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Best city tour ever, anywhere on the world! 2 hours over lunch time in the heat and not 1 second bored! thanks a lot for the many ghost stories!
Regula, Switzerland

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We had a private tour with Kurt last week from Tallinn to Narva. We enjoyed the full day with excellent guiding to historic places. Ingrid and Claes
Claes Hansson, Sweden
I really enjoyed free walking tour in Tallin with Helen, she was very humorous and told us many interesting facts about Tallin. Beer for Helen!
Daria, Poland
What a wonderful day in Tallinn , warm with clear blue sky. We are so lucky to have Heli as our old town walking tour guide making this 2 hour journey an enjoyable and unforgettable one. Thanks to Heli and the tourism bureau. Love you all.
margaret, hong kong
We joined the free walking tour by Heli. She was a very enthusiastic and knowledgable guide. She put a lot of humorous elements into the tour :D This tour is highly recommended for all people who would visit Tallinn! We will come back again! Thank you!
Kuma, Hong Kong
We went for the free walking tour with Liine, it was brilliant! She made sure we had the best time and learned a lot about the city! Totally recommend it!
Berenice, Perú
We went on free walking tour with Heli. She was so knowledgeable and humorous. A lot of things that we learned from part of her research and we couldn't find them in books. It was really worth talking this tour. Hats off to Heli. This proved the point when saw the number of visitors who joined the tour yesterday. She deserved atleast a fiver from each.
Don, UK
We did the free tour through Tallinn on a Sunday and Henri was a very good guide, concise, funny and told very interesting stories, knew the answer to all the questions and gave us insights into the town and people -- like the estonian way of greeting close friends (by looking away and maybe grunting "Tere!"). We had thought it had something to do with us up to that point! And we are from Germany...Glad to have that cleared up. Henri was very open and friendly and i can honestly say the 2 hours went by in a flash. Thanks, Henri!
Anne & Helga, Germany
We did the free tour with Henri. He was a great guide and he knew how to bring the estonian history to the point combined with a good sense of humour. He provided us with some really good tips and recommendations where to go to in Tallinn. Good job and we will definitely recommend this tour.
Franziska, Germany
Henri was a great and humorous guide! He gave us a rather informative history on Estonia and interesting jokes along the way as well :) Thumbs up!
Chloe, Singapore
Good job Henri. Excellent tour, informative clear delivery. Not only fluent in English, you comfortably used humour like a native English speaker. Thank you so much for the tour of your city :-)
Ash and Chloe, United Kingdom
The tour guided by Henri was excellent! Very entertaining and educational. Henri is very knowledgeable and could answer questions. It was fun and I highly recommend it!
Sarah Bremer, Denmark
Today we went on walking tour with Henry. He is AMAZING guide! Today is so cold, but he tell us a lot of interesting facts, histories, jokes an so on. He show us the best places of Tallinn. We like him very much! Thanks a lot!
Tania, Lithuania
Went on a free tour of Tallinn Old Town with Heli. She is amazing, professional, funny and enthusiast. Had the opportunity to get to know some interesting facts and stories that are not written in official guides. Heli made me appreciate the little things and events that, as she says, may change the history ( to quote her 'never mess with the Finns'). I definitely recommend a tour with her.
Silvia, Italy
Went on a great tour today with Heli, she was very informative and injected a lot of humour into the commentary. Was very impressed that the tour was free and would highly recommend it as a way of seeing this beautiful city and getting a brief history.
Diane, Uk
We went on a tour with Heli as our guide. She was very entertaining and spoke amazing English. To be able to joke as easily as she did in a second language is a skill! She was very informative and made history interesting.
Jacqui, UK
Thank you Martin for the interesting tour today! I have learned a lot about Tallinn which I would not have discovered on my own. I definitely reccommend this tour.
Sven, Germany
Fabulous tour is tallin. Our guide was amazing. Highly recommended tour! Heli is the best guide ! She's a star and should be on stage. Full of information and character and made the trip just brilliant! Thank you
Tracey, Uk
Mart gave us a highly informative, refreshing and humourousely stimulating tour - thank you; a good way to get to know this pulsating city and a great country with (a) wonderful people.
