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We made an amazing daytrip to the Western coast. Kalev, our guide (and owner of the company), drove us around the whole day. He was willing to answer all our (stupid) questions and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia en the sights we were visiting. Kalev was a really fun guy to go with and he made our daytrip a very relaxing day out!
Luc, Holland

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LouisflisY, Romania
We had a private tour with Kurt last week from Tallinn to Narva. We enjoyed the full day with excellent guiding to historic places. Ingrid and Claes
Claes Hansson, Sweden
It was the most exciting national park that I ever visited!! Our guide Kert was amazing
Hans-Peter, Belgium
It was the most exciting baltic city that I ever visited!!
Hans-Peter, Belgium
I really enjoyed free walking tour in Tallin with Helen, she was very humorous and told us many interesting facts about Tallin. Beer for Helen!
Daria, Poland
What a wonderful day in Tallinn , warm with clear blue sky. We are so lucky to have Heli as our old town walking tour guide making this 2 hour journey an enjoyable and unforgettable one. Thanks to Heli and the tourism bureau. Love you all.
margaret, hong kong
We joined the free walking tour by Heli. She was a very enthusiastic and knowledgable guide. She put a lot of humorous elements into the tour :D This tour is highly recommended for all people who would visit Tallinn! We will come back again! Thank you!
Kuma, Hong Kong
We had a lot of fun with our guide Maria. Maria is the perfect guide, she knows a lot about Tallinn and can even tell some funny stories. We can recommend a guided tour through Tallinn with her! Thanks again! 😊
Amely, Germany
We went for the free walking tour with Liine, it was brilliant! She made sure we had the best time and learned a lot about the city! Totally recommend it!
Berenice, Perú
We went on free walking tour with Heli. She was so knowledgeable and humorous. A lot of things that we learned from part of her research and we couldn't find them in books. It was really worth talking this tour. Hats off to Heli. This proved the point when saw the number of visitors who joined the tour yesterday. She deserved atleast a fiver from each.
Don, UK
We did the free tour through Tallinn on a Sunday and Henri was a very good guide, concise, funny and told very interesting stories, knew the answer to all the questions and gave us insights into the town and people -- like the estonian way of greeting close friends (by looking away and maybe grunting "Tere!"). We had thought it had something to do with us up to that point! And we are from Germany...Glad to have that cleared up. Henri was very open and friendly and i can honestly say the 2 hours went by in a flash. Thanks, Henri!
Anne & Helga, Germany
We did the free tour with Henri. He was a great guide and he knew how to bring the estonian history to the point combined with a good sense of humour. He provided us with some really good tips and recommendations where to go to in Tallinn. Good job and we will definitely recommend this tour.
Franziska, Germany
Henri was a great and humorous guide! He gave us a rather informative history on Estonia and interesting jokes along the way as well :) Thumbs up!
Chloe, Singapore
Good job Henri. Excellent tour, informative clear delivery. Not only fluent in English, you comfortably used humour like a native English speaker. Thank you so much for the tour of your city :-)
Ash and Chloe, United Kingdom
Estonia is a wonderful country with amazing nature, sightseeings and interesting history. I love it and want to come back! Kert is an awesome guide with a lot of knowledge of history, able to answer every question and the tour with him is an adventure full of laughter, fun, stories and very friendly atmosphere. Kert is a safe driver, speaks excellent english and always cares about participants´ needs and wishes..the best guy to explore beautiful Eestimaa with :) Thank you very much !!!
Sandra, Slovakia
Today was my best Tour around Tallin. Heli is very smart and very funny, energetic and informative with awesome taste of humor.
Artūras, Gibavičius
We went with Lina (probably misspelled) who is a young, friendly and super nice guide. Despite the temperature of -15°C the day was amazing! Seeing frozen waterfalls and bog in the magic of the winter is wonderful. We had lunch with a local family in a beautiful seaside old wooden house. Recommended
Federico, Italy
The tour guided by Henri was excellent! Very entertaining and educational. Henri is very knowledgeable and could answer questions. It was fun and I highly recommend it!
Sarah Bremer, Denmark
Today we went on walking tour with Henry. He is AMAZING guide! Today is so cold, but he tell us a lot of interesting facts, histories, jokes an so on. He show us the best places of Tallinn. We like him very much! Thanks a lot!
Tania, Lithuania
Went on a free tour of Tallinn Old Town with Heli. She is amazing, professional, funny and enthusiast. Had the opportunity to get to know some interesting facts and stories that are not written in official guides. Heli made me appreciate the little things and events that, as she says, may change the history ( to quote her 'never mess with the Finns'). I definitely recommend a tour with her.
Silvia, Italy
Yevgeny gave us a great half day tour of the Lahemaa National Park. He shared tons of knowledge and facts about the area, history, and life in Estonia. We really appreciated being able to set this tour up at the last minute and they were so willing to accommodate and meet our needs. Truly a great morning and great personal service. Thank you!
Kristen Gilbert, USA
We went on the Lahemaa National Park tour with Jevgeni, and would highly recommend it. Jevgeni was friendly, informative and funny throughout the tour (so much so that someone else not on our tour wanted to film him telling a joke he'd just told us because we were laughing so much!). We really enjoyed the tour; it was the best day of our holiday. Thank you Jevgeni!
Gem and Dave, Liverpool, UK
Went on a great tour today with Heli, she was very informative and injected a lot of humour into the commentary. Was very impressed that the tour was free and would highly recommend it as a way of seeing this beautiful city and getting a brief history.
Diane, Uk
We were on a tour led by the very funny and informative Heli. Her English is amazing. Learnt a lot about this lovely city, country and people. Would highly recommend doing this tour.
Kim, UK
We went on a tour with Heli as our guide. She was very entertaining and spoke amazing English. To be able to joke as easily as she did in a second language is a skill! She was very informative and made history interesting.
Jacqui, UK
A massive thank you to JJ, had a wonderful day on the Narva tour. I learnt and saw a lot in one day. His local knowledge and anecdotes made it a memorable day. If you want to see the side of Estonia not usually seen by tourists, then this is the tour for you. Also thank you to Maari, for suggesting the tour for me. To sum up; great value, great lunch, great guide and most of all a tour that does exactly what it says. See you next time.
Fred Soulie, England
We did the Tallinn to Riga tour at the end of September and had Kris as our driver. I have to say this was one of the highlights of our trip to the Baltics and all four of us (Tom, Tim, Michael and me) would like to pass on our thanks to Kris for passing on so much of his knowledge in a friendly and engaging manner. We covered the history of the areas, visited some stunning sights and had some great conversations along the way. Without doubt, this is the best way to get between the two cities. Best of luck with the photojournalism Kris!
Paul, UK
During my recent visit to Estonia, I decided to take up the bus tour from Tallinn to Riga. Our guide was Martin, who is friendly, kind and full of knowledge. So far I could understood based up on my experience, you can ask him any questions on history, science, economics, local culture/tradition, food, politics, hidden stunning destinations… in short your best partner in travel. He answered patiently to everyone’s query during our road trip along with his sweet smile. He is certainly the best in his domain and great guide to show you around. Highly recommended!! Thank you Martin for your time and sharing your knowledge.
Darsha, Dubai, UAE
We had Heli on our tour and she made it hands down the best free walking tour we have done -and we have done a fair few over the years (because the price is right :) ) Her knowledge of the city and its hostory is top notch and her delivery is right on with humour and information. You will be in good hands if Heli is taking your group.
Dave, UK
I had a superb tour to a lot of places at Lahemaa National Park with Kert. This tour caused definitely the wish to return to Estonia for more places at the countryside. Kert is an expert at the region because he grew up locally. He is also a historian who knows interesting facts about visited places (as Kert has also studied in Cologne, Germany where I live, I also got a view of Cologne carnival from an estonian)
Sven, Germany
Thank you Martin for the interesting tour today! I have learned a lot about Tallinn which I would not have discovered on my own. I definitely reccommend this tour.
Sven, Germany
Fabulous tour is tallin. Our guide was amazing. Highly recommended tour! Heli is the best guide ! She's a star and should be on stage. Full of information and character and made the trip just brilliant! Thank you
Tracey, Uk
Mart gave us a highly informative, refreshing and humourousely stimulating tour - thank you; a good way to get to know this pulsating city and a great country with (a) wonderful people.
Sebastian, Germany
We had a great tour with Martin. He told us about the city and the history of de country, but also about the culture and ways of leaving of the estonian.
Carolina , Argentina
While in Tallin we took the Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski tour, we had a wonderful day with Olga our guide who could not have been more helpful. Her knowledge of the area was amazing and made the place come to life. We had a great lunch at a local restaurant! Olga was great, we need her right now in St Petersburg. Take the trip you will enjoy it!
Roland, Australia
Great tour with Mart. Loved it. Good mixture of history and modern day of Estonia with a healthy dose of Estonian self-deprecating humour. Recommend to anyone.
Vlada & Tak, Germany/Ukraine & UK/Japan
We took the Lahemaa National Park day tour. It was a very full and varied day, with a range of interesting and entertaining experiences. The mixture of nature and history was very good. Kert, our excellent guide, put everyone at ease and had a gift for explaining Estonian history. His knowledge of nature and Estonia was also very broad. His driving was also perfect.
Robert, Belgium
The tour with Jaan-Kristjan from Riga to Talinn was the best part of our Baltic vacation. Jaan was outgoing, polite, and knowledgeable as a historian-in-training, with a great sense of humor. We not only saw the beautiful countryside of both Latvia and Estonia on the way, but also learned so much about the Baltic history, culture, and customs. Thanks Jaan for the memorable experience and we hope to see you again when we go back to Estonia in the future!
Jue & Enno, USA&Germany
I did a Laheema National Park day tour with Kurt as my guide. He was absolutely fantastic. Not only was he knowledgeable with the history of Estonia, he is a fun guide as well. I have experienced playing on the traditional Estonian swing and had so much fun with it. Thank you so much Kurt for giving me such an unforgettable experience in Tallinn.
