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When we first saw advertising posters of tours offered to Lahemaa national park, we didn't even think about doing one. After a few days we had to admit that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to get to Lahemaa national park without a private vehicle. So we decided to do this trip. Mart was our guide and showed up in a very good mood in the morning to pick us up. He was very friendly the whole day, brought us to beautiful places and told us a lot about Estonia. We felt like having a local friend showing us the best places of Lahemaa. Without him we could never have found all the places. One of the highlights was the Kasmu Maritime Museum, run by an Estonian family who served us an amazing lunch and guided us through the museum. Also scenic walks and spectacular nature views we had - all that accompanied in a group of 4 persons, very flexible and individual. PERFECT!! Bottom line: DO IT! Thank you Mart for this amazing trip!!
Seda, Germany

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It was the most exciting national park that I ever visited!! Our guide Kert was amazing
Hans-Peter, Belgium
We went with Lina (probably misspelled) who is a young, friendly and super nice guide. Despite the temperature of -15°C the day was amazing! Seeing frozen waterfalls and bog in the magic of the winter is wonderful. We had lunch with a local family in a beautiful seaside old wooden house. Recommended
Federico, Italy
Yevgeny gave us a great half day tour of the Lahemaa National Park. He shared tons of knowledge and facts about the area, history, and life in Estonia. We really appreciated being able to set this tour up at the last minute and they were so willing to accommodate and meet our needs. Truly a great morning and great personal service. Thank you!
Kristen Gilbert, USA
We went on the Lahemaa National Park tour with Jevgeni, and would highly recommend it. Jevgeni was friendly, informative and funny throughout the tour (so much so that someone else not on our tour wanted to film him telling a joke he'd just told us because we were laughing so much!). We really enjoyed the tour; it was the best day of our holiday. Thank you Jevgeni!
Gem and Dave, Liverpool, UK
I had a superb tour to a lot of places at Lahemaa National Park with Kert. This tour caused definitely the wish to return to Estonia for more places at the countryside. Kert is an expert at the region because he grew up locally. He is also a historian who knows interesting facts about visited places (as Kert has also studied in Cologne, Germany where I live, I also got a view of Cologne carnival from an estonian)
Sven, Germany
We took the Lahemaa National Park day tour. It was a very full and varied day, with a range of interesting and entertaining experiences. The mixture of nature and history was very good. Kert, our excellent guide, put everyone at ease and had a gift for explaining Estonian history. His knowledge of nature and Estonia was also very broad. His driving was also perfect.
Robert, Belgium
I did a Laheema National Park day tour with Kurt as my guide. He was absolutely fantastic. Not only was he knowledgeable with the history of Estonia, he is a fun guide as well. I have experienced playing on the traditional Estonian swing and had so much fun with it. Thank you so much Kurt for giving me such an unforgettable experience in Tallinn.
Andrea, Australia
It was an amazing day in the Lahemaa National Park with Kert. He is a professional guide with a lot of knowledge of Estonian history. He tells with passion and humor and brings a lot of personal experience with it. The national park is really amazing and wonderful place and if you go to Tallinn than this tour should be in your program.
Federico & Anna, Italy
The Lahemaa Tour was amazing! We were a small group so we got to know each other quickly! We got to see various different sights in the national park and enjoyed a delicious homemade Estonian lunch! Our tour guide was really nice and she gave us a lot of information about the area and Estonian cultural!
Carina, Germany
Triin gave us a fascinating trip round Lahemaa. We learned more about Baltic history than we could have hoped for, and experienced a great variety of places and stories. Thank you very much.
Pete Bradshaw, UK
Amazing tour. Amazing guide. Totally worth it.
Ricky, Switzerland
We had a really great time on the tour! The nature of estonia is stunning and really worth a visit!! Our guide triin had a lot of interesting stories to tell about the history of estonia and we learnt a lot. I would definitely do this tour again!
Sarah, Switzerland
The Tour was amazing! A must-see!! So different to get out of the city and into estonians beautiful nature! We heard a lot of great stories and learned a lot about estonians history. Our Tourguide Triine (I'm probably spelling it wrongly) was lovely. We had a lot of fun with her
Caroline, Switzerland
Triin with 2 ii's! thank you so much for such a great tour to Lahemaa park. we learned a lot on history of Estonia and seen so many picturesque places within the park. we could see how passionate and energetic you are about your country and your job. thanks for sharing with us
Maria and Tasoula, Cyprus
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. I joined the tour on 1 June 2016. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Wasn't sure what to expect from the Lahemaa National Park tour but it definitely exceeded all expectations. We had Geron for the tour and he was very knowledgeable but I especially enjoyed his dry wit and unusual sense of humour - definitely made a difference to the tour. Loved the Käsmu Village and the Viru Bog the best!