Sebastian, Germany
We had a great tour with Martin. He told us about the city and the history of de country, but also about the culture and ways of leaving of the estonian.
Carolina , Argentina
Great tour with Mart. Loved it. Good mixture of history and modern day of Estonia with a healthy dose of Estonian self-deprecating humour. Recommend to anyone.
Vlada & Tak, Germany/Ukraine & UK/Japan
Had an amazing time yesterday discovering the old town on free walking tour with Liine as a guide. Fun, informative and brilliant in all senses! Appreciated Estonian self-irony and funny jokes :)
Polina, Ukraine
An excellent tour with Henri. His repartee kept all the participants till the end despite the heavy rain showers. And he coped very well with one awkward questioner. Obviously loves Tallinn & Estonia and has a deep knowledge of its history and legend
Mike, Britain
We did a tour today with HENRY and he did a great job showing us around his city. His English was excellent (and his Japanese) and his stories included many details and funny things, so it was a really entertaining time spent with the free tour. Highly recommended!
Julika, Germany
today with HEle she was fantastic incredible english and an excellent sense of humour lots of history i travel a lot and been to many tours she is a crack ! i recommend her 100 %
guillermo, paraguay
Tried the free walking tour and was lucky enough to get Mart. He did a fantastic job. Great mix of information and humor, excellent English, very easy to understand even when standing in the back, and I'm mostly sure we didn't even lose anybody on the way.
Maik, Germany
We took a walking tour of Tallinn and it was so amazing. Our guide Helli was very knoweledgeable and had a great sense of humor. It was a great opportunity for us to learn tragic but valuable history of the country and the world history surrounding Estonia. We would definitely recommend the tour for all tourists of Estonia. Thanks Helli!
Inky, Korea
We took a free walking tour with Mart and it was one of the best tours we'd ever experienced. Not only was it informative but also fun. We came there with no idea of Tallinn's history and came out as pretty knowledgeable. If you want to acquaint yourselves with the city and have some fun in the meantime, that's the best choice for you.
Aleksander, Poland
We had a free Tallinn walking tour with Henri on 7 July. He is a well-informed guide who brought exuberance and fun to the tour. He is a big credit to the tour. Tallinn itself is a beautiful city, and we saw all the key spots and discovered its history too on this highly recommended tour.
Kym, Australia
We had a free tour with Martin. I have been in many free tours arround Europe and this was by the moment, the best... Time past so quicky listening stories about life in the soviet era, otto prince tricks, or actual prime minister oddities... Also he speaks very clearly even for those who like me don't speak too much english.
Sonia, Spain
Did the free walking tour with Mart today. It was fantastic. Really interesting and fun. A great introduction to Estonain history, culture and people. I fully recomend it!
Maria Katia Munares, Peru
Mart was our young, fun, energetic and witty tour guide of Tallinn. He was not only eloquent and informative, packing in a great deal of interesting historical, social and cultural info on Tallinn and Estonian history and people, but he was also kind in answering many questions and always kept it fresh and humorous. He will leave you hungry for more Tallinn, guaranteed! Thanks again for a great experience and keep up the good work!! ; )
Joe & Adél, Barcelona, Spain
Henri was fantastic: friendly, charming, and spoke excellent English. I'd definitely recommend him.
Arby, Canada
This was my first time in Tallinn. I had the opportunity to take part to the Tallin free tour and I enjoyed it a lot. Although I participated after having visited some of the museums, I had the opportunity to learn more about Tallinn and the history of Estonia during the two-hour tour. I would recommend it to anybody who has the time to attend it. I would like to thank the guide of my tour, Mart, who made the tour absolutely enjoyable!
Illary, Italy
The free walking tour of the Old Town in Tallinn was great! Our guide, Henri, was so interesting and funny that he almost made us forget we were walking around in the pouring rain! Definitely a good way to get learn about the history of the city.
Maggie, USA
Henri gave us an amazing tour of Talinn! It was fun and we learnt a lot about the city and the country! Top mark ! Thank you !