Andrea, Australia
Had a glorious few hours with Ariel. Spending time with her made the whole experience of Tallinn 100% more enjoyable. We were lucky to have her to guide us and that we did in sunshine. All the best The Connor family from South London
Mark Connor, uK
Had an amazing time yesterday discovering the old town on free walking tour with Liine as a guide. Fun, informative and brilliant in all senses! Appreciated Estonian self-irony and funny jokes :)
Polina, Ukraine
Had an amazing time yesterday discovering the old town on free walking tour with Liina as a guide. Fun, informative and brilliant in all senses! Appreciated Estonian self-irony and funny jokes :)
Polina, Ukraine
It was an amazing day in the Lahemaa National Park with Kert. He is a professional guide with a lot of knowledge of Estonian history. He tells with passion and humor and brings a lot of personal experience with it. The national park is really amazing and wonderful place and if you go to Tallinn than this tour should be in your program.
Federico & Anna, Italy
The Lahemaa Tour was amazing! We were a small group so we got to know each other quickly! We got to see various different sights in the national park and enjoyed a delicious homemade Estonian lunch! Our tour guide was really nice and she gave us a lot of information about the area and Estonian cultural!
Carina, Germany
Tour Tallinn - Riga in July: Martin was a great guide, knowing this much about culture, history, ... Was really fun listening to him... GREAT TOUR! THANKS!!!!!!
Claudia, Germany
An excellent tour with Henri. His repartee kept all the participants till the end despite the heavy rain showers. And he coped very well with one awkward questioner. Obviously loves Tallinn & Estonia and has a deep knowledge of its history and legend
Mike, Britain
Best tour guide ever!!!well done heli
Marie mc , Ireland
So, we are back from our holidays in Estonia and Latvia ! We had a wonderful time there in Tallinn and Riga. Two marvellous cities, very different, but both very likeable. We would like to thank Traveller Tour very much for the interesting and happy journey between the two cities. We enjoyed it a lot and are thankful for the guidance and comments. Our guide was perfect and provided us with some of the most memorable moments of our holidays.
Dirk, Belgium
Our family of 6 wanted a tour where we could walk the old city and also see other sights like the summer palace. In addition, we had special dietary needs. John (getting his masters in history) was such an amazing host. He met us off the ship and both drove, and walked us around. He brought us to a great restaurant for a gluten free lunch. He was so knowledgeable and friendly. Don't hesitate to book your cruise shore tour with them. Much better than what is offered on the ship
Alyssa, US
2 exciting, informative and funny hours. Thank you, Henri!
Moritz, Switzerland
Excelent trip. The guide was professional , knew her subject matter and clearly enjoys her job. Great day!!
Iain, Scotland
Just ended walking tour with Henry.o excelent tour with excellent guide. Professional, well informed and enthusiastic. We enjoyed every minute of it and made us forget the rain. Thank you. Stefania, iain, Timothy and marina
Stefania, Italy
Also went on the Coastal Cliffs tour with Teele, and I'm in complete agreement with earlier reviews. She is delightful, and the tour is a wonderful way to spend a day here.
Maik, Germany
We did a tour today with HENRY and he did a great job showing us around his city. His English was excellent (and his Japanese) and his stories included many details and funny things, so it was a really entertaining time spent with the free tour. Highly recommended!
Julika, Germany
Great knowledge of the city and its history, funny and interesting to listen to. Congrats Mart!
Gonçalo, Portugal
Triin gave us a fascinating trip round Lahemaa. We learned more about Baltic history than we could have hoped for, and experienced a great variety of places and stories. Thank you very much.
Pete Bradshaw, UK
today with HEle she was fantastic incredible english and an excellent sense of humour lots of history i travel a lot and been to many tours she is a crack ! i recommend her 100 %
guillermo, paraguay
The 2 hour Tallinn walking tour with Ariel was a highlight of a great day out. Her friendly manner was only matched by her historical knowledge. Informative and fun........thanks Ariel.
Dave Murray, Australia
Our tour was terrific. Our guide, Ariel, was very informative, but also very pleasant. I highly recommend the tour, even at a higher price.
Al, Paris
Tried the free walking tour and was lucky enough to get Mart. He did a fantastic job. Great mix of information and humor, excellent English, very easy to understand even when standing in the back, and I'm mostly sure we didn't even lose anybody on the way.
Maik, Germany
A huge "Thank You" to Ariel for her 3 hour walking tour through Tallinn! The history and insight into the city and culture were awesome!
Kris Ciesielski, United States
I Just get back for an awesome Day. Making the cliffs tour. Very various places to see and much fun. Maarja made that Day perfect, From her really enthousiast attitude to the fact that we did the all trip and more even if Take more times ! This tour really deserved it reputation
Stephane, France
Amazing tour. Amazing guide. Totally worth it.
Ricky, Switzerland
We had a really great time on the tour! The nature of estonia is stunning and really worth a visit!! Our guide triin had a lot of interesting stories to tell about the history of estonia and we learnt a lot. I would definitely do this tour again!
Sarah, Switzerland
The Tour was amazing! A must-see!! So different to get out of the city and into estonians beautiful nature! We heard a lot of great stories and learned a lot about estonians history. Our Tourguide Triine (I'm probably spelling it wrongly) was lovely. We had a lot of fun with her
Caroline, Switzerland
We took a walking tour of Tallinn and it was so amazing. Our guide Helli was very knoweledgeable and had a great sense of humor. It was a great opportunity for us to learn tragic but valuable history of the country and the world history surrounding Estonia. We would definitely recommend the tour for all tourists of Estonia. Thanks Helli!
Inky, Korea
Excellent tour, would definitely recommend it! We learned a lot, our guide Martin is very knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you!
Christina, Norway
Our walking tour of the Old Town on July 3rd with Henri as guide was wonderful. He made the town and its history really interesting and informative with a few chuckles thrown in. I recommend this tour wholeheartedly and if you get to have Henri as guide it's a bonus.
Keith, Australia
Triin with 2 ii's! thank you so much for such a great tour to Lahemaa park. we learned a lot on history of Estonia and seen so many picturesque places within the park. we could see how passionate and energetic you are about your country and your job. thanks for sharing with us
Maria and Tasoula, Cyprus
We took a free walking tour with Mart and it was one of the best tours we'd ever experienced. Not only was it informative but also fun. We came there with no idea of Tallinn's history and came out as pretty knowledgeable. If you want to acquaint yourselves with the city and have some fun in the meantime, that's the best choice for you.
Aleksander, Poland
We had a free Tallinn walking tour with Henri on 7 July. He is a well-informed guide who brought exuberance and fun to the tour. He is a big credit to the tour. Tallinn itself is a beautiful city, and we saw all the key spots and discovered its history too on this highly recommended tour.
Kym, Australia
We had a free tour with Martin. I have been in many free tours arround Europe and this was by the moment, the best... Time past so quicky listening stories about life in the soviet era, otto prince tricks, or actual prime minister oddities... Also he speaks very clearly even for those who like me don't speak too much english.
Sonia, Spain
We had a great time on the Funky Bike Tour of Kalamaja. Our guide Maria was enthusiastic and friendly. She gave us so much information about Estonia, she patiently answered our plethora of questions, and she paced the tour so that it was interesting and active for us parents and our two teen daughters. Our kids loved it! Maria even brought us Estonian candy, sharing it at just the moment when we all needed a sugar hit! The biking was easy and the day, beautiful! We would highly recommend the tour and Maria as a guide!
Amy & Neil, USA
We have just had the "Ghost Tour" of the city of Tallinn together with the guide Helen. We enjoyed it very much, Helen managed to tell us a lot of the city and its history in a very fascinating way. We discovered hidden spots, heard scary stories - will never want to walk around the old town in the middle of the night! - we learnt so much about Tallinn, Estonians and their culture. It was indeed a great tour and Helen was super kind and professional!
Lisa & Roberto, Italy
Did the free walking tour with Mart today. It was fantastic. Really interesting and fun. A great introduction to Estonain history, culture and people. I fully recomend it!
Maria Katia Munares, Peru
Mart was our young, fun, energetic and witty tour guide of Tallinn. He was not only eloquent and informative, packing in a great deal of interesting historical, social and cultural info on Tallinn and Estonian history and people, but he was also kind in answering many questions and always kept it fresh and humorous. He will leave you hungry for more Tallinn, guaranteed! Thanks again for a great experience and keep up the good work!! ; )
Joe & Adél, Barcelona, Spain
On July 14th 2016 we had the pleasure to enjoy Tallinn's Old Town tour led by joyful Mart. Half guide, half stand-up comedian, Mart showed us the best parts of the city centre while he nurtured our brains with both historical and cultural facts, loud and clear despite the fact that we were a sizeable bunch. Not trying to say that the other guides are not good, but look out for Mart when you visit Tallinn :)
Jess, Spain
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. I joined the tour on 1 June 2016. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Lahemaa National Park tour, very relaxing, refreshing and beautiful tour. We visited waterfalls, bogs, forest, seaside and the gorgeous fishing village, Käsmu Captains Village and her little museum. Every time when I was thinking about the salmon lunch we had, my mouth watered. Thanks our guide, Maria, I still remembered the canned Estonia air :D
Annie, Hong Kong
Fantastic day tour, Tallinn-Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus, Highly recommended.! First choice for who wants to travel from Tallinn to Riga. I joined this day tour with three friends on 2 June 2016 from Tallinn to Riga with full of fun, amazing country side and historical buildings. Million thanks to our guide, beautiful young lady Miss Olga, she's so friendly and attentive. She made the whole journey so interesting and filled with enthusiasm. She had very good knowledge of everything and drove very good. I loved listening to her introducing the plant, history of the beautiful villages and the culture. The route fitted for everyone, young and elderly people. Compare to travelling those sightseeing points by ourselves, this tour makes everything easier, save lots of time and money. We had 8 people and our guide, totally 9 persons in this trip, on a 10-seater car. Enough space for storing the luggage. I booked this tour a month before the day to go on the website and it could also be booked at Tallinn Tourist Information Center.
Annie, Hong Kong
We joined the Laheema National Park tour today. Our guide was Kert. Not only did he amaze us with his thorough knowledge of Estonian history that he happily shared with us, he also managed to return 100% of the participants for the first time in his career - what a keeper! ;) The whole tour felt like an exciting road trip with friends from different nationalities and at different ages. Thank you very much!
Stephan & Anja, Germany
Wasn't sure what to expect from the Lahemaa National Park tour but it definitely exceeded all expectations. We had Geron for the tour and he was very knowledgeable but I especially enjoyed his dry wit and unusual sense of humour - definitely made a difference to the tour. Loved the Käsmu Village and the Viru Bog the best!