Christina Loke, Malaysia
Kert was a great guide. Made us feel very comfortable. He was charming, funny, and informative. We had a great time and can recommend him highly. Best of luck, Kert, we'll send friends! We just loved Estonia!
Susan&Gilda, USA
I really enjoyed the Laheema National Park tour and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see part of the beautiful nature and important history of this country. I would like to thank our guide, Geron, who made this tour even better!
Illary, Italy
The Laheema National Park tour was amazing! Highlights included going behind Estonia's tallest waterfall, and swimming in a bog lake. Our guide, Jon, was fantastic! He was knowledgable, funny, and thoughtful. If you like getting some physical activity while learning, you should definitely take this tour.
Maggie, USA
Dear Tripadvisor I chose the Lahemma day tour with the company that was recommended from Tallinn What a company -Just outstanding service We had Chris our guide I cannot find enough superlatives to write about him as a person and with so much knowledge and the way he did it Just wonderful He is a treasure to the company Thanks to tripadvisor we enjoy traveling Sincerely Henya Glazer Amex Travel Services Israel
Henya Glazer, Israel
This was our highlight in our 3 days stay in Estonia. Trinn, our tour guide, was very cheerful and enthusiastic in sharing! The places we visited was beaaauutiful and awesome! Don't think we would have loved this place as much if it was another tour guide.
Julia, Singapore
Me and my friend, we did the Laheema National Park tour two weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Many thanks to our great tourguide Kätlin, who was really friendly and enthusiastic! She told us lots of interesting stories.
Irina, Belgium
This is something everyone visiting Estonia should do! Our guide Kätlin was amazing, she was so nice and told us really interesting stories and facts during the trip. There was two other girls on the trip at the same time and it felt just if we were friends spending perfect sunday together :) Thank you once again Kätlin! It was a perfect day!
Nina, Finland
The best tour you can do in Tallin!i suggest the park of Laheema.Jevgeni is a very kind and professional guide, the tour is great!
andrea, Italy
Travelling to Estonia in November sounds like a bad idea, but we had such a great time! Of course it was... ehm.. a bit chilly, but our Guide Olga did a great job. We had Lahemaa practically to ourselves and it had the charming colours of a Tundra. Be aware, it's getting dark early, but the floodlighted manor looked impressive nonetheless.
Yvonne, Switzerland
We had a fantastic day... "No sex, no future, but excellent guides and a beautiful country". Thank you Martin for all the stories and funny details. By the way, we just discovered that kiiking already came on belgian television.... The olympic dream is coming closer :-) Gert, Katrien and Joris
Gert Wellens, Belgium
Martin was our guide for the Lahemaa National Park. The park was really great, but we also went to many other places including restored and derelict manor homes, soviet relics etc. Martin was an excellent guide, provided a lot of knowledge and kept us well entertained with his easy going nature.
Nicole, Canada
I never thought I would enjoy this city alone but I was wrong. Lahemaa tour was awesome and the guide was really awesome. Like, I think it's safe to say, this was one of the best trips I have ever been at. I am really looking forward toncome back here again to see more of what Tallinn traveller tour are offering.. You guys are the best, No Doubt :)
Ayz, UAE, Dubai
For the money, this was one of the best day tours I've been on. Our guide Eliise was full of information and made each stop interesting, as well as being an all round ace person. The itinerary was satisfyingly packed and there was a good variety of places and things to do. Lunch was divine - I need that salmon in my life! Despite it being a nine hour trip, I never once felt bored. All in all, a brilliant day out and highly recommended for those visiting Estonia.
Matt, England
We had a wonderful tour to Lahemaa national park. our guide Katlin was perfect , profesional and so good. she new all the answers to all the questions and we wuold like to travel with her again on our next trip to Tallinn
rachel & yossi, israel
The Lahemaa National Park tour was a lot of fun. Our tour guide, Olga, was absolutely wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about Estonia from her and the tour.
C Kato, USA
I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! A free tour through Tallinn lead by Mart: interesting tour, nice and smart guide, very friendly, with excellent English. The other one in Lahemaa with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)
Clizia, Italy
We did the Lahemaa national Park tour with Kris - fantastic.