Clémence , France
I took the free old town tour with Henri today. The two hours were amazing, he is a really entertaining guide who knows a lot about the city. The tour was a mixture of history and a lot of jokes about everything. I learned a lot about Tallinn today! Thank you for this Henri!
Clarissa , Germany
Mart gave us a great tour and answered many questions.He spoke perfect English .We would recommend this tour to everybody.Estonia should be proud of him. We come back.Thank you.
siegfried pintens, Belgium
Took Tallin walking tour with Henri. Despite the crazy rain, Henri was fantastic. Informed and funny. He pays attention to important details, and makes jokes about them.
Javier, US
Thanks to Mart we could enjoy the beauty of the old city despite the rain. He was so dynamic, passionate and willing to share the story of Tallinn that we could do nothing but appreciate the tour. Thank you very much to him for this great experience !! PS: very good English !
Anne-Charlotte, Belgium
Henri led our tour of old Tallinn today and we absolutely enjoyed our time with him. He is informative, very funny and provided us with many useful insights and tips. What a beautiful city!
Gary and Dagmar, Kelowna, BC, Canada
We do our trip through the oldtown with Henry. It was a very interessting and funny tour. Henry has a good knowledge about the town and knows some funny random facts, so we really enjoy the Tour with him!
Florian , Germany
On our first day in Tallinn we decided to explore the city with a free walking tour. Our guide Henri was super nice and funny. His knowledge about the Estonian history and the city itself was remarkable. He answered all our questions and also gave us some local tipps. We really appreciated the tour. It was the perfect start for our trip to Tallinn! :)
Ellen & family, Austria
We had a 2h tour of Tallin on 22nr May with Henri. It was a great experience! Henri told us lots of interesting and funny stories, as well as tipps in order to better enjoy the city. I already recommended this city tour to my friends. Good job, Henri!
Lory & Daniel, Germany
Really great tour of Tallinn with Henri. He was very passionate, informative and added great stories and humor to our trip. We followed up on many of his suggestions of what to see on our own and we were very pleased.
Raymond, Ireland
We enjoyed a great free tour of beautiful Tallinn on 7th May. There were a lot of people waiting so I was impressed to see 2 guides turn up, we were split into two groups then off we went. Martin, our guide was brilliant. Although still a large group everyone could hear him and his English was excellent. Apart from the history of Estonia and the info about the places seen on the tour, we also learned about the people during the Soviet days and their love of Dallas on tv and the stamp collecting punks. It was all so interesting and the time flew by. Thank you Martin, I thoroughly recommend the tour.
Barbara Robertson, England
This was one of the best walking tours we have ever been to. With Henri introducing Tallinn and Estonian culture, the tour was even more interesting. We like his stories very much:)
Sara, Simona, Marina, Slovenia
I really enjoyed my tour with Martin on March 27th, 2016. We learned about Tallin history in a very funny and instructive way . Very witty and polite, Martin was a great guide. Thank you
Ana , Spain
We did Tallinn Free Tour (March 26, 2016) with Liine and she was amazing: very informative energetic and with an excellent sense of humor. Sure, guides are supposed to be funny, but Liine exceeds all expectations easily. Strongly recommended.
Pavlo, Olena and friends, Ukraine, Estonia, France
We join free Tallinn walking tour with Liine on 20 December.It was fantastic!!! Our guide Liine was perfect, very professional, enthusiastic, with deep knowledge and excellent sense of humour! I highly recommend this tourist company and looking forward to next visiting Tallinn! Thank you!
elena, russia
Helli was brilliant, informative, fun, knowledgable and everything you could want in a guide. Thoroughly recommend - a fantastic couple of hours, and shame on anyone who went on the tour and then sneaked away without giving a donation. Vote for Helli.
Lorri, UK
A huge thank you to Martin for a wonderful tour of the old town on October 28th. A fast paced, extremely entertaining and very informative two hours -- it was a perfect introduction to the city. We look forward to visiting again and taking a longer tour with you.