Christina Loke, Malaysia
Teele was our guide for the Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski last Tuesday (5 July 2016) & I must say it was one of the most relaxing tours I've been on. Not only she's a safe driver but also offered tons of interesting information and always made sure we were ok and comfortable. As another reviewer said, the highlight of this tour was the Rummu prison and the quarry and also we got to sit inside an abandoned Soviet cargo plane!
Christina Loke, Malaysia
Ariel was a great and witty guide on the 3 H walking tour of Tallinn. She was extremely informative and made the trip a joyous experience to be a part of. Highly recommend it to anyone looking to discover rich heritage and history in this beautiful city.
Ratnadip, India
Henri was fantastic: friendly, charming, and spoke excellent English. I'd definitely recommend him.
Arby, Canada
Kert was a great guide. Made us feel very comfortable. He was charming, funny, and informative. We had a great time and can recommend him highly. Best of luck, Kert, we'll send friends! We just loved Estonia!
Susan&Gilda, USA
Highly recommend the tallinn old city walking tour with Mart. We loved seeing the sights while laughing about the dry sense of humour of Estonians and the presidents shenanigans. Mart was very entertaining and had a good sense of humour! Well worth it!
Diana , Canada
Tallinn - Riga Sightseeing Tour Bus, I did this tour on June 1. This tour beats any boring bus or airplane ride. Our guide Erik, was full of local knowledge and has a nice sense of humor too. Many interesting stops on the way, nice lunch on the Latvian border. Dropped me off in the center of Riga. I can highly recommend using Talinn Traveller to travel between Tallinn and Riga (or vice versa). Thanks!
Koen Jansen, The Netherlands
Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski, I did the tour on Sunday the 29th of May, our guide was 'Relika' (phonetically spelled). She was very knowledgeable, and could answer all my questions about the Paldiski area and Estonian history in general. Lovely and polite person too. Highlight for me was Muru prison quarry, very surreal landscape. Thanks!
Koen Jansen, The Netherlands
Just came back from the Tour with Maarja to podolski. Has been very interesting and we really enjoyed the 7 Hours with this Wonderful Guide - thank you maarja!! as we have to Fly back tomorrow to Austria this was the Perfect Last day and i Can only recommend it!
Ilse and marcus, Austria
We had a great 2 hour tour with Mart, who showed us the sights, but more importantly, provided a fascinating recount of Tallin history, politics, and dry sense of humor. Highly recommend!
J Shay, USA
We did a walking tour of Tallinn with Maria. She was very friendly, and knowledgable about the city giving us detailed explanations to our questions. Also, we booked the tour very last minute and she went out of her way to accommodate us which we really appreciated.
Bond, USA
This was my first time in Tallinn. I had the opportunity to take part to the Tallin free tour and I enjoyed it a lot. Although I participated after having visited some of the museums, I had the opportunity to learn more about Tallinn and the history of Estonia during the two-hour tour. I would recommend it to anybody who has the time to attend it. I would like to thank the guide of my tour, Mart, who made the tour absolutely enjoyable!
Illary, Italy
I really enjoyed the Laheema National Park tour and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see part of the beautiful nature and important history of this country. I would like to thank our guide, Geron, who made this tour even better!
Illary, Italy
I really enjoyed the Laheema National Park tour and I would recommend it to anyone who would like to see part of the beautiful nature and important history of this country. I would like to thank our guide, John, who made this tour even better!
Illary, Italy
The Tallinn-Riga Tour is absolutely the best way to get from Tallinn to Riga (or the other way)! We got to see so many cool places that we wouldn't have had a chance to visit otherwise. Martin, our guide, was a font of information about Estonian and Latvian history. He was also very helpful when we got to Riga, making sure everyone on the trip got to their lodgings. I highly recommend this tour!
Maggie, USA
The Laheema National Park tour was amazing! Highlights included going behind Estonia's tallest waterfall, and swimming in a bog lake. Our guide, Jon, was fantastic! He was knowledgable, funny, and thoughtful. If you like getting some physical activity while learning, you should definitely take this tour.
Maggie, USA
The free walking tour of the Old Town in Tallinn was great! Our guide, Henri, was so interesting and funny that he almost made us forget we were walking around in the pouring rain! Definitely a good way to get learn about the history of the city.
Maggie, USA
Henri gave us an amazing tour of Talinn! It was fun and we learnt a lot about the city and the country! Top mark ! Thank you !
Clémence , France
I took the free old town tour with Henri today. The two hours were amazing, he is a really entertaining guide who knows a lot about the city. The tour was a mixture of history and a lot of jokes about everything. I learned a lot about Tallinn today! Thank you for this Henri!
Clarissa , Germany
Mart gave us a great tour and answered many questions.He spoke perfect English .We would recommend this tour to everybody.Estonia should be proud of him. We come back.Thank you.
siegfried pintens, Belgium
Took the walking tour with Heli straight from our cruise ship... what a highlight of the cruise ! Heli is outstanding, funny and witty. Highly recommended.
Steven&Sharon, England
Took Tallin walking tour with Henri. Despite the crazy rain, Henri was fantastic. Informed and funny. He pays attention to important details, and makes jokes about them.
Javier, US
I also participated the tour on 20th of June and must say that what an actor Estonia has missed in HELI. The tour was fantastic mix of laughter, acting, facts and figures. Thank you indeed.
Janne, Finland
Hi everyone, we had a tour with our guide HELI on the 20th of june 2016 and it was very nice. HELI is hugely entertaining, interacts with the audience in a great manner and passes on more information to you than you would believe is possible in one hour. Not just the years and numbers, but speckled with lots of anecdotes and light humour. Best tour I (we!) ever had! Wish she could be hired for Amsterdam...
Job, Netherlands
Had a tour on June 20th at 19:00 with Heli who was the best Guide I've ever had. Our Group was realy impressed of her knowledge and the way she presented her hometown. We all enjoyed every second of her stories.
Heino, Germany
We went on a tour with Ariel today. What an amazing young lady! She gave us a fantastic history of Tallinn with some fun facts as well. We thoroughly enjoyed our tour and would recommend it to anyone wanting a comprehensive but not overwhelming tour of this wonderful city.
Danielle, Australia
Thanks to Mart we could enjoy the beauty of the old city despite the rain. He was so dynamic, passionate and willing to share the story of Tallinn that we could do nothing but appreciate the tour. Thank you very much to him for this great experience !! PS: very good English !
Anne-Charlotte, Belgium
Henri led our tour of old Tallinn today and we absolutely enjoyed our time with him. He is informative, very funny and provided us with many useful insights and tips. What a beautiful city!
Gary and Dagmar, Kelowna, BC, Canada
We do our trip through the oldtown with Henry. It was a very interessting and funny tour. Henry has a good knowledge about the town and knows some funny random facts, so we really enjoy the Tour with him!
Florian , Germany
We did the walking tour of Tallinn with Maria in June. She was extremely knowledgeable on the history and made the experience very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Gerri, Australia
We had an excellent Funky Bike Tour with lovely Katrin this morning and she was the perfect guide to show us parts of Talinn we wouldn't have discovered on our own. The railway station, remnants of Russian occupation, disused factories, the old prison and its chilling history and above all, the emerging public art. An amazing tour. Highly recommended.
Cathy Alderson, Australia
Enjoyed a great tour of Tallinn Old Town with Henri on May 22. Very informative, good humor, friendly!
Ken Love, USA
Traveller Tours and Lline, our guide, were incredible. Booking was easy and convenient (all via email). We picked the Lahemaa National Park tour and Lline allowed us to make some modifications based on our interests. The national park was beautiful and my children loved the break from museums and historical sites. As we traveled through the the forest and bogs, Lline did a magnificent job telling us stories of Estonia, it's myths and legends; she pointed out flowers, moss etc. used in traditional medicine. It was absolutely wonderful! We then went to visit an abandoned soviet submarine demagnetization base. Lline's descriptive narrative made the base come alive - it was eerie yet fascinating. Our next stop was lunch at a great local restaurant near the Old Town, free from the mass of tourists. We then went on a walking tour of the Old Town. Lline pointed out interesting things in the city that we would have missed had we gone on a self guided tour. We ended our day knowing more about Estonia, appreciating its history and culture and yearning to return for more. Of all the tours we took on our Baltic cruise, this was by far, our favorite. Tip: Estonia has the highest quality handmade items and the prices are very reasonable. This is the place to buy unique gifts.
Chris V, USA
On May 31 took the tour from Tallinn to Riga. Great tour with a great guide - Jaan.
Mark, TX, USA
Dear Tripadvisor I chose the Lahemma day tour with the company that was recommended from Tallinn What a company -Just outstanding service We had Chris our guide I cannot find enough superlatives to write about him as a person and with so much knowledge and the way he did it Just wonderful He is a treasure to the company Thanks to tripadvisor we enjoy traveling Sincerely Henya Glazer Amex Travel Services Israel
Henya Glazer, Israel
My husband and I took the Sightseeing Bus Tour from Riga to Tallinn and it was really interesting to learn so much about Latvia and Estonia and getting to see places that we would have missed out on otherwise. Triin, our guide, was truly awesome. She made this trip fun, went out of her way e.g. let us taste a typical Estonian drink and gave us a lot of tips for restaurants, bars, clubs etc. that locals go to so that we had the great chance to get an authentic experience of Tallinn. I can only highly recommend this tour, I would take it again!
Anna, Germany
Suur-suur tänu teile suurepärase Ida-Eesti tuuri eest. Oli väga huvitav ja seiklusrikas päev. Suur tänu giid Triinule, kes viis meid huvitavatesse kohtadesse ning puistas hulgaliselt huvitavaid fakte. Soovitan ka teistele ettevõtetel viia oma töötajad hetkeks kontorist välja ning tugevdada seeläbi meeskonna vaimu.
Remo Reinsalu, Acros Finants, Eesti
This was our highlight in our 3 days stay in Estonia. Trinn, our tour guide, was very cheerful and enthusiastic in sharing! The places we visited was beaaauutiful and awesome! Don't think we would have loved this place as much if it was another tour guide.
Julia, Singapore
Our family of four had a wonderful 5 hour car and walking tour with Katlin. We were met just outside the cruise gates and then proceeded to do a narrated walking tour of the old town. Next we drove in a brand new vehicle to see other areas just outside of town. Katlin was very knowledgeable and gave us great insight into Estonia and its people.