Charlotte, Germany
Martin gives us a fantastic day on 20 August in this free country. Thank you!
karien, Netherlands
Martin was an excellent tourguide. He Speeks fluent english. He told us everything we wanted to know, no matter if it was about estonian politics, the weather, the countryside , sports, becoming independent from the soviet Union and so on. All this informations came along the trip in addition to the Information we expected, when we booked the trip. The last advice we took was the dinner in the "Kukete" bar in Tallinn. We really enjoied the day with Martin and the others. The tour is excellent. We can really recommend it to others. Take the chance when it gets offered.
Henrik Rueger, Germany
Although not fond of guided tours we did the Laheema National Park Tour because we noticed that hiring a car and following a printed guide was a rather inefficient way to see places of interest. Our guide was Martin and his enthousiasm and bakground of history studies resulted not only in seeing fabulous places but also in an elaborate commentary on Estonian habits and culture interwoven with anecdotes from the Soviet era. We are so glad we joined this tour!
Paul, the Netherlands
Warm-hearted Estonians, Martin & Ulane! Yesterday I & my husband joined a Lahema guide tour, which was really wonderful & impressive as a nature lover. Before starting, I sprained my ankle on the way to the Info office in the morning but I just proceeded the journey because I was really looking forward to it. However, the pain was getting stronger as time goes by until I could not walk any more. Our guide Martin was very considerate enough to take care of me & ask how I was at every stop. I liked his extensive knowledge about Estonian history as well as anything we bumped into. One thing that I regretted was my poor understanding of English. I wanna call him professor Martin. After I got back from Lahema, his boss Ulane & her sister spared their time to take me to the ER in the city. They sacrificed their resting hours for me. As a foreigner, I would have been miserable without their help! I wanna come back here again some day & meet them again! Fortunately I got much better today and in a few days I think I can continue my schedule and return home happily. Martin & Ulane will be remembered as antoher kind people of Estonia, which became one of my favorite countries. Pls give me your email addresses to Many blessings to all of you!
Ana Kim, Korea
We went on a tour to Lahemaa National Park with Geron as our guide. We loved the tour and found Geron to be very knowledgeable, friendly and easy-going. I would highly recommend taking this tour - we learned about the nature and history of Estonia and were never bored. The following day we took the walking tour around Old Town with Mairi. She was also very knowledgeable and friendly and the tour was very informative. Well worth it, especially considering its free and only need to tip - which we certainly think she deserved.
Jill , Ireland
We booked the trip in de tourist office Our guide was a very sociable man called Martin who was very informative throughout the whole tour.We were taken to lots of places and had a pleasnt lunch on route. The salmon was great. 19july 2015!! Visited July 2015
Sam, Belgium
Today I took a tour with Katryn (Kate) to Lahemaa and I enjoyed everything we did. Katryn was very knowledgeable, being a history student. She answered all our questions and gave us a real insight on the people and culture of Estonia. I would have had to rent a car to get to all these places and even then, I wouldn't know as much information as Katryn did! We were able to do a good deal of walking, not just sitting in the SUV. The lunch was delicious and filling.I liked the manor that was being restored, the Soviet submarine base and the bogs the best. Thanks, Katryn, for a wonderful day!! You were awesome!
Tony Tuttle, USA
We had wednesday a very interesting daytrip to Lahemaa National Park. Nature, culture and history all together with the nice guide Geron.
Jan en Marjolijn, Amsterdam Holland
We booked the Lahemaa National Park tour in Tallinn, it was amazing. Our guide Martin was also very cool. He was friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend this trip.
Boz + Amaya, Germany
We went on the Lahemaa tour last week and it was an excellent experience. Our guide Kris was very knowledgeable, as well as having an excellent sense of humor. He took great care of us all day and gave us a wonderful introduction to the natural and historical side of Estonia. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the country!
Nicole, Singapore
A trip to Estonia is incomplete without visiting Lahemaa National Park, and the best way to see it is with Traveller Tours. We had a fantastic day with our guide John, who couldn't have been more enthusiastic or informative. We were able to see all the highlights of the National Park & sample the world's greatest salmon! Thank you so much.
Jen & Brian, UK
We stayed in Tallinn for 4 days and enjoyed both the free city tours with Heli and the day-trip to Lahemaa National Park with John. An Estonian would say it was "pretty OK", which means in English "Wonderful". We still have the excellent taste of smoked salmon in the mouth ;-). Thanks for allowing us to have learned more about your country!
