La costa Oeste y Haapsalu

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Haapsalu seaside / Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour
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Haapsalu seaside / Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour Riisipere manor / Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour Coast at Spithami /  Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour Forest near Haapsalu / Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour Cafe at Haapsalu / Western Coast & Haapsalu Tour

Desde las bases nucleares hasta los palacetes, hay bastantes cosas que merecen la pena desperdigadas en un radio de 100km de Tallin y que puedes descubrir en esta excursión de un día a Haapsalu.

Haapsalu, una vez el centro turístico de Tallin, hoy en día lugar de reunión para los finlandeses entusiastas del SPA, es probablemente la ciudad favorita de la mayoría de los estonios. En esta excursión de un día verás la preciosa naturaleza, un monasterio medieval, paseos y encontrarás viejos castillos olvidados y bases de misiles.

Nuestros guías te mostrarán de un modo divertido los diferentes ángulos de la belleza de Estonia, cubriendo lugares difíciles de encontrar por tu cuenta, compartiendo las ideas y los pensamientos de los locales.

El tour que regular es en INGLES. Para tener un tour en español hay que reservar un tour privado.

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Fotos de La costa Oeste y Haapsalu

En el tour veremos:

  • Admire the medieval Padise monastery
  • Enjoy scenic views of Rannaküla seaside and Noarootsi peninsula
  • Discover the medieval castle in Haapsalu
  • Walk along the Haapsalu seaside promenade
  • Visit a charming old train station
  • Hear the sad story of the Ungru Castle
  • Marvel at the classicist Riisipere Manor
  • Drive through an abandoned Soviet airbase

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Punto de partida

Los tours parten de la oficina de información turística en la esquina de Harju y la calle Niguliste.

Teléfono: +00 5837 4800.

Opiniones - La costa Oeste y Haapsalu / Day Trips

It was pouring rain in the morning so I was kinda questioning my decision to take a trip to Haapsalu that day. But fortunately, we ended up having great weather and chased the sun! As we weren't able to see everything from our planned tour due to a drag race happening at the air base, our guide Geron took us to some cool places that you normally see on a different tour. You could say that we got the best of both! I'd recommend doing any of these tours if you want to see more of Estonia than just Tallinn. And if you get Geron as your guide: lucky you, enjoy his great sense of humor!
Marlene, Germany
I went on the Haapsalu tour which was great because you see the things in estonia you otherwise not would see. I actually use this review to give some ideas because you haven´t give this tour so much. The second visit is a old monastery which you also visit in the paldiski tour, maybe a visit to another place is better so you see completely different things. The other is I didn´t found the visit of the little harbor, for me it didn´t add something extra. Although these points I will recommend the tour because you see lots of things and the stories behind the sightseeings are interesting. The last point is that this tour is often cancelled maybe its an idea to do this tour on another day to see of there are more people who book this tour or to do the day on 2 days so people have more possibilities to do these tours, although I don´t know of you already looked to these options.
Bram van den Broek, Netherlands
Kaido did a very good job with interesting informations about the history of the people of Estonia. The girls in the information center have been very friendl and helpful.
Dieter, Deutschland
What an amazing company, with amazing tour guides! I was lucky enough to experience a personal tour, during the winter season with three guides, as they were creating a new tour to bring in for the summer season. Spent the day exploring several hidden spots of Estonia. Highlights included the Padise monastery, Haapsalu & Ungru Castle. Each guide was full of interesting information about each place we visited and definitely have a real love for Estonia. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as a lone traveller. Thanks guys!!
Gemma Cullinan, Australia
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