Lisa, Canada
Annile gave us a private walking tour while we were in Tallinn as part of a Baltic cruise. Annile was by far the best of the 5 different tour guides we used in different countries. She was perky, personable, and very friendly. She was knowledgeable but did not go into boring detail. She gave a lot of insight on Estonia live, politics, culture-- including difficulties with living close to Russia. I highly recommend Tallinn Traveller Tours and especially Annile
ed mohoric, USA
On our first day in Tallinn we decided to explore the city with a free walking tour. Our guide Henri was super nice and funny. His knowledge about the Estonian history and the city itself was remarkable. He answered all our questions and also gave us some local tipps. We really appreciated the tour. It was the perfect start for our trip to Tallinn! :)
Ellen & family, Austria
Our guide Maria is very knowledgeable and friendly. We enjoyed our walking tour of Tallinn, it is a great introduction to the city / country and I recommend it. The map and traveller tips were a bonus. Thank you
Susan, UK
We had a 2h tour of Tallin on 22nr May with Henri. It was a great experience! Henri told us lots of interesting and funny stories, as well as tipps in order to better enjoy the city. I already recommended this city tour to my friends. Good job, Henri!
Lory & Daniel, Germany
Kaitlin gave us a wonderful 7 hour tour which was very informative and enjoyable. She is a wonderful guide.
Wes R, USA
We really enjoyed the 7 hour tour with Katherine. She provided a very informative and interesting tour with a lot of history about Estonia and Tallinn. Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Wes R, USA
Thank you Liine for a fantastic and thrilling ghost tour, our students loved it!!!
Tina & Hanna, Finland
Really great tour of Tallinn with Henri. He was very passionate, informative and added great stories and humor to our trip. We followed up on many of his suggestions of what to see on our own and we were very pleased.
Raymond, Ireland
Henri was really enthusiastic and friendly. He made Tallinn come alive for us - highly recommend you seek him out.
Graham, USA
My husband and I did the 3 hr private walking tour with Maria in May, 2016, and we were so pleased that we had made that choice instead of one of our ship's crowded, and more expensive, group excursions. Maria was so knowledgeable about the history of her country. She spoke excellent English and was able to answer all our questions. She was waiting for us right outside cruise dock gates with a sign with our name on it. Our tour felt more like a visit with a friend and we were sorry when it was time to say goodbye. The 3 hour guided tour was just right for us, as we still had plenty of time to poke around the market and shops after. Excellent tour and excellent value!!
Terry, Canada
We had a small group of cyclists from Helsinki and we enjoyed a lot of biking tour with Liine. Liine could tell about the history of Estonia very lively. It really was the best guided tour I've ever been.
Sanne, Finland
My friend and I decided for the Coastal Cliffs + Paldiski tour. We were only 4 poeple on the tour and it seems like that we are a family. Our tour guide Trinn was amazing her knowledge brilliant and her sense of humour unbeatable. We learned a lot about the history of Estonia. She new all the answers to all the questions and we would like to travel with her again on our next trip to Tallinn. Thanks a lot Trinn and we highly recommend you and your travel agency.
Sonja + Marijke, Switzerland
We enjoyed a great free tour of beautiful Tallinn on 7th May. There were a lot of people waiting so I was impressed to see 2 guides turn up, we were split into two groups then off we went. Martin, our guide was brilliant. Although still a large group everyone could hear him and his English was excellent. Apart from the history of Estonia and the info about the places seen on the tour, we also learned about the people during the Soviet days and their love of Dallas on tv and the stamp collecting punks. It was all so interesting and the time flew by. Thank you Martin, I thoroughly recommend the tour.
Barbara Robertson, England
Usually I am not a friend of guided Tours. But in this case, we decided to make one, because we were short on time. So we booked Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski. Because there were no other interested people we get a private Tour. And this Tour was so fantastic that we made the Lahemaa and Haapsalu Tour too. I recommend you, to spend at least one Day of your Holidays outside the town and make one of these trips. If you have only one Day make the Lahemaa Tour. The Girls we had as guides are altogether brilliant, so it makes no difference which one guides you. Thank´s you showed us your wonderful homeland.
Dieter & Margit, Germany
Touring with Henri in Tallinn is one of the best tours I've had, humorous, informative and relaxing!
Hilda, Hong Kong
This was one of the best walking tours we have ever been to. With Henri introducing Tallinn and Estonian culture, the tour was even more interesting. We like his stories very much:)
Sara, Simona, Marina, Slovenia
Me and my friend, we did the Laheema National Park tour two weeks ago and we really enjoyed it. Many thanks to our great tourguide Kätlin, who was really friendly and enthusiastic! She told us lots of interesting stories.
Irina, Belgium
We enjoyed a tour to Coastal Cliffs & Paldiski with Liine. It was grasping, we had a nice company with our tourmates, and our guide was very lively and smart. It seems that Liine knows everything about history and Estonia! We recommend this tour for anyone who wants to spend an interesting day in the out-of-doors!
Katerina & Vladimir, Russia
This is something everyone visiting Estonia should do! Our guide Kätlin was amazing, she was so nice and told us really interesting stories and facts during the trip. There was two other girls on the trip at the same time and it felt just if we were friends spending perfect sunday together :) Thank you once again Kätlin! It was a perfect day!
Nina, Finland
I took a tour with Katrin, and had a fantastic time! Katrin was friendly and very engaging, and kept us fascinated with great stories and history. By far the best tour guide experience I have had while traveling in Europe!
Victoria, USA
Excellent tour with a great animated tour guide - Heli. Total walk is about 2 miles in 2 hours and the time went very quickly because Heli was captivating. Highly recommend!
Barbara, USA
The best tour you can do in Tallin!i suggest the park of Laheema.Jevgeni is a very kind and professional guide, the tour is great!
andrea, Italy
I really enjoyed my tour with Martin on March 27th, 2016. We learned about Tallin history in a very funny and instructive way . Very witty and polite, Martin was a great guide. Thank you
Ana , Spain
We did Tallinn Free Tour (March 26, 2016) with Liine and she was amazing: very informative energetic and with an excellent sense of humor. Sure, guides are supposed to be funny, but Liine exceeds all expectations easily. Strongly recommended.
Pavlo, Olena and friends, Ukraine, Estonia, France
Did the husky experience. I don't have the words, you just have to try this. The Dogs were so awesome and super friendly and cute huskies (from all over the world, as we were told. The one I got was from Latvia, her name was Enna) and the family running the place was so nice and welcoming. Ploughing through snow with dogs is somehow a primal experience. At the end of it we were exhausted but super happy. A must activity in winter!
Kristel, Estonia
We join free Tallinn walking tour with Liine on 20 December.It was fantastic!!! Our guide Liine was perfect, very professional, enthusiastic, with deep knowledge and excellent sense of humour! I highly recommend this tourist company and looking forward to next visiting Tallinn! Thank you!
elena, russia
Helli was brilliant, informative, fun, knowledgable and everything you could want in a guide. Thoroughly recommend - a fantastic couple of hours, and shame on anyone who went on the tour and then sneaked away without giving a donation. Vote for Helli.
Lorri, UK
Travelling to Estonia in November sounds like a bad idea, but we had such a great time! Of course it was... ehm.. a bit chilly, but our Guide Olga did a great job. We had Lahemaa practically to ourselves and it had the charming colours of a Tundra. Be aware, it's getting dark early, but the floodlighted manor looked impressive nonetheless.
Yvonne, Switzerland
We had a fantastic day... "No sex, no future, but excellent guides and a beautiful country". Thank you Martin for all the stories and funny details. By the way, we just discovered that kiiking already came on belgian television.... The olympic dream is coming closer :-) Gert, Katrien and Joris
Gert Wellens, Belgium
A huge thank you to Martin for a wonderful tour of the old town on October 28th. A fast paced, extremely entertaining and very informative two hours -- it was a perfect introduction to the city. We look forward to visiting again and taking a longer tour with you.
B&J, Sweden
Martin was our guide for the Lahemaa National Park. The park was really great, but we also went to many other places including restored and derelict manor homes, soviet relics etc. Martin was an excellent guide, provided a lot of knowledge and kept us well entertained with his easy going nature.
Nicole, Canada
A little bit more than two hours touring with Helli passed like a breaze as was the best, most enjoyable and educational city tour I have ever done and I have taken lots! The small tip I give was not worth her knowledge, enthusiasm, sence of humor..and she made the Astonia history so simple, easy and fun for me to understand and remember. I m thankfull!
Athina, Greece Oct 2015
Did the free walking tour with Mairi on 10/16 - very entertaining and informative. I loved the time she spent talking about Estonian culture and perspectives. She's a culture theory major at uni and it shows! Recommend.
Joelle, USA
I never thought I would enjoy this city alone but I was wrong. Lahemaa tour was awesome and the guide was really awesome. Like, I think it's safe to say, this was one of the best trips I have ever been at. I am really looking forward toncome back here again to see more of what Tallinn traveller tour are offering.. You guys are the best, No Doubt :)
Ayz, UAE, Dubai
For the money, this was one of the best day tours I've been on. Our guide Eliise was full of information and made each stop interesting, as well as being an all round ace person. The itinerary was satisfyingly packed and there was a good variety of places and things to do. Lunch was divine - I need that salmon in my life! Despite it being a nine hour trip, I never once felt bored. All in all, a brilliant day out and highly recommended for those visiting Estonia.
Matt, England
The Tallin Ghost Tour is one of the most marvellous things to do in Tallin! Our tourguide Liine was a fantastic storyteller and did a great job! It was great fun and very interesting to meet all the real ghosts of Tallin old town (special regards to the ghost in the swedish embassy :) )
Birgit & Martin, Germany
My husband and I joined the walking tour on 3rd September. What a great guide Marii was. She was proud of her city, very knowledgeable and amusing. Although we had been to Tallin in 2011 we visited parts of the city on the walking tour we had not seen before. Definitely worth doing this 2 hour walk if you visit this beautiful city. Thank you Marii.
Melita, England
I sincerely recommend this tour. We joined the Free Tour on the 7th of September 2015. Our guide, Marii, was wonderful. Despite of the srtongly rainy weather, she kept a great attitude and made an almost 2 hours long tour showing us Tallinn. Thank you Marii and Tallinn Traveller Tours!