Angeline & Sylvain, Switzerland
Thank you for a lovely tour of Lahemma Park Our guide, Martin, has got great knowledge of history, and fauna and flora. I highly recommend this tour to everyone. Irena
Irena , Originally from the Czech Republic but living in the UK
We had fantastic day with George in Lahemaa national park. We had tons of questions related to history and he knew all the asnwers which made our day really interesting and fun. I wish all estonians were more like him and have so much energy and fun all the time. Thank you so much!
Carmen, Indonesia
We had an awesome day in Laheema National Park with our awesome, funny and brilliant guide Jevgeni! My parents and I absolutely loved the trip, we learnd so much from Jevgeni, who told us interesting things about Estonia´s culture and people. We also had funny conversations about Harry Potter and Pippi Longstocking :-) And also Jevgeni knows funny songs about German grammar, we were totally impressed! Thank you so much for a perfect day - we will come back one day!
Carolin, Gerhard und Irmi, Germany
We are a group from Denmark that had a guided tur to Lahemaa National Park on Maj 15th. We had an excellent guide called Olga. She was well informed , did a great job in bringing us to beautifuld spots and managed to keep the group in great spirit. Her English was remarkable. The daytrip is an aboslute "must-do" when you visit Estonia. i recommand Tallinn Traveller Tour. You wont be disappointed. Thank you Olga for a wonderful day. Many regards from the 7 Danes.
Ingrid , Denmark
Daytrip to Talehaa: best experience of the stay!! Great program with beautiful nature and sowjet relicts that I've never seen before. I can only strongly recommend it, it is worth every cent. And don't miss the delicious lunch that is offnered in the tour - one of the best meals I've eaten in Estonia. Special thanks to the absolutly great guide Jüri (George): so friendly, so many facts and fun and perfect English speaking - best guide :-) Thanks from Germany Katharina
Katharina, Germany
We did the Lahemaa national park tour yesterday with Olga. The tour was fantastic-really interesting, and a great selection of different activities-with a particular highlight for me being the Captain's village-climbing the soviet watchtower and seeing the maritime museum and meeting its owner. Olga was one od the best guide's I've ever had.-really knowledgable about her country's history, mythology and traditions, interesting and so much fun to spend a day with-thank you v much!
Anna , UK
We had an awesome trip a couple weeks ago. The guide (George) was absolutly fun and entertaining (his summersaults are amazing :P ). His knowledge about the estorian history is remarkable! The lunch was the best salmon we ever had! The host was friendly and made ourself feel comfortable. Overall the whole tour was worth it.
Lu & Patrick, Germany
Wonderful tour I have been on last year. The guide was great and the tour was big fun, the lunch was very good! Highly recommended, I liked it very much. Thank you for everything!
Karina, Germany
Last week we did the Lahemma National Park Tour with our guide George. We were lucky having the fist day of sunshine this year which made the tour even more awesome than it would have been otherwise. George gave an interesting overview on Estonias nature and culture. We went to some different places (a walk through bog, an abandoned submarine station, a waterfall, a canyon) and had an amazing lunch at Käsmo. George made the tour really interesting and funny by his own inimitable way of telling us historical stuff and fun facts. Thanks for the memorable day! We would do it again!
Julian & Katharina, Germany
Last month i had the chance to make 2 different tours with Tallinn Traveller, i made Lahema National Park with Iida-Leena and Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski with Mart. Both tours were amazing. Iida and Mart were great, friendly, good communicators and they explained a lot about Estonia and the Estonians. On both tours, i had the chance to left the beautiful but tourist-crowded Tallinn for a couple of days and travel to Estonian countryside and somehow experience the Estonian way of life. Nature, waterfalls, Manor houses, beautiful landscapes, old Soviet airplanes, missile shelters, old submarine base and.... a swimming MOOSE! :D Thank you Iida-Leena, Mart and Tallinn Traveler staff for giving me 2 memorable days in Estonia! I felt in love with Estonia, it's a wonderful country and i'm sure i will be back one day! :)
Nuno, Portugal
It was a very enjoyable and very informative tour of wonderful nature. The meal and walkaround the captain's village was great. The keepers of the captain's school are great and very friendly people. Our guide IDA was very good. We should have multi-day tour with her. I want to give a special thank to Ida for her enthusiasm and explanation.
Anand Kumar, The Netherlands
Had a fantastic day on the Lahemaa National Park tour with Kristiina - she was awesome and took us to some beautiful places. Definitely recommend this tour.
Kylee, Australia
Perfect! Really enjoyed my day. Nice views, nature and a wonderfull meal at the fishers place! Small groups and friendly guide with a lot of info and details. Superb!