B&J, Sweden
A little bit more than two hours touring with Helli passed like a breaze as was the best, most enjoyable and educational city tour I have ever done and I have taken lots! The small tip I give was not worth her knowledge, enthusiasm, sence of humor..and she made the Astonia history so simple, easy and fun for me to understand and remember. I m thankfull!
Athina, Greece Oct 2015
Did the free walking tour with Mairi on 10/16 - very entertaining and informative. I loved the time she spent talking about Estonian culture and perspectives. She's a culture theory major at uni and it shows! Recommend.
Joelle, USA
I sincerely recommend this tour. We joined the Free Tour on the 7th of September 2015. Our guide, Marii, was wonderful. Despite of the srtongly rainy weather, she kept a great attitude and made an almost 2 hours long tour showing us Tallinn. Thank you Marii and Tallinn Traveller Tours!
Borja Fernandez, Spain
During our visite this august, we did the free 2h walking tour of Tallin with Mart. What a great 2 hours that was ! Mart was one of the best guide we ever had in our life. He was interesting, has a lot of knowledge of the city, it's history, it's people. He had a lot of amusing anectode, he could answer most of our question. He even told us about the Estonian, how they were, what were theie values, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this tour.
Christiane , Canada
Mart gave us a very interesting and fun visit to Tallinn on 15 August. Thank you!
Célia, Portugal
I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! A free tour through Tallinn lead by Mart: interesting tour, nice and smart guide, very friendly, with excellent English. The other one in Lahemaa with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)
Clizia, Italy
The walking tour was interesting, but Ann our guild made it fantastic.
Brian and Lea, USA
My wife and I have just participated in a tour lead by Mart. the tour was extremely interesting and fun. Mart manages to include fun anecdotes about Tallinn keeping his audience interested. Thanks!
Edward, Malta
We took part in a free walking tour with Mart and it was very interesting. He told us info about the history of Estonia, the most relevant deeds and some funny stories. The tour was pleasant and we enjoyed it very much. Tallinn is really lovely and worth to visit. Thanks
Chiara, Italy
We participated on the two-hour free walking tour in Tallinn led by Mart. His presentation of the city was fun, educational, not boring at all and his stories made it very relateable. I especially liked that he not only introduced the city but also talked about the people of Tallinn and Estonia. No questions were left unanswered and in general he had a huge impact on our impression of the city.
Veronika, Hungary
My husband and I joined the free Tallinn walking tour with mart on Thursday 6 August . We have done a number of these tours around Europe and mist recently Riga and Vilnius as part of our trip to the Baltic countries . We found the tour to be an excellent mix of history , culture and information on Estonian society . Mart was absolutely excellent as a guide, informative , charming and was a great representative for his country . The tour was one of the highlights of our Baltic trip and added immensely to our enjoyment of Tallinn . We would recommend mart , Tallinn and Estonia to all our friends .
Jacqui and philip, Ireland
Mart gave us an excellent tour despite of the heat (26°). His anecdotes and information were both entertaining and educational alike. It was a big group he led, yet it was personal as he revealed his opinion on historical and current affairs. His loud voice was easy to be understood and the two-hour tour never had a boring moment. Thank you, Mart!
Michael Colberg, Germany
Saturday the first of August I went on the free walking tour at lunch time with Mart Veliste. This young student thought us a lot of the country's history but did this in a very pleasant and relaxed way. On all the questions we've asked he could answer and the tour foreseen for two hours went well above this timetable. Matt was eager to give us a good impression of his country and his citizens and I'm certain that I've learned much more of him then reading books. He adviced me to visit the Estonian historic museum and the Kumu as well as the Nevski cathedral. All these were a real succes ! I can't thank him enough for all the joy he brought in the group and I wish him a successful future !
Martine , Luxembourg
I went on the free tour of the Tallinn Old Town with Heli today and it was excellent, really I would have expected to pay a lot of money for a tour guide who had such good knowledge. She presented very well even with a fairly large group from lots of different countries, she was very entertaining and interesting. Thanks so much, it was a really great first morning in Tallinn.
