mart gave us a highly informative, refreshing and humourousely stimulating tour - thank you; a good way to get to know this pulsating city and a great country with (a) wonderful people.
Sebastian, Germany
We had a great tour with Martin. He told us about the city and the history of de country, but also about the culture and ways of leaving of the estonian.
Carolina , Argentina
Другие отзывы
Great tour with Mart. Loved it. Good mixture of history and modern day of Estonia with a healthy dose of Estonian self-deprecating humour. Recommend to anyone.
Vlada & Tak, Germany/Ukraine & UK/Japan
Had an amazing time yesterday discovering the old town on free walking tour with Liine as a guide. Fun, informative and brilliant in all senses! Appreciated Estonian self-irony and funny jokes :)
Polina, Ukraine
An excellent tour with Henri. His repartee kept all the participants till the end despite the heavy rain showers. And he coped very well with one awkward questioner. Obviously loves Tallinn & Estonia and has a deep knowledge of its history and legend
Mike, Britain
We did a tour today with HENRY and he did a great job showing us around his city. His English was excellent (and his Japanese) and his stories included many details and funny things, so it was a really entertaining time spent with the free tour. Highly recommended!
Julika, Germany
today with HEle she was fantastic incredible english and an excellent sense of humour lots of history i travel a lot and been to many tours she is a crack ! i recommend her 100 %
guillermo, paraguay
Tried the free walking tour and was lucky enough to get Mart. He did a fantastic job. Great mix of information and humor, excellent English, very easy to understand even when standing in the back, and I'm mostly sure we didn't even lose anybody on the way.
Maik, Germany
We took a walking tour of Tallinn and it was so amazing. Our guide Helli was very knoweledgeable and had a great sense of humor. It was a great opportunity for us to learn tragic but valuable history of the country and the world history surrounding Estonia. We would definitely recommend the tour for all tourists of Estonia. Thanks Helli!
Inky, Korea
We took a free walking tour with Mart and it was one of the best tours we'd ever experienced. Not only was it informative but also fun. We came there with no idea of Tallinn's history and came out as pretty knowledgeable. If you want to acquaint yourselves with the city and have some fun in the meantime, that's the best choice for you.
Aleksander, Poland
We had a free Tallinn walking tour with Henri on 7 July. He is a well-informed guide who brought exuberance and fun to the tour. He is a big credit to the tour. Tallinn itself is a beautiful city, and we saw all the key spots and discovered its history too on this highly recommended tour.
Kym, Australia
We had a free tour with Martin. I have been in many free tours arround Europe and this was by the moment, the best... Time past so quicky listening stories about life in the soviet era, otto prince tricks, or actual prime minister oddities... Also he speaks very clearly even for those who like me don't speak too much english.
Sonia, Spain
Did the free walking tour with Mart today. It was fantastic. Really interesting and fun. A great introduction to Estonain history, culture and people. I fully recomend it!
Maria Katia Munares, Peru
Mart was our young, fun, energetic and witty tour guide of Tallinn. He was not only eloquent and informative, packing in a great deal of interesting historical, social and cultural info on Tallinn and Estonian history and people, but he was also kind in answering many questions and always kept it fresh and humorous. He will leave you hungry for more Tallinn, guaranteed! Thanks again for a great experience and keep up the good work!! ; )
Joe & Adél, Barcelona, Spain
Henri was fantastic: friendly, charming, and spoke excellent English. I'd definitely recommend him.
Arby, Canada
This was my first time in Tallinn. I had the opportunity to take part to the Tallin free tour and I enjoyed it a lot. Although I participated after having visited some of the museums, I had the opportunity to learn more about Tallinn and the history of Estonia during the two-hour tour. I would recommend it to anybody who has the time to attend it. I would like to thank the guide of my tour, Mart, who made the tour absolutely enjoyable!
Illary, Italy
The free walking tour of the Old Town in Tallinn was great! Our guide, Henri, was so interesting and funny that he almost made us forget we were walking around in the pouring rain! Definitely a good way to get learn about the history of the city.
Maggie, USA

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