Sara, Belgium
Durante il mio soggiorno a Tallin ho prenotato una escursione per Lahemaa. Guardando sulla guida Lonely Planet, ho trovato City Bike che propone questo tour della Traveller. Il costo per l'intera giornata è stato di 49 euro. L'organizzazione è stata perfetta!! Le guide sono ragazzi giovani ed io ho avuto la fortuna di capitare con Juri. Sprizza gioia di vivere da tutti i pori e ha un sorriso meraviglioso, sinceramente all'inizio ho avuto qualche momento di esitazione vedendolo così con tutto questo "argento vivo" addosso, invece non solo è stato affidabilissimo come driver, ma è stato eccezionale come guida. Ha una preparazione storica encomiabile ed è coinvolgente nei suoi racconti quando mostra i siti ex sovietici o le bellezze della natura senza che mai il suo sorriso venga meno. Durante il tour si vedono paesaggi molto diversi tra loro, devo dire che mi è piaciuto veramente tanto. Il pranzo, che non è incluso, ma è a un prezzo contenuto (10 euro) è stato delizioso. Abbiamo pranzato a Kasmu ospiti della famiglia che gestisce il piccolo, ma molto caratteristico museo, e che ha cucinato per noi. Il salmone è stato a dir poco divino. Ancora un grande grazie a Juri e ancora complimenti per la sua professionalità e per la sua preparazione.
Sandra, Italia
I went on the Lahemaa Day Tour and had a great time. I made new friends with other tourists, enjoyed the salmon lunch and all of the things we explored during the tour - Jagala Waterfall, Viru Bog, old soviet remains, etc. Mart was a wonderful guide who took us to all the things mentioned in the tour description and also ventured off into finding a new beach to explore as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Estonia - it's a nice break from the Old Town touristy feel.
Good morning,it was great our tour with you. It was yesterday and we went to Lahemaa national park with our guide Ira, we enjoyed it very much and the lunch was great even with friends we didn't invite.♥♥♥
Elena, Spain
Had a blast with Iida on our trip to Lahemaa. She was incredibly knowledgeable, charming, and easy going. She had tons of fun facts about Estonia to share with us throughout. My only complaint is I wish this was a multi-day trip rather than just one day. Regardless, it was a beautiful glimpse into many of the wonders that Lahemaa had to offer.
Brian, United States
Went on the Lahemaa National Park Tour, great summer weather, fantastic tour, best I've ever been on! Iida is a really good guide and also answered our thousands of questions very patiently and competently. Tour participants were very mixed, old, young, all nationalities. Very much recommended!
Gesine, Malta
We went on the Lahemaa national park tour on the 16th July 2014 and our guide was George. He was a very knowledgeable and great person as well as an excellent organizer. He was very friendly and engaging we were having such fun talking a lot about mushrooms and day to day life in Estonia. The fish lunch in lovely Käsmu was delicious and the people there had lots of character. We especially love the bog walk. Thanks a lot George. Hopefully we meet again on another tour.
Peter & Niloo, Sweden
We took the tour 20/07/14 with Iida as our guide. She was great, and the tour was wonderful. We never would have seen some of the things we did if on our own. Iida's English was excellent, and she was humorous and informative.
Bill and Judy, USA
Iida and Anneli were both very pleasant and friendly and our tour with Iida was wonderful! She gave us a great idea of the historical significance of what we saw and extra opportunities for excitement if we so chose to do so. It was well worth a days outing to see more of beautiful Estonia and learn more about the culture, people, architecture, land and we even saw a mouse, a frog and a spider during our journey through the bog. Though I'm sure she gets asked the same questions by different tourists, Iida answered all of our tourist questions with great energy and generosity and was a wealth of good information regarding all of Tallinn and Estonia. Thanks very much! :)
Jennymacvet, USA
My friend and I went on the day trip to Lahemaa National Park in June 2014 and had a fantastic time. Our guide Jüri (George) was fantastic - the most enthusiastic guide we have had on our trip so far. He made sure we saw what we wanted to see, and was very perceptive and receptive to what we wanted to do. He was very knowledgable and told great stories of the history and culture of Estonia. We even had an interesting political conversation that was objective and open-minded. He was also very clear and organised in guiding us and made it all very easy and smooth. Although the weather was a little dreary on the day, he was very positive and we had lots of fun! We really appreciate Jüri's efforts to make the tour what it was - a stark contrast to stock-standard tour guides who struggle to deviate from the set course/script.
