Национальный парк Лахемаа

1-8 человек 9 hours
Jägala waterfall in winter / Lahemaa National Park Tour
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Jägala waterfall in winter / Lahemaa National Park Tour Coastline / Lahemaa National Park Tour Walking on the ice / Lahemaa National Park Tour Lunch at Käsmu Captains' village / Lahemaa National Park Tour Winter at Lahemaa National Park

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Присоединяйтесь к поездке по Национальному парку Лахемаа. Веселая дневная экскурсия в небольшой группе.

Вы узнаете, что густые леса и живописное побережье Национального парка Лахемаа скрывают много интересного, от красивых водопадов до заброшенных советских военных сооружений.

Мы посетим романтическую "капитанскую" деревню Кясму, необычную болотистую местность с множеством озер, заброшенную советскую военную базу подводных лодок, поместья Вихула и Сагади и тд.

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Наши молодые и веселые гиды сделают путешествие для Вас незабываемым, рассказывая увлекательные личные истории с точки зрения местной молодежи.

Все наши дневные экскурсии в небольших группах (до 8 человек) и проводятся на микроавтобусе или легковом автомобиле.

ВНИМАНИЕ! Все наши регулярные экскурсии - на английском языке. Частные экскурсии доступны на других языках.

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Фотографии с Национальный парк Лахемаа

В тур входит:

  • Прогулка по северному побережью
  • Капитанская деревня Кясму (вход в морской музей включен)
  • Поместья Вихула, Палмзе или Сагади
  • Прогулка по лесам и болотам
  • Заброшенная советская база подводных лодок
  • Дикие реки и водопады
  • Бобровая тропа (необязательно)
  • Обед в колоритном местном деревенском доме (13€, не включен)
  • NB! Просим Вас одеваться по погоде и надеть удобную обувь (зимой лучше непромокаемую).

Цены на индивидуальные туры:

Этот тур также можно заказать для отдельных групп. Private tours can be booked only for your group and for your requested time.

  1. 1 person: €299/per person
  2. 2 persons: €149/per person
  3. 3 persons: €99/per person
  4. 4 persons: €75/per person
  5. 5 persons: €59/per person
  6. 6 persons: €55/per person

Место начала тура

Дневные экскурсии начинаются у Tallinn Tourist Info Center. На углу ул.Харью и ул.Нигулисте. Контакт: tallinn@traveller.ee, тел. +372 5837 4800.

Отзывы - Национальный парк Лахемаа / Day Trips

Hi I am trying to book a tour thru your company but has some questions. Unfortunately I can't find any email contact throughout your site. Would you mind to provide me an email so that I can email you my question please? Thx a lot.
Stephanie , Canada
We went with Lina (probably misspelled) who is a young, friendly and super nice guide. Despite the temperature of -15°C the day was amazing! Seeing frozen waterfalls and bog in the magic of the winter is wonderful. We had lunch with a local family in a beautiful seaside old wooden house. Recommended
Federico, Italy
Yevgeny gave us a great half day tour of the Lahemaa National Park. He shared tons of knowledge and facts about the area, history, and life in Estonia. We really appreciated being able to set this tour up at the last minute and they were so willing to accommodate and meet our needs. Truly a great morning and great personal service. Thank you!
Kristen Gilbert, USA
We went on the Lahemaa National Park tour with Jevgeni, and would highly recommend it. Jevgeni was friendly, informative and funny throughout the tour (so much so that someone else not on our tour wanted to film him telling a joke he'd just told us because we were laughing so much!). We really enjoyed the tour; it was the best day of our holiday. Thank you Jevgeni!
Gem and Dave, Liverpool, UK
I had a superb tour to a lot of places at Lahemaa National Park with Kert. This tour caused definitely the wish to return to Estonia for more places at the countryside. Kert is an expert at the region because he grew up locally. He is also a historian who knows interesting facts about visited places (as Kert has also studied in Cologne, Germany where I live, I also got a view of Cologne carnival from an estonian)
Sven, Germany
We took the Lahemaa National Park day tour. It was a very full and varied day, with a range of interesting and entertaining experiences. The mixture of nature and history was very good. Kert, our excellent guide, put everyone at ease and had a gift for explaining Estonian history. His knowledge of nature and Estonia was also very broad. His driving was also perfect.
Robert, Belgium
I did a Laheema National Park day tour with Kurt as my guide. He was absolutely fantastic. Not only was he knowledgeable with the history of Estonia, he is a fun guide as well. I have experienced playing on the traditional Estonian swing and had so much fun with it. Thank you so much Kurt for giving me such an unforgettable experience in Tallinn.
Andrea, Australia
It was an amazing day in the Lahemaa National Park with Kert. He is a professional guide with a lot of knowledge of Estonian history. He tells with passion and humor and brings a lot of personal experience with it. The national park is really amazing and wonderful place and if you go to Tallinn than this tour should be in your program.
Federico & Anna, Italy
The Lahemaa Tour was amazing! We were a small group so we got to know each other quickly! We got to see various different sights in the national park and enjoyed a delicious homemade Estonian lunch! Our tour guide was really nice and she gave us a lot of information about the area and Estonian cultural!
Carina, Germany
Triin gave us a fascinating trip round Lahemaa. We learned more about Baltic history than we could have hoped for, and experienced a great variety of places and stories. Thank you very much.
Pete Bradshaw, UK
Amazing tour. Amazing guide. Totally worth it.
Ricky, Switzerland
We had a really great time on the tour! The nature of estonia is stunning and really worth a visit!! Our guide triin had a lot of interesting stories to tell about the history of estonia and we learnt a lot. I would definitely do this tour again!
Sarah, Switzerland
The Tour was amazing! A must-see!! So different to get out of the city and into estonians beautiful nature! We heard a lot of great stories and learned a lot about estonians history. Our Tourguide Triine (I'm probably spelling it wrongly) was lovely. We had a lot of fun with her
Caroline, Switzerland
Triin with 2 ii's! thank you so much for such a great tour to Lahemaa park. we learned a lot on history of Estonia and seen so many picturesque places within the park. we could see how passionate and energetic you are about your country and your job. thanks for sharing with us
Maria and Tasoula, Cyprus
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. I joined the tour on 1 June 2016. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Другие отзывы
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Wasn't sure what to expect from the Lahemaa National Park tour but it definitely exceeded all expectations. We had Geron for the tour and he was very knowledgeable but I especially enjoyed his dry wit and unusual sense of humour - definitely made a difference to the tour. Loved the Käsmu Village and the Viru Bog the best!
Christina Loke, Malaysia
Kert was a great guide. Made us feel very comfortable. He was charming, funny, and informative. We had a great time and can recommend him highly. Best of luck, Kert, we'll send friends! We just loved Estonia!
Susan&Gilda, USA
I really enjoyed the Laheema National Park tour and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see part of the beautiful nature and important history of this country. I would like to thank our guide, Geron, who made this tour even better!
Illary, Italy
The Laheema National Park tour was amazing! Highlights included going behind Estonia's tallest waterfall, and swimming in a bog lake. Our guide, Jon, was fantastic! He was knowledgable, funny, and thoughtful. If you like getting some physical activity while learning, you should definitely take this tour.
Maggie, USA
Dear Tripadvisor I chose the Lahemma day tour with the company that was recommended from Tallinn What a company -Just outstanding service We had Chris our guide I cannot find enough superlatives to write about him as a person and with so much knowledge and the way he did it Just wonderful He is a treasure to the company Thanks to tripadvisor we enjoy traveling Sincerely Henya Glazer Amex Travel Services Israel
Henya Glazer, Israel
This was our highlight in our 3 days stay in Estonia. Trinn, our tour guide, was very cheerful and enthusiastic in sharing! The places we visited was beaaauutiful and awesome! Don't think we would have loved this place as much if it was another tour guide.
Julia, Singapore
Me and my friend, we did the Laheema National Park tour two weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Many thanks to our great tourguide Kätlin, who was really friendly and enthusiastic! She told us lots of interesting stories.
Irina, Belgium
This is something everyone visiting Estonia should do! Our guide Kätlin was amazing, she was so nice and told us really interesting stories and facts during the trip. There was two other girls on the trip at the same time and it felt just if we were friends spending perfect sunday together :) Thank you once again Kätlin! It was a perfect day!
Nina, Finland
The best tour you can do in Tallin!i suggest the park of Laheema.Jevgeni is a very kind and professional guide, the tour is great!
andrea, Italy
Travelling to Estonia in November sounds like a bad idea, but we had such a great time! Of course it was... ehm.. a bit chilly, but our Guide Olga did a great job. We had Lahemaa practically to ourselves and it had the charming colours of a Tundra. Be aware, it's getting dark early, but the floodlighted manor looked impressive nonetheless.
Yvonne, Switzerland
We had a fantastic day... "No sex, no future, but excellent guides and a beautiful country". Thank you Martin for all the stories and funny details. By the way, we just discovered that kiiking already came on belgian television.... The olympic dream is coming closer :-) Gert, Katrien and Joris
Gert Wellens, Belgium
Martin was our guide for the Lahemaa National Park. The park was really great, but we also went to many other places including restored and derelict manor homes, soviet relics etc. Martin was an excellent guide, provided a lot of knowledge and kept us well entertained with his easy going nature.
Nicole, Canada
I never thought I would enjoy this city alone but I was wrong. Lahemaa tour was awesome and the guide was really awesome. Like, I think it's safe to say, this was one of the best trips I have ever been at. I am really looking forward toncome back here again to see more of what Tallinn traveller tour are offering.. You guys are the best, No Doubt :)
Ayz, UAE, Dubai
For the money, this was one of the best day tours I've been on. Our guide Eliise was full of information and made each stop interesting, as well as being an all round ace person. The itinerary was satisfyingly packed and there was a good variety of places and things to do. Lunch was divine - I need that salmon in my life! Despite it being a nine hour trip, I never once felt bored. All in all, a brilliant day out and highly recommended for those visiting Estonia.
Matt, England

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