South-Estonian Countryside

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View from Otepää ski jumping hill / Photo by: Rando Kall, View from Otepää ski jumping hill / Photo by: Rando Kall,
View from Otepää ski jumping hill / Photo by: Rando Kall, Soviet roadview at the Estonian Road Museum / South Estonian Countryside Tour View from Otepää ski jumping hill / South Estonian Countryside Tour Taevaskoja Sand cliffs / Photo by:


Enjoy the view of rolling hills and valleys & the deep blue lakes hidden in the magnificent South-Estonian landscape. You will also see old manors and farmhouses, cute little towns & villages, fascinating sand stone cliffs and visit the most interesting outdoor museum in Estonia.

"Before going to Paris, go to Nuustaku!" is one of the favorite Estonian phrases. Nuustaku, now known as Otepää, and it's surroundings is where this tour takes you. It's worth even if you've already been to Paris :)

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Tuuril külastame:

  • Luke Manor
  • Viewing platform of Tehvandi ski-jumping hill
  • Otepää town
  • Lake Pühajärv (the most beautiful lake of Estonia)
  • Estonian Road Museum (entry €2/4 not included)
  • The Statue of a traveller
  • Traditional Post road
  • Sandstone cliffs and caves of Taevaskoja
  • Mooste manor

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Seda tuuri saab broneerida ka ainult enda grupile. Private tours can be booked only for your group and for your requested time.

  1. 1 person: €199/per person
  2. 2 persons: €99/per person
  3. 3 persons: €75/per person
  4. 4 persons: €59/per person
  5. 5 persons: €49/per person


South-Estonian day trip leaves from Tartu Town Hall square in front of the Sculpture of Kissing Students

Arvamused - South-Estonian Countryside / Day Trips

On the 11th of September 2013 we took part in a very interesting tour to South Estonia. Our guide, Kaido Kubri, was a very nice and communicative person. He gave us a lot of information about the sights we were visiting and about the whole South Estonia. The whole program of that tout was very interesting, but what we liked most was the manor Luka, the lake Puhajarve and the walk through the beautiful Park Taevaskoda. We were very glad we took part in that tour. That is why, we would like to recommend it to other tourists. We also have a small suggestion to make for the travel agency. In our opinion the agency could offer tourists another variant of the tour to South Estonia which would include showing them the life and culture of the Old Believers (Seto, Obinitsa) together with other manors, such as Sangaste.
Zofia & Janina, Poland
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