Janelle, Austarlia
It was such an amazing tour. Marc and I would always be part of the tour again. Our tour guide was Jüri and he was brilliant. Had made us laugh all the time and he wasn't not always funny but also very informative. We learnt a lot about the history and also had time to digest all the information while the fantastic lunch we had at the Baltic Sea Side in a boat. All in all it was fantastic every time again. Thank so much, Isabell and Marc.
Isabell, United
Wonderful day trip to beautiful Lahemaa National Park with Kalev, a great and interesting tour guide who was ever helpful and friendly. Also, enjoyed an informative Old Town walking tour with our entertaining tour guide Heli! Would highly recommend both these tours! (:
Rachel, Singapore
Wonderful day trip to Lahemaa wth Kalev! My partner and I especially enjoyed the walks through the woods and crossing the bog ponds. Kalev was an exceptional guide!
Rosalind, UK
Yesterday we took the Lahemaa National Park tour and had a great day. The guide made everything interesting, with lots of stories about life in Estonia. The salmon at the lunch stop was absolutely deliscious and the visit to the disused soviet submarine base was rather different.
Kevin, England
Great trip, you get to see something else of estonia. You don´t only see nature but also a lot of culture which you otherwise never would have seen. The guides were also nice and funny. trip I would definitely recommend
Bram, Netherlands
Seven of us booked trip to Lahemaa National Park in July 2013. Our guide Kaido. Very good day trip. Our guide drove us around the whole day and answered all our questions. Kaido has a vast knowledge and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia. Kaido was a really fun guy and ll of us had a great day out. We couldn't have done the trip ourselves. A must go trip. We really enjoyed the trip. Thank you
Samir and the gang, England
It was our first time in Estonia and wanted to get into the countryside without hiring a car. We took the Lahemma National Park tour which was guided by Karin. I live right beside the Killarney National Park and we do nothing like this. Karin was great and has since become a friend. The variety experienced on the tour made the day out feel only like a few hours. Do it if you have the chance.
James Loughnane, Ireland
A very nice day trip in a small bus, which I did together with 7 others, plus the guide, Mart, who was not only most friendly and pleasant but also extremely knowledgable, and able to give good answers to all the questions we threw at him ! A highlight of the day trip was the excellent meal we enjoyed at the museum ( !! ) in Käsmu - lovely salmon and potato ; it couldn't have tasted any better and there was even some cake afterwards, all for only 8 Euros a head ( i.e. for the food ; the tour cost 49 Euros per person ). For that we were also treated to a short guided tour of the boat & ship museum next door, which contains many interesting maritime artefacts, as used during the last hundred years or more. The coastline with all the forest is unspoilt and lovely, and very well worth experiencing. The bogland too was interesting ; and Mart's knowledge of natural history provided us with everything else we needed to know ! The tour is to be HIGHLY recommended, in every way !!
George, Germany
A great day trip to Lahemaa! Unfortunatly I don't remember the name of our guide, but he took us in wonderful places and we ate good salmon at lunch stop!
Susanna, Italy
My girlfriend and me did the tour last week with Karin as our guide and it was amazing. Although it started a bit slow with the first stop not that overwhelming it speeded up a lot and was really a great experience. We especially liked the tasty smoked salmon for lunch and the walk through the bog. Karin was always friendly and helpful and did her very best to make us feel comfortable, what we enjoyed a lot. I would definitely recommend the tour to my friends, as it was one of the highlights of our trip.
Philipp, Germany
My parents and I joined the day trip on Sunday the 10th of March 2013. All of us, are not the museum types, so we figured out that this would be a great way to see a bit outside of Tallinn, and get a bit more of the Estonian culture and history by means of a local guiding us around. This tour was definitely the high light of our trip (although Tallinn is gorgeous!!!). Nevertheless, you have no idea of the beauty of the countryside unless you go out of the city. Our tour guide (I hope I spell it correctly) Tarmo, took us to different places including the Jagala waterfalls, an old Russian Submarine base, and to the old maritime town Kasmu where we visited the old captain’s school (now a museum which is run by great people) and walked across the Baltic Sea to one of the Islands. Furthermore we got to try out one typical Estonian tradition: swinging on a group swing. Besides that Tarmo did not have a fixed time plan, which also left open some time for flexibility! Yes, this tour is very recommendable!! Thank you!
Linda, The Netherlands
This Lahemaa day trip was awsome.
Robert Monque, Germany
This was a fascinating day out, and such a refreshing change from the faux mediaeval tourist trap that is Tallin. A real insight into present and past life in Estonia and the beauties of the countryside. I think the highlight of the day was the discussion over lunch, and delicious food. I'd recommend this day trip highly to anyone who has an interest in history, politics, people, wildlife.......