Borja Fernandez, Spain
I wanted to visit several places in Estonia, to find out moreaabout my mother's homeland but was confident enough to drive myself, so I went on a private tour. Anneli was fantastic organising the details of the day and my tour guide JJ made the day do special, i will never forget it. Tartu was the main town we visited but we also dtopped st Laiuse snd Poltsamma and a windmill at Kureema. JJ had researched all the places we stopped very thoroughly. Thevtour of the printing museum in Tartu and visiting the university there were both special to me. The tour was over 12 hours and i couldn't have done it otherwise. I highly recommend Tallinn Traveller Tours, they are very professional and well organized which is whatvyou want when you are on holidays in a different country.
Christine, Australia
We had a wonderful tour to Lahemaa national park. our guide Katlin was perfect , profesional and so good. she new all the answers to all the questions and we wuold like to travel with her again on our next trip to Tallinn
rachel & yossi, israel
Best day ever was in Tallinn during our two week cruise on the Baltic Sea. On August 25, 2015, our traveling group of 12 met with Mart for a two hour private tour. I can't say enough good things about him. He told us so many interesting historical facts about Estonia, added much humor to his presentation and was very accommodating to our needs. It truly was our favorite day of the trip. We all agreed Mart would make an excellent professor. He will be successful no matter what he chooses to do. Thank you Mart for making our visit to Tallinn so memorable!
Sandy Nordeen, USA
In August 2015, we (4 adults) used Tallinn Traveller Tours to organize appx. 7 hr tour of Tallinn with Katlin. We had an excellent time! Tallinn Traveller Tours took the time to organize a private trip and answer countless of emails and questions. The company was able to organize a fantastic tour, according to what we wanted to see and learn about. Katlin was fantastic! She was very knowledgeable and full of energy! Although our tour had officially ended, she still took us to one more place (the Song Festival Grounds) because she felt it was important for us to see this historical place. We were so grateful for this! Our tour included a van, which was new and clean. There were water bottles waiting for us in the van. During the tour, we decided not to go to one of the planned museums. The company refunded the money right away without any hassles and without us having to remind them. Overall, Tallinn Traveller Tours is a very professional tour company with a very friendly and knowledgeable staff.
Claudia, USA
During our visite this august, we did the free 2h walking tour of Tallin with Mart. What a great 2 hours that was ! Mart was one of the best guide we ever had in our life. He was interesting, has a lot of knowledge of the city, it's history, it's people. He had a lot of amusing anectode, he could answer most of our question. He even told us about the Estonian, how they were, what were theie values, etc. I HIGHLY recommend this tour.
Christiane , Canada
The Lahemaa National Park tour was a lot of fun. Our tour guide, Olga, was absolutely wonderful. She is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot about Estonia from her and the tour.
C Kato, USA
Mart gave us a very interesting and fun visit to Tallinn on 15 August. Thank you!
Célia, Portugal
I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! A free tour through Tallinn lead by Mart: interesting tour, nice and smart guide, very friendly, with excellent English. The other one in Lahemaa with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)
Clizia, Italy
I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! A free tour through Tallinn lead by Mart: interesting tour, nice and smart guide, very friendly, with excellent English. The other one in Lahemaa with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)
Clizia, Italy
I took part to 2 guided tours, and both were great experiences! A free tour through Tallinn lead by Mart: interesting tour, nice and smart guide, very friendly, with excellent English. The other one in Lahemaa with George, which I would recommend both for the amazing views and experiences throughout the natural reserve and for being organized in such a personal, smooth way. Thank you guys for the good time :-)
Clizia, Italy
The walking tour was interesting, but Ann our guild made it fantastic.
Brian and Lea, USA
Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski - tänan Kätlin
Charlotte , Germany
We did the Lahemaa national Park tour with Kris - fantastic.
Charlotte, Germany
We visited Tallinn in August 2015 and booked a four hour walking & bike tour. Our guide, Mart, was fabulous. He was extremely knowledgeable and provided a commentary that was full of historical facts and amusing anecdotes about a country and city that he loves passionately. Once on the bike, he took us to places that only a few get to see and, for that, we are very grateful. An excellent tour and a fantastic guide. You will be well rewarded by booking this tour.
Rhonda & friends, Australia & England
Martin gives us a fantastic day on 20 August in this free country. Thank you!
karien, Netherlands
Our group of four arranged for a private tour. Our guide, Liine, a young university student with excellent English and command of idioms, was full of meaningful details and comments. We were interested in Tallinn during the Soviet period. Liine had much to say including an impressive command of history from the Teutonic Knights til the recent independence. Thank you, Liine, for making our trip to Tallinn so exceptional. Cost: 4 persons, 3 hrs., 100 Euros.
John , United States
Excellent tour with mart coping really well with a truly global audience. The 2 hours disappeared in a flash full of interesting sights and entertaining narrative. Recommended for anyone especially with Mart to guide you and answer any questions.
Trevor, England
My wife and I have just participated in a tour lead by Mart. the tour was extremely interesting and fun. Mart manages to include fun anecdotes about Tallinn keeping his audience interested. Thanks!
Edward, Malta
An amazing tour of Tallinn with Tanya, tailored for our needs (a 7 year old with an avid interest in history but short legs!). Extremely friendly and pleasant tour guide, can't recommend her or the company enough!
Rachel, Australia
We had less than a day to spend in Tallin. So decided to take a short walking tour of the city. Our guide named Liine was very informative, funny and efficient. She took us around the main parts of the city with small stops in between, to tell us the history of the city. It was really enjoyable. I will recommend this tour to anyone taking a short trip to Estonia.
Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky, Bangladesh
Martin was an excellent tourguide. He Speeks fluent english. He told us everything we wanted to know, no matter if it was about estonian politics, the weather, the countryside , sports, becoming independent from the soviet Union and so on. All this informations came along the trip in addition to the Information we expected, when we booked the trip. The last advice we took was the dinner in the "Kukete" bar in Tallinn. We really enjoied the day with Martin and the others. The tour is excellent. We can really recommend it to others. Take the chance when it gets offered.
Henrik Rueger, Germany
Definitely recommend the tours offered by these guys. It's a great way to see hidden bits of Estonia that would be difficult to get to without a car. We took the Haapsalu tour and it was a lot of fun The guide was well informed and showed us some pretty cool spots
tiziana , london
We booked the 3h Old Town tour with Tatjana on Aug 2, 2015. I must say that Tatjana is an awesome tour guide. She demonstrated deep knowledge of Tallinn history, with a lot of personal touch, which made it feel like the stories come from someone who really lives the history. After taking the tour with Tatjana, Tallinn definitely occupies a very special spot in my heart, and I hope to visit it again one day.
Alexander Lyakas, Haifa, Israel
Me gusto muchísimo el tour! Fue en ingles, pero se me hizo muy entretenido. Mart el guía me encanto! Una excelente opción para tener una visión sobre la historia y ubicarse en tallin!! Sorry, my review is in Spanish!
Carolina, Aegentina
We took part in a free walking tour with Mart and it was very interesting. He told us info about the history of Estonia, the most relevant deeds and some funny stories. The tour was pleasant and we enjoyed it very much. Tallinn is really lovely and worth to visit. Thanks
Chiara, Italy
We wanted to take a regular bus from Riga to Tallinn first, but decided to do this tour instead and could't be happier about our decision. Kris was a reasonable and dedicated driver and a hilarious and kind guide. Thank you for that awesome day!
Irina, Germany
Although there has been a booking problem with my Lahemaa tour they gave me the possibility to enjoy a fantastic costal tour with Martin instead. Many thanks to the team! It has been a great experience in Estonia which I'll never forget. If somebody reading this review has the time to go on the tour I would highly recommend it!
Natalie , Austria
Although not fond of guided tours we did the Laheema National Park Tour because we noticed that hiring a car and following a printed guide was a rather inefficient way to see places of interest. Our guide was Martin and his enthousiasm and bakground of history studies resulted not only in seeing fabulous places but also in an elaborate commentary on Estonian habits and culture interwoven with anecdotes from the Soviet era. We are so glad we joined this tour!
Paul, the Netherlands
We participated on the two-hour free walking tour in Tallinn led by Mart. His presentation of the city was fun, educational, not boring at all and his stories made it very relateable. I especially liked that he not only introduced the city but also talked about the people of Tallinn and Estonia. No questions were left unanswered and in general he had a huge impact on our impression of the city.
Veronika, Hungary
My husband and I joined the free Tallinn walking tour with mart on Thursday 6 August . We have done a number of these tours around Europe and mist recently Riga and Vilnius as part of our trip to the Baltic countries . We found the tour to be an excellent mix of history , culture and information on Estonian society . Mart was absolutely excellent as a guide, informative , charming and was a great representative for his country . The tour was one of the highlights of our Baltic trip and added immensely to our enjoyment of Tallinn . We would recommend mart , Tallinn and Estonia to all our friends .
Jacqui and philip, Ireland
Mart gave us an excellent tour despite of the heat (26°). His anecdotes and information were both entertaining and educational alike. It was a big group he led, yet it was personal as he revealed his opinion on historical and current affairs. His loud voice was easy to be understood and the two-hour tour never had a boring moment. Thank you, Mart!
Michael Colberg, Germany
Saturday the first of August I went on the free walking tour at lunch time with Mart Veliste. This young student thought us a lot of the country's history but did this in a very pleasant and relaxed way. On all the questions we've asked he could answer and the tour foreseen for two hours went well above this timetable. Matt was eager to give us a good impression of his country and his citizens and I'm certain that I've learned much more of him then reading books. He adviced me to visit the Estonian historic museum and the Kumu as well as the Nevski cathedral. All these were a real succes ! I can't thank him enough for all the joy he brought in the group and I wish him a successful future !
Martine , Luxembourg
My boyfriend and I went on the 12hr Tallinn to Riga sightseeing bus tour with Kriss. We had a lot of fun, despite the temperamental Baltic weather! Kriss was friendly, fun and informative. The day was really interesting with beautiful scenery and lots of information about the history of Estonia and Latvia. We could have just got a 4 1/2 hour bus with no guide but are really glad we opted for the sightseeing tour because it was much more interesting way to travel between countries and we saw more of the Estonian and Latvian countryside and places of interest. Thanks Kriss and traveller tours!