Maddie, UK
Tried the Tallinn Free Tour back in mid-May. Blessed with good weather but even more importantly blessed by having Heli as the guide to take around. Learnt interesting history and culture of Estonia, and the places/restaurants she recommended were indeed excellent. She was probably the best tour guide I've had in my travels - enthusiastic, pretty, knowledgeable and great sense of humour (deserves the beer). The tour contributed to a very positive impression of this pretty city. Thank you Heli and keep it up!
Horace, Hong Kong
2 hours was a great amount of time to get a good snapshot of the old town. Our guide Mairy was brilliant- energetic and kept the information concise but interesting! I'd highly recommend this walking tour.
Erin, Australia
We did the tour yesterday Feb 19 with the fantastic Liine. I would highly recommend going on it. In 2 hours we did a thorough circuit through old town & got an entertaining insight into the history of Estonia & Tallin as well is its key monuments & buildings. I was more than happy to tip.
Rachel B, Australia
I did the walking tour with Liine in early February, it was snowing and cold but her stories were interesting and were well worth it! Actually the snow made it kind of beautiful... The guides on free tours are always more fun and making a greater effort so in the end you tip them happily, even more than you'd pay for a normal tour. Thanks Liine!
Marija, Croatia
Amazing! Liine was a great guide with wonderful english skills. It was very exciting to hear her talking about Tallinn history and city stories. I really enjoyed the tour that actually didn't feel like a tour but more a relaxing and engaging discover of the city. I look forward to going back to Tallinn and discover more about the city's corners, legends, culture,... wow! Thank you Liine.
Adler, Portugal
Did the Tallin tour with Liine, was very informative and much fun! Thank you, Liine!! Also was impressed how multi national was my group, all the way from south america to Hong Kong! Cool Best of luck, guys, with your tours!
Alexandra, Russia
Thanks to the great weather and our funny, energetic guide Heli I had a great time. We saw the best parts of the old town, got to know some very interesting stories and got tips for other things to see and do. I can only recommend this tour!
Fred, Germany
Totally loved Tallinn free walking tour with Aurelia. It was not my first time in Tallinn, but definitely the most informative. Not only she gave us the history of Tallinn from the middle ages up to XXth century, she also included controversial topics of today, as well as the general opinion and ideas of the locals and interesting information about Estonia in the Soviet era (the common, everyday things the things you cannot find in books, totally loved it!). I would recommend everyone to go to this tour and hope to get Aurelia as a guide as she is very warm and cheerful person - the tour was a real pleasure!
Giedre, Lithuania
Liine gave us a great tour of Tallinn, fantastic sense of humor, handled a large group extremely well and kept us engaged through rain and sunshine!!
Bhuvan, India
I highly recommend to come on this tour. Our guide wad Mairi. She was really wonderful! She was very positive, energetic, knowledgeable and with great sence of humour.her excursion is very informative, with her you will know a lot of inreresting facts about Estonia and Tallinn. The best free tour which I have ever had!thanks a lot, Mairi!
Katya, Russia
We just had a great tour with Mart and learned not just about Tallinn but about all Estonian history. He was well informed and spoke an excellent english. Thank you.
Tabea, Germany
We joined the free walking tour. Excellent guide Mart (August 14, 2014)! Highly knowledgeable (considering his young age), excellent English, great communitation skills, very good at dealing with a large group of people, amusing. Well done! Wishing you, Mart, all the best! The only criticism would be putting all the blame on the Soviets during WWII. Didn't Germans cause any destruction then; just occupied Estonia without any fights?
Kotryna, Lithuania
I took this tour, and it really really made my day. Seriously, thank you Heli, it was awesome!
Guille, Spain
We altogether three people took the free walking tour in July 2013. We really enjoyed it as Celia, our guide, answered all our questions and has her own enthusiastic way of getting knowledge across so that you can't stop listening. Overall this tour is an amazing offer which we would recommend and would love to take part in again.