Cathy, Scotland
Went to Lahemaa National Park on 2nd November, thoroughly enjoyed it! Best decision we made on holiday to book the tour to see more of Estonia than just the capital city. Tour was really relaxed and Mart our guide was a really nice guy and informative. I think my friend was rather fond of the Red Setters at the lunch stop!! Fantastic day out and I would recommend this company to anyone who goes to Tallinn! :D Thank you again Mart!
Gemma Robertson Bott, Chester, UK
Recently went on a day trip to Lahemaa with our excellent guide Tarmo. I would recommend anyone visiting Tallinn to do this, as it really showed areas of Estonia off the beaten track. Absolutely brilliant especially the submarine base and the bog walk. Tarmo was fantastic, explaining about life in Estonia and the places we visited in depth. Thanks
Malcolm and Angela Huckvale, UK
After having spent a few amazing days in the stunningly beautiful city we wanted to get away to the countryside. We went on the Laheema National Park day trip with Cody. It was definately worth going! He is full of knowledge, cool stories and the whole tour is a bit away from the usual routes! Nature is just amazing in this tiny country. Highly recommend the Bike Tours as well!
Berit , Germany
Great Tour, organization, guide, visited places, food, weather! Visit the office if you are in Tallinn: they will be really rich of worthy infos and suggestions!
gina0710, Italy
Con mio marito e mio figlio di 8 anni, abbiamo partecipato al Lahemaa National Park Tour il 21 Agosto 2012 con la guida Cody ed un ragazzo tedesco. Tutto veramente fantastico: la tempistica, l'organizzazione, i luoghi visitati, la guida, il cibo (WOW), il tempo (pare che quando portano visitatori in tour ci sia sempre il sole o che smetta di piovere quando scendono dal minivan!!). Se vi recate a Tallinn, andate a trovarli assolutamente!
gina0710, Italy
really really good. only took this day trip, which i considered as the "tourist option", due to lack of convenient public transport connections, but it was worth every penny. there's no way you could do so much in one day relying on buses or even driving yourself without being accompanied by a local. the guide (?)cody was great, very knowledgable and interesting, we were surprised to hear he'd only been doing it for a month, it seemed like he had years of experience and knowledge. all the stop-offs were interesting, varied and stunningly beautiful, and swimming in the bog was AMAZING. and the vegetarian lunch option - delicious! recommend 100 percent!
lou, UK
Had a wonderful time at Lahemaa national park. Talked the whole way there and back to our guide. You will love the tour from start to finish. Both the history and the beauty were amazing.
Donall Byrne, Ireland
My girlfriend wanted to check out nature, so we did the National Park day trip. We got the nature, all right . . . forests, the sea, and an intriguing walk through a mire . . . but we got much more. The guide, an extremely articulate and intelligent young man named Kaur, gave brilliant lessons in Estonian history and culture. The key is sitting up in front during at least part of the day trip and peppering him with questions. Kaur boasts an original, precocious, and uncompromising intellect, and based on some of his remarks about the other guides, I suspect they are also of high caliber. There is even an adventurous walk through of an abandoned Soviet submarine installation. If you really want to learn about Estonia, rather than just walk along the pretty streets of Tallinn, this tour is absolutely essential.
Michael, USA
we bought the lahemaa national park and western coast, it was a great day thans to our special and pleasant guide MART ! we have a wonderful remind of our vacation
giuseppe and simona , ITALY
It was an awesome trip to the Lahemaa national park, even through an early snow storm. The place is amazing in its own right in winter. Thanks to our guide who braved the elements and hiked us across the frozen bog. :-) Definitely an awesome thing to do while in Tallinn.
Jay, Denmark
When we first saw advertising posters of tours offered to Lahemaa national park, we didn't even think about doing one. After a few days we had to admit that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to get to Lahemaa national park without a private vehicle. So we decided to do this trip. Mart was our guide and showed up in a very good mood in the morning to pick us up. He was very friendly the whole day, brought us to beautiful places and told us a lot about Estonia. We felt like having a local friend showing us the best places of Lahemaa. Without him we could never have found all the places. One of the highlights was the Kasmu Maritime Museum, run by an Estonian family who served us an amazing lunch and guided us through the museum. Also scenic walks and spectacular nature views we had - all that accompanied in a group of 4 persons, very flexible and individual. PERFECT!! Bottom line: DO IT! Thank you Mart for this amazing trip!!
Seda, Germany
Fantastic tour - from the friendly and helpful service in the office to our guide, Mart., and all that we saw. The small group, felxibility in the itinerary, the excellent driving and great knowledge of our guide, - one of the best tours I've taken anywhere, and such good value. Definitely a "must do" when in Tallinn.
Val Norris, Australia
Best trip, best guide, wonderful scenery and money well spent on this trip. Will definately do another trip with you when next in this part of the world. Many thanks Kiwi Heidi
Heidi Morris, New Zealand
Had a brilliant day thanks Mart for such an excellent time! The Salmon was amazing! haha If you ever come to Liverpool I will give you a tour.
Stephen, Liverpool, England
Lahemaa National Park day tour - wow best tour ever and I have done many all over the world - the trip was a day I will never forget from the wonderful company to the amaing sites things I will truly never forget it was not just a trip it made memories - priceless, thank you, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE DO THE TRIP you will never forget it or regret it
J Hilton , Wales UK
Thanks to Kalev for a fantastic day in Laheema Nationalpark! I had a brilliant day there!
Julia, Germany
Just got back home after a FANTASTIC day in Lahemaa National Park with Kalev. Was just a brilliant day, and despite the rain our spirits were high. Saw so many places and things, but without ever feeling rushed...and was great to see what else Estonia had to offer outside Tallinn!. Really an absolutely super duper, well-organised but relaxed trip which you MUST go on if you are in Estonia! THANKS!!
Lizzy Stewart, Germany
Absolutely brilliant tour with Mathias. Well worth the money and such a different tour than the normal type! When Mathias spoke about the history of Estonia with such emotion you could actually get a creepy feeling that you were there, back then! We also visited the Sea Museum in Kasmu (the Captain's village) and the guide in the Museum also spoke about his country with such emotion. One word of advice and it is not a critisicm, that the guide when driving the bus when speaking, could use a microphone as it is very hard for the people at the back of the bus to hear what is being said. Rating: 10 out of 10
Liz & Eamonn Manning, Ireland
Amazing tour! Our guide Mathias was really friendly and instructive and showed us wonderful sights all over the park. This tour is the best way to see lots of amazing landscapes and it's totally recommended for everyone! Thanks
Bianca, Marina and Marco, Norhern Italy
This was such a great tour, definitely value for money. We were a group of six of ages ranging from 30s to 60s and all thoroughly enjoyed visiting Lahemaa National Park with our guide, Kalev. He was so friendly and didn't mind our constant questions about life in Estonia etc and also did a detour on the way as we wanted to see Jagala waterfall. Brilliant day.
Lyn Rands, England
It was really great!!! Thank you very much to be such closer. Cheers
Carla Llorca, Spain
Das war eine tolle Tour in eine beeindruckende Natur - informativ, entspannend und locker. Unser Reiseleiter begleitete unsere kleine Gruppe aus Japanern, Amerikanern, Niederländern und Deutschen kompetent und unaufgeregt - ein wirklich sehr schöner Tag, vielen Dank!
Günter Droste, Deutschland
Fantastic tour. Enjoyed every moment. Kalev was great, really friendly and showed us so many fantastic places round the Lahemaa National Park in a day. One of the best tours I've done. The best way to see places outside the city if you can. Highly recommended and well worth every euro!!!
Kerensa, England
Our trip with Kalev to the Lahemaa National Park was a very good organized, fine travel - Kalev did a great job, and we spent a wounderful day in Estonian nature...
Christine, Switzerland
The Lahemaa-Tour with Kalev we did on Tuesday, 2 August 2011 was one of the best things that happened to us when we travel - and we travel a lot... He showed us sooo many awesome sites and gave us so much interesting information on Estonia, Tallinn, Lahemaa and the Estonians in general. 10 hours or more flew away within seconds... Take your swimming togs with you, probably you can make use of it at the end of the day...;-) Thanks to Kalev and the whole team of Travellers for giving us such a good time!
Frank and Holger, Germany
We came to Tallinn on a weekend trip from Helsinki, and did both the Lahemaa and Funky Bike Tours. The Tallinn Traveller team looked after us really well the whole time - we couldn't have planned a better time ourselves. Expect to laugh, learn and be pushed out of your everyday travel comfort zone.
James, Finland
Easily one of the best tours I've been on. Spent a full day with Kalev roaming the Lahemaa National Park and seeing a side to Estonia that you just don't get in the city. Our guide was friendly, relaxed and always up for a chat. Almost felt like we were spending the day with a good friend. If you're in Estonia for a few days, don't leave without taking this tour.
Dylan, Australia

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