Sarah, United Kingdom
The Costal Coat and Paldisky Tour we made last saturday was the most amazing and awesome of our estonian's stay. The guide, Kris, was perfect: So available, funny and always here to give many details and special jokes. We enjoyed it ALL the time
François, France
Today we participated in the trip to the Costal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski. It was an amazing trip, and Kris was a fantastic tour guide. With his passion and expertise, he made this trip an unforgattable experience. I found this tour highly entertaining and educational, therefore I enjoyed my time during this guided tour. Thanks a lot for that spectacular day!
Natascha , Austria
We did the 4h bike/walking tour with Virve in July 2015 and we had lots of fun discovering the beautiful city of Tallinn with her. She is a fantastic tourguide with lots of energy and knows many interesting storys of her country. We can warmly recommend her, our best tourguide ever!!!
Caroline & Raphael, Switzerland
Andrei hat uns auf def 3 stündigen Tour durch die Altstadt viel über die Geschichte von Estland, aber auch über die Menschen die hier leben und ihre Kultur erzählt. Es waren absolut spannende 3 Stunden. Sehr eindrücklich war auch der Besuch des russischen Marktes! Wir können diese Tour sehr empfehlen!
Brigitte & Roland, Switzerland
A fantastic tour with a superb guide, Mairi. You simply cannot go wrong with this "free" walking tour of a beautiful city. Mairi was amazing, and the ccity of Taillinn even better. St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Berlin --they have nothing on Taillinn.
Phil, USA (North Carolina)
Warm-hearted Estonians, Martin & Ulane! Yesterday I & my husband joined a Lahema guide tour, which was really wonderful & impressive as a nature lover. Before starting, I sprained my ankle on the way to the Info office in the morning but I just proceeded the journey because I was really looking forward to it. However, the pain was getting stronger as time goes by until I could not walk any more. Our guide Martin was very considerate enough to take care of me & ask how I was at every stop. I liked his extensive knowledge about Estonian history as well as anything we bumped into. One thing that I regretted was my poor understanding of English. I wanna call him professor Martin. After I got back from Lahema, his boss Ulane & her sister spared their time to take me to the ER in the city. They sacrificed their resting hours for me. As a foreigner, I would have been miserable without their help! I wanna come back here again some day & meet them again! Fortunately I got much better today and in a few days I think I can continue my schedule and return home happily. Martin & Ulane will be remembered as antoher kind people of Estonia, which became one of my favorite countries. Pls give me your email addresses to Many blessings to all of you!
Ana Kim, Korea
We went on a tour to Lahemaa National Park with Geron as our guide. We loved the tour and found Geron to be very knowledgeable, friendly and easy-going. I would highly recommend taking this tour - we learned about the nature and history of Estonia and were never bored. The following day we took the walking tour around Old Town with Mairi. She was also very knowledgeable and friendly and the tour was very informative. Well worth it, especially considering its free and only need to tip - which we certainly think she deserved.
Jill , Ireland
We booked the trip in de tourist office Our guide was a very sociable man called Martin who was very informative throughout the whole tour.We were taken to lots of places and had a pleasnt lunch on route. The salmon was great. 19july 2015!! Visited July 2015
Sam, Belgium
Today I took a tour with Katryn (Kate) to Lahemaa and I enjoyed everything we did. Katryn was very knowledgeable, being a history student. She answered all our questions and gave us a real insight on the people and culture of Estonia. I would have had to rent a car to get to all these places and even then, I wouldn't know as much information as Katryn did! We were able to do a good deal of walking, not just sitting in the SUV. The lunch was delicious and filling.I liked the manor that was being restored, the Soviet submarine base and the bogs the best. Thanks, Katryn, for a wonderful day!! You were awesome!
Tony Tuttle, USA
Had a fantastic day out with Olga. She was a great guide and took us to some fantastic places which we would never have found ourselves.
Lynda Golightly, UK
it was amazing day with our great guide olga at coastal clifs and another nice day with Kris in lahema national park thanks for 2 beautiful days in estonia
Sami Naser Aldeen, Palestine
We booked the 12 h tour Riga to Tallinn. It was amazing. Thx to Liine. We had a lot of fun. Torsten, Berlin
Torsten , Germany
We had walking tour of Tallinn lead by Henri. He was enthusiastic and informative We loved Tallinn and Henri was an excellent guide.
Simon, UK
We had wednesday a very interesting daytrip to Lahemaa National Park. Nature, culture and history all together with the nice guide Geron.
Jan en Marjolijn, Amsterdam Holland
My husband and I just finished the day tour from Tallinn to Riga with Kris. He is one of the best guides we have ever had, very patient and knowledgable. we enjoyed a lot.
Ling, USA
Walking tour of Tallinn - I booked a private 4 hour walking tour as we wanted to see the Russian Prison as well as Old Town. Our guide tried to take a short cut only to find the gate was locked. She started to go around the block then realized we were going the wrong way. When we got close to the prison, construction from a new apartment complex prevented us from going the way she had hoped so we had to go around another couple of blocks. In all we lost about 45 minutes due to detours. We enjoyed Old Town and the places she took us to which had great views of the city. We just thought she could have been better prepared in the beginning.
Lynne, USA
It was one of the best tours I had. Henri made the tour interesting and fun. It was also a good way to see various parts of the Old Town along with the ghost stories that happened in it. Very nice.
Marko, Philippines
The tour was very informative. It was interesting and fun. Our guide, Henri, was friendly and is always able to answer all our questions regarding the tour. He speaks English (and also Japanese) fluently so we could easily understand when he was conducting the tour. Very highly recommended. It was definitely a fun tour.
Billy, Philippines
We booked the Lahemaa National Park tour in Tallinn, it was amazing. Our guide Martin was also very cool. He was friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. We would definitely recommend this trip.
Boz + Amaya, Germany
Great walking tour of Tallinn lead by Henri. Thanks we really enjoyed finding out and seeing your beautiful city. Would recommend this walking tour!!!
John and Marain Prior, Scotland
Can't say enough about our wonderful three hour Tallinn tour with Henri. He is such a good story teller and he is a great communicator. We loved walking with him and he was so interesting and able to answer all of our questions. He was very accommodating when we needed a tea break and he always managed to maneuver well around the crowds. He gave us advice on how to return to ferry, where to eat lunch, and where to shop. Tallinn would not have been nearly as interesting or fun without our wonderful tour.
Suzanne, USA
We took the Best of Tallinn 3 hour walking tour with Henri today and had a great time walking around the winding streets of the city! Our tour was the perfect mix of history and casual conversation about Estonian culture. It was a fun way to spend our afternoon and a great introduction to Tallinn-we give it 5 out of 5 stars :)
Joe and Phong, USA
Tallinn 4 hour walking tour.
Lynne, USA
Merily zeigte uns Anfang Juni 2015 die Tallinner Altstadt. Es war eine sehr schöne Führung, die bestimmt in Erinnerung bleiben wird. Geschichte, Politik, bauliche Besonderheiten… Merily lies keine Fragen unbeantwortet. Ihre unglaublich fröhliche und nette Art uns die Stadt, mit ihren vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten, näher zu bringen, war ein echtes Highlight. Gisela, Monika, Wolfgang und Heinz
Heinz, Deutschland
Wir hatten im Juni 2015 eine private Führung, in perfektem deutsch,durch die Altstadt vonTallinn. Es hat uns sehr viel Spass gemacht und die Zeit verging wie im Flug. Merily hat uns eine Einführung über die Geschichte Estlands gegeben und viele, nicht nur kulturelle, Informationen über die Stadt. Tallinn, mit einer private Führung in einer kleinen Gruppe zu erkunden, ist perfekt. Ein toller Tag, vielen Dank
Martina, Deutschland
We went on the Lahemaa tour last week and it was an excellent experience. Our guide Kris was very knowledgeable, as well as having an excellent sense of humor. He took great care of us all day and gave us a wonderful introduction to the natural and historical side of Estonia. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting the country!
Nicole, Singapore
We had a very enjoyable and interesting walking tour in the old town of Tallinn. Our guide, Henri, made every part of the tour interesting, with a mixture of facts and anecdotes.
Per, Sweden
Thoroughly enjoyed the walking tour led by Mart. He was very knowledgeable and engaging. Very interesting to listen to and one of the best walking tours we have been on in a while. Highly recommend :)
Sara, Canada
A trip to Estonia is incomplete without visiting Lahemaa National Park, and the best way to see it is with Traveller Tours. We had a fantastic day with our guide John, who couldn't have been more enthusiastic or informative. We were able to see all the highlights of the National Park & sample the world's greatest salmon! Thank you so much.
Jen & Brian, UK
My wife and I had the pleasure and luck to do our tour of Lahemaa National Park with the full of energy and fun George and his at the time trainee Eliise. This was a few weeks ago and I'm sure by now, she's doing a great job of leading tours on her own. We had a beautiful day and the pair made the most of it by taking us (only three in the group that day) to the pretty coast of Estonia with a couple old mansions and a bog walk thrown in for good measure. The lunch stop was great too and well worth the €10 extra charged for the setting alone but also for one of the best salmon meals of many in the region. In the end though, the sights would have been great but non-essential without the humorous running commentary from our two young guides who shared interesting tidbits of info and kept us laughing from place to place. It's obvious how much they love their country, the park and especially their "jobs" and you can't help but be sucked into that feeling yourself. We thought about renting a car to do the excursion and very glad we didn't.
Rich Carbonara, USA/Germany
We had such an awesome day at the nationalpark lahemaa with martin! :-)
Britta, Germany
It was pouring rain in the morning so I was kinda questioning my decision to take a trip to Haapsalu that day. But fortunately, we ended up having great weather and chased the sun! As we weren't able to see everything from our planned tour due to a drag race happening at the air base, our guide Geron took us to some cool places that you normally see on a different tour. You could say that we got the best of both! I'd recommend doing any of these tours if you want to see more of Estonia than just Tallinn. And if you get Geron as your guide: lucky you, enjoy his great sense of humor!
Marlene, Germany
Great tour of the sights in the park with John. Very knowledgeable and entertaining, learnt a lot about the park and Estonians generally. Thanks I'd recommend the tour to anyone.
Laurence, UK
Had an enjoyable day with Katrin - great local knowledge and very helpful. One of the better walking yours we've been on.
David Williams, UK
I've done "free walking tours" in around a dozen or so Eastern European cities, and, by far, the one I did today in Tallinn was the best one I've seen. The guide, who said this was actually his first summer free tour, was engaging, humorous, well-informed, and gave a balanced view of complex topics for a very diverse group of participants. Well done!
Kevin, United States of America
Thanks to our guide Henri, it was an light enlightening walking tour, well done! Also, thanks to for arranging such an excellent guide, knowledgable and fluent in English, in such a short notice.
Ali & Ahmed, UAE
We stayed in Tallinn for 4 days and enjoyed both the free city tours with Heli and the day-trip to Lahemaa National Park with John. An Estonian would say it was "pretty OK", which means in English "Wonderful". We still have the excellent taste of smoked salmon in the mouth ;-). Thanks for allowing us to have learned more about your country!
Angeline & Sylvain, Switzerland
Thank you for a lovely tour of Lahemma Park Our guide, Martin, has got great knowledge of history, and fauna and flora. I highly recommend this tour to everyone. Irena
Irena , Originally from the Czech Republic but living in the UK
We had fantastic day with George in Lahemaa national park. We had tons of questions related to history and he knew all the asnwers which made our day really interesting and fun. I wish all estonians were more like him and have so much energy and fun all the time. Thank you so much!
Carmen, Indonesia
Fantastic tour led by Ann. She was knowledgeable,funny and had a great voice, enabling us to actually hear her! Her English was excellent also. I think she is the best tour guide we have ever experienced. Wonderful city.
Susan, Canada
I went on the free tour of the Tallinn Old Town with Heli today and it was excellent, really I would have expected to pay a lot of money for a tour guide who had such good knowledge. She presented very well even with a fairly large group from lots of different countries, she was very entertaining and interesting. Thanks so much, it was a really great first morning in Tallinn.
Maddie, UK
Tried the Tallinn Free Tour back in mid-May. Blessed with good weather but even more importantly blessed by having Heli as the guide to take around. Learnt interesting history and culture of Estonia, and the places/restaurants she recommended were indeed excellent. She was probably the best tour guide I've had in my travels - enthusiastic, pretty, knowledgeable and great sense of humour (deserves the beer). The tour contributed to a very positive impression of this pretty city. Thank you Heli and keep it up!
Horace, Hong Kong
We joined the very nice free walking tour with Katrin. Two hours of information, stories and tales about Tallinn, Estonia and Estonian people. It was a great tour with a fantastic guide! Tänan, Katrin!!!
Silke & Christian, Germany
2 hours was a great amount of time to get a good snapshot of the old town. Our guide Mairy was brilliant- energetic and kept the information concise but interesting! I'd highly recommend this walking tour.
Erin, Australia
Our group of three couples from Texas had an awesome day in Tallinn with Olga last week. We all agree that she is the best tour guide we have ever had. She is very knowledgeable, professional, loves Tallinn, and has a sweet personality. We learned a lot about this great city in the one day we were there. Our group travels a lot together and do these personal tours often. We always have great fun and she just added so much to it. Our sense of humor just clicked with hers. We felt like she was our daughter early into the tour. Thanks, Olga!
Bill, USA
We had an awesome day in Laheema National Park with our awesome, funny and brilliant guide Jevgeni! My parents and I absolutely loved the trip, we learnd so much from Jevgeni, who told us interesting things about Estonia´s culture and people. We also had funny conversations about Harry Potter and Pippi Longstocking :-) And also Jevgeni knows funny songs about German grammar, we were totally impressed! Thank you so much for a perfect day - we will come back one day!
Carolin, Gerhard und Irmi, Germany
Absolutely awesome tour of the Old Town in Tallin. Our guide's, Jüri's, enthusiasm and joy were contagious. You could see he really enjoys what he is doing and is great at it: great historical knowledge and a wonderful sense of humour, open to chat and provide additional information, very friendly. The tour practically flew by - when I looked at my watch I couldn't believe how late it is, since the trip was so engaging. I can definitely recommend touring with Jüri, he will make you fall in love with Tallin.
Barbara, Poland
This tour made our visit to Tallinn richer, indeed!!! The tour guide Catherine was amazing, great communication and knowledge! I trully recommend if you want to know the history and fun facts about this amazing city!
Paula, Brazil
We are a group from Denmark that had a guided tur to Lahemaa National Park on Maj 15th. We had an excellent guide called Olga. She was well informed , did a great job in bringing us to beautifuld spots and managed to keep the group in great spirit. Her English was remarkable. The daytrip is an aboslute "must-do" when you visit Estonia. i recommand Tallinn Traveller Tour. You wont be disappointed. Thank you Olga for a wonderful day. Many regards from the 7 Danes.
Ingrid , Denmark
Excellent tour yesterday, even in the wind and rain. Hope our guide gets an improved umbrella.
Janine, Australia
Daytrip to Talehaa: best experience of the stay!! Great program with beautiful nature and sowjet relicts that I've never seen before. I can only strongly recommend it, it is worth every cent. And don't miss the delicious lunch that is offnered in the tour - one of the best meals I've eaten in Estonia. Special thanks to the absolutly great guide Jüri (George): so friendly, so many facts and fun and perfect English speaking - best guide :-) Thanks from Germany Katharina
Katharina, Germany
We did the Lahemaa national park tour yesterday with Olga. The tour was fantastic-really interesting, and a great selection of different activities-with a particular highlight for me being the Captain's village-climbing the soviet watchtower and seeing the maritime museum and meeting its owner. Olga was one od the best guide's I've ever had.-really knowledgable about her country's history, mythology and traditions, interesting and so much fun to spend a day with-thank you v much!
Anna , UK
We had an awesome trip a couple weeks ago. The guide (George) was absolutly fun and entertaining (his summersaults are amazing :P ). His knowledge about the estorian history is remarkable! The lunch was the best salmon we ever had! The host was friendly and made ourself feel comfortable. Overall the whole tour was worth it.
Lu & Patrick, Germany
We had a chance to take the tour comprising the Haapsalu sea resort tour as well as some picturesque landscapes and ruins in the North-Western Estonia with our guide George (or Juri for those more familiar with Estonian names). George was an excellent guide who showed us very interesting places and always gave relevant comments. He was very nice and easy-going and eager to answer our questions. We particularly appreciated his personal involvement in the tour as he did not hesitate to go off the road to show us the most beautiful places on the seaside. The Haapsalu tour with George was one of our journey to Baltic countries’ highlights and we thank him once again for his great work.
Lea and Piotr, Switzerland
Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the guide I went on this tour last year. We were a group of 4 incl the guide. He did so much driving and still had enough energy to tell us so much about this area. He knew so many hidden places, it was like a little explorer tour! Love it! I had a great time, the tour is highly recommended. Thank you!
Karina, Germany
Wonderful tour I have been on last year. The guide was great and the tour was big fun, the lunch was very good! Highly recommended, I liked it very much. Thank you for everything!
Karina, Germany
Last week we did the Lahemma National Park Tour with our guide George. We were lucky having the fist day of sunshine this year which made the tour even more awesome than it would have been otherwise. George gave an interesting overview on Estonias nature and culture. We went to some different places (a walk through bog, an abandoned submarine station, a waterfall, a canyon) and had an amazing lunch at Käsmo. George made the tour really interesting and funny by his own inimitable way of telling us historical stuff and fun facts. Thanks for the memorable day! We would do it again!
Julian & Katharina, Germany
The Swiss Junior Nationalteams in Curling made a great tour with guide Liine. Just brilliant!!! Scary stories, interesting facts, scintillating wit, coherent language - and of course the hot chocolate afterwards. Thank you, it was impressive!
Rolf Hösli, Switzerland
We did the tour yesterday Feb 19 with the fantastic Liine. I would highly recommend going on it. In 2 hours we did a thorough circuit through old town & got an entertaining insight into the history of Estonia & Tallin as well is its key monuments & buildings. I was more than happy to tip.
Rachel B, Australia
Tallinn is wonderful and walking around with Liin, who is a great guide, has given our trip a precious touch. She is a talent in telling stories in a humourous but competent way, her English is fluent and high level. Thank you Liinn, we will be back to find out more.
Margo&Angelo!, Milan, Italy
I did the walking tour with Liine in early February, it was snowing and cold but her stories were interesting and were well worth it! Actually the snow made it kind of beautiful... The guides on free tours are always more fun and making a greater effort so in the end you tip them happily, even more than you'd pay for a normal tour. Thanks Liine!
Marija, Croatia
We just finished the tour with our guide liine. Although it was snowing we did not mind the cold weather, the stories made it all worth it. And of course the hot chocolate afterwards. Best thing to do to get to know the city in a short time. Greetings!
Stef&natasja, Netherlands
Liine showed us around Tallinn Old Town on Dec 31st. She spoke excellent English with a wonderful sense of humour that made our experience particularly enjoyable. She was very knowledgeable and imparted just enough detail on buildings, history and events to give us the information without over-loading our heads with too much detail. However, when detail was requested Liine was always forthcoming. I would wholeheartedly recommend this trip.
Ian, UK
Traveller Tours korraldas meile väga meeldejäävad reisid Lahemaale ja Loode-Eestisse. Kuigi oleme kõik eestlased ja peaksime kodumaad tundma, oli avastamisrõõmu palju ning retkejuht Jüri suutis meid üllatada paljude huvitavate faktidega.
Remo, Eesti
Meie ettevõte tegeleb raamatupidamise teenuse pakkumise. Soovisin viia oma meeskonna tavapärasest keskkonnast välja ning pakkuda neile veidi ekstreemsust. Kuna olime varem kasutanud Traveller Toursi teenuseid, siis otsustasime koos nendega avastada Loode-Eestit. Tuur oli väga huvitav, viies meid kohtadesse millest me ei olnud kuulnudki. Taaskord peame kiitma ka giidi, kes oskas visata nii nalju kui huvitavaid fakte.
Külle, Eesti
Amazing! Liine was a great guide with wonderful english skills. It was very exciting to hear her talking about Tallinn history and city stories. I really enjoyed the tour that actually didn't feel like a tour but more a relaxing and engaging discover of the city. I look forward to going back to Tallinn and discover more about the city's corners, legends, culture,... wow! Thank you Liine.
Adler, Portugal
Did the Tallin tour with Liine, was very informative and much fun! Thank you, Liine!! Also was impressed how multi national was my group, all the way from south america to Hong Kong! Cool Best of luck, guys, with your tours!
Alexandra, Russia
Thanks to the great weather and our funny, energetic guide Heli I had a great time. We saw the best parts of the old town, got to know some very interesting stories and got tips for other things to see and do. I can only recommend this tour!
Fred, Germany
My husband and I took the bus tour from Tallin to Riga in late August. It was amazing. We had a great time, the scenery was very beautiful. It did not feel like a whole day bus drive because we would stop and look at different sights. The guide was knowledgeable and for lunch he took us to restaurant that had delicious food. We were satisfied that we booked this tour, otherwise we would miss out on seeing some of the amazing sights.
Olga , United States
Despite the shocking near-freezing rain, we had a very nice time with Katrin, who bravely guided us around the Old Town. Katrin is a very informative and considerate person and I would not hesitate in recommending her for any tour.
Tony, France
I took the Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski tour with my family this week and was frankly disappointed. We were accompanied by 2 other tour guides who had come along to learn. They took the best seats in the bus while we were stuck in the back. At lunchtime, the 3 guides sat with 2 customers - who could ask all the questions they wanted, while we were left alone. On the bus, it was difficult to know when the chatting between the 3 guides had stopped and the information had started, particularly as the radio was on most of the time. Just a thought, but if you had a guide who had lived through some of the Soviet era, they could have provided a lot more insight.
Tony, France
Tallinn was a great place with friendly people and Liina was no exception. The walk revealed places we had missed during our stay, both her energetic and knowledgeable way of explaining tales and legends was exceptional. recommend this to anyone but be aware there are plenty of steps and cobbles.
Tony Fytche, England
Last month i had the chance to make 2 different tours with Tallinn Traveller, i made Lahema National Park with Iida-Leena and Coastal Cliffs and Soviet Paldiski with Mart. Both tours were amazing. Iida and Mart were great, friendly, good communicators and they explained a lot about Estonia and the Estonians. On both tours, i had the chance to left the beautiful but tourist-crowded Tallinn for a couple of days and travel to Estonian countryside and somehow experience the Estonian way of life. Nature, waterfalls, Manor houses, beautiful landscapes, old Soviet airplanes, missile shelters, old submarine base and.... a swimming MOOSE! :D Thank you Iida-Leena, Mart and Tallinn Traveler staff for giving me 2 memorable days in Estonia! I felt in love with Estonia, it's a wonderful country and i'm sure i will be back one day! :)
Nuno, Portugal
We had a very informative old town tour with a wonderful guide who met the six of us at the cruise dock on September 4th. She gave us time to stop whenever we wanted to take pictures and never rushed us. So much better than taking a bus tour with 40 extra people. Would recommend this tour highly.
Karin N, Canada
Wonderfully informative and educational bike tour led by Kathrine. Highly recommend this tour.
Karen, Canada
It was a very enjoyable and very informative tour of wonderful nature. The meal and walkaround the captain's village was great. The keepers of the captain's school are great and very friendly people. Our guide IDA was very good. We should have multi-day tour with her. I want to give a special thank to Ida for her enthusiasm and explanation.
Anand Kumar, The Netherlands
We are from Germany and we were in Tallinn with 8 Friends on the 20/09/2014 and had a private bike tour with Katrin. She was well-infor4med. It was a super great tour. Thank you Katrin!
A Group of Friends, Germany
Had a fantastic day on the Lahemaa National Park tour with Kristiina - she was awesome and took us to some beautiful places. Definitely recommend this tour.
Kylee, Australia
Perfect! Really enjoyed my day. Nice views, nature and a wonderfull meal at the fishers place! Small groups and friendly guide with a lot of info and details. Superb!
Sara, Belgium
Totally loved Tallinn free walking tour with Aurelia. It was not my first time in Tallinn, but definitely the most informative. Not only she gave us the history of Tallinn from the middle ages up to XXth century, she also included controversial topics of today, as well as the general opinion and ideas of the locals and interesting information about Estonia in the Soviet era (the common, everyday things the things you cannot find in books, totally loved it!). I would recommend everyone to go to this tour and hope to get Aurelia as a guide as she is very warm and cheerful person - the tour was a real pleasure!
Giedre, Lithuania
My wife, adult son and I did the Old Town walking tour with Mart in late August. a great our - interesting, moderate pace, acknowledged different perspectives about history and recent events. very willing to answer questions. Mart is a credit to his country. while no donation was demanded, we happily provided several Euros per person.
Bruce, Australia
We did the Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski tour with our guide Iida-Leena. We've spent the last six weeks touring various Baltic States and this was by far our best tour. Lida-Leena was knowledgeable and enthusiastic and really gave us a feel for what makes Estonia and Estonians tick. Our rating - Brilliant!
Paul, UK
I did Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski tour with great tour guide Kristiina. I enjoyed the trip a lot - I always like to have another look at the city and its surroundings so the trip was just perfect for me. Many places I've never thought there exist, great atmosphere, nice stories. You can see some photos from the tour on my blog also - Thanks! It was a nice day ;)
Kasia, Poland
Myself, husband and two children had such an interesting 2 hours with the lovely guide Merily. Tallinn is a really beautiful town with such a history and our guide was very knowledgeable and passionate whilst telling us all about it. We were only there for a day but could have stayed much longer and plan to go back soon. Can't recommend the Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour enough - great guide, a good lot of information given about the history and culture of Tallinn and Estonia, lovely surroundings, what more could you want? Thanks for making it such a great day for us!
Rebecca, England
Liine gave us a great tour of Tallinn, fantastic sense of humor, handled a large group extremely well and kept us engaged through rain and sunshine!!
Bhuvan, India
Durante il mio soggiorno a Tallin ho prenotato una escursione per Lahemaa. Guardando sulla guida Lonely Planet, ho trovato City Bike che propone questo tour della Traveller. Il costo per l'intera giornata è stato di 49 euro. L'organizzazione è stata perfetta!! Le guide sono ragazzi giovani ed io ho avuto la fortuna di capitare con Juri. Sprizza gioia di vivere da tutti i pori e ha un sorriso meraviglioso, sinceramente all'inizio ho avuto qualche momento di esitazione vedendolo così con tutto questo "argento vivo" addosso, invece non solo è stato affidabilissimo come driver, ma è stato eccezionale come guida. Ha una preparazione storica encomiabile ed è coinvolgente nei suoi racconti quando mostra i siti ex sovietici o le bellezze della natura senza che mai il suo sorriso venga meno. Durante il tour si vedono paesaggi molto diversi tra loro, devo dire che mi è piaciuto veramente tanto. Il pranzo, che non è incluso, ma è a un prezzo contenuto (10 euro) è stato delizioso. Abbiamo pranzato a Kasmu ospiti della famiglia che gestisce il piccolo, ma molto caratteristico museo, e che ha cucinato per noi. Il salmone è stato a dir poco divino. Ancora un grande grazie a Juri e ancora complimenti per la sua professionalità e per la sua preparazione.
Sandra, Italia
Did the transfer tour from Riga to Tallinn with Kalev, that was very professional and informative! Going through the countryside of Latvia and Estonia opened up my travel route in Baltic countries and gave me a fuller picture beyond capital cities of Riga and Taliinn. (Sigulda and Viljandi are awesome ^_^) Because it was a public holiday in Estonia, Kalev tried very hard to contact museums and restaurants and drive extra miles for us to see as much as possible. And he answered our many many questions on anything large or small. Thanks a lot for your effort, Kalev!
Mon, Australia
We went on the ghost tour in Tallinn in August 2014. Liina was an amazing tour gide, she's a very good story teller!! Also she has a nice sense of humor. We've already been two days in Tallinn, but during the tour we saw new interesting places. Afterwards we went together to Pierres Cholocats for a nice cup of hot chocolat! Price, including the drink, was 13 euro and well worth it!
Linda, Holland
I highly recommend to come on this tour. Our guide wad Mairi. She was really wonderful! She was very positive, energetic, knowledgeable and with great sence of humour.her excursion is very informative, with her you will know a lot of inreresting facts about Estonia and Tallinn. The best free tour which I have ever had!thanks a lot, Mairi!
Katya, Russia
We just had a great tour with Mart and learned not just about Tallinn but about all Estonian history. He was well informed and spoke an excellent english. Thank you.
Tabea, Germany
We joined the free walking tour. Excellent guide Mart (August 14, 2014)! Highly knowledgeable (considering his young age), excellent English, great communitation skills, very good at dealing with a large group of people, amusing. Well done! Wishing you, Mart, all the best! The only criticism would be putting all the blame on the Soviets during WWII. Didn't Germans cause any destruction then; just occupied Estonia without any fights?
Kotryna, Lithuania
We are from California and were in Tallinn with family (four adults and five kids) on August 11 and had the good fortune to have a private tour with Kathryn. She was well-informed, friendly and made a special effort to answer our questions. We highly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Tallinn for a day or more. Thanks again Kathryn!
Steve, United States
I went on the Lahemaa Day Tour and had a great time. I made new friends with other tourists, enjoyed the salmon lunch and all of the things we explored during the tour - Jagala Waterfall, Viru Bog, old soviet remains, etc. Mart was a wonderful guide who took us to all the things mentioned in the tour description and also ventured off into finding a new beach to explore as well. I would definitely recommend this to anyone visiting Estonia - it's a nice break from the Old Town touristy feel.
Good morning,it was great our tour with you. It was yesterday and we went to Lahemaa national park with our guide Ira, we enjoyed it very much and the lunch was great even with friends we didn't invite.♥♥♥
Elena, Spain
Good morning,it was great our tour with you. It was yesterday and we went to Lahemaa national park with our guide Ira, we enjoyed it very much and the lunch was great even with friends we didn't invite.♥♥♥
Elena, Spain
Awesome ghost tour. A little minus was the fact that during summertime it's not really dark by 8pm. Maybe it could be a little bit later? But the lack of darkness did in no way ruin the tour atmosphere thanks to the great storytelling! The stories were interesting and spooky at the same time and found out lots of interesting things about Tallinn Old town. Totally worth the 13€, plus the hot chocolate at the end of the tour was amazing. Can totally recommend the tour!
Rinna, Finland
Had a blast with Iida on our trip to Lahemaa. She was incredibly knowledgeable, charming, and easy going. She had tons of fun facts about Estonia to share with us throughout. My only complaint is I wish this was a multi-day trip rather than just one day. Regardless, it was a beautiful glimpse into many of the wonders that Lahemaa had to offer.
Brian, United States
I've had an interesting, very well organized and informative tour to Narva with a wonderful guide Reelika! Before Narva we saw also Kohtla-Jarve, Sillamae, an