Natalie, Germany
I took Tallin free tour. The tour was awesome as well as the guide Heli;) i would highly recommend this tour to everyone visiting Tallin. It is fun and you learn a lot about the city and citizens)))
Vasilisa, Russia
We as a group of 15 rouhgly people took the free walking tour. We had a lot of fun and I still remember a lot of the interesting stories about Tallinn. Tank you Heli of this amazing experience!
Johan, Holland
Free Tallinn Walking Tour - With 20+ walking tours behind me, Anne has to be one of the best guides I have seen in a long time... She has the perfect balance between info and humor. You cannot go wrong her being your guide in this beautiful city so SIGN UP NOW before someone else books her for a tour.
Kellly, Texas, USA
The 15th of may, in Tallinn, we had a chance to meet a very efficient travel agency, " Tallinn Traveller tours " as we thought of having a tour through the outstanding Lahemaa National Park. Quite by chance, we got a guide for both of us, Mart, whose proficiency and kindness deserve to be highly praised. Thanks to him, we could stroll through the park for not least than ten hours ( ! ) for a rather fair price, so that we could see prominent aeras and discover some scarcely visited spots. We did enjoy this trip and we warmly recommand this excellent agency to those who are keem on unusual discoveries. Pierre et Catherine de Paris
Thevenin, France
Awesome walking tour very fun and informative!;)
Ben, Australia
Had a great time on the free city walking tour. It took about an hour, My guide was Anne and she was a good guide to listen to. We were taken around some of the famous sites around the old town. We met at the tourist information centre very close to the old town square. Anne was both very informative and charismatic. I had a great time.
Luke, UK
Here is a link to a review from one of the leading newspapers in Norway: There is also a video from some of the Free walking tour The text is written in Norwegian but Google translate did a quite good translation to English.
Arild, Norway
Heli was very enthusiastic and helpfull. Thanks Heli for wonderfull tour. May god bless you and wish you have a wonderfull life. Thanks for your help :).
Salim Poonawala, Espoo, Finland
I want to thank out tour leader Heli for a both informative and fun tour of Tallinn. It was great despite the awful weather.
Ele, Lithuania
Had an amazing walking tour with Heli today, very informative and enjoyable, had a great sense of humour which made the tour all round fun. Cheers :)
Julian, Australia
Great tour. Our guide Helle was hilarious, entertaining and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
Ami, NZ
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Sheena Cason, Canada
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
Extremely good tour around Tallinn's old town. Brilliant ''performance" of sarcastic but, in fact, completely friendly Heli (14.02)! I would love to participate again :)
Adam, Poland
Had a great time with Ann on the Walking Tour and with Anne on the Bike Tour. Well done and thank you all for making my stay in Tallinn so good!
Diego, Italy
Thank you Ann - your talk + walk was great fun even in the rain!
Sarah and Steve, England
I've done a lot of walking tours, and this was one of the best ever! The guide was knowledgeable, lively, and funny. Highly recommended.
Deborah, USA
We had a great time on the walking tour, the young lady who ran the tour had a lot of great information and made the tour lots of fun, I would recommend this is a heartbeat :)
Meaghan and Jeremy, Australia
It was a very refreshing and fast paced walking tour. We had a great number of people in our tour which made it a bit harder to hear everything, but it worked. Our tour guide was very informative in her description of the buildings and sites we were able to see. Her personal opinions reflected the "true history" of Tallinn! The tour started on time and ended on time which made the rest of our plans go smoothly. Thanks for a great job!
Mark, USA
Heli was great!
John, USA
We enjoyed the free tour, our guide didn´t save his own opinions, wich was good to notice - you feel you get the real story instead of the tourist-stuff, an absolute must if you visit Tallinn!
Björn, Finland
Heli did an amazing job yesterday. I never thought a tour could be so interesting. Thanks very much. One of the highlights of my vacation for sure :)
Brianna Cote, Ireland
Best city tour ever, anywhere on the world! 2 hours over lunch time in the heat and not 1 second bored! thanks a lot for the many ghost stories!
Regula, Switzerland
One of the best city tours I have ever taken and I have visited more than 40 countries.
John, Canada
The old town tour is the best I have done since traveling through Europe for three months.
Masi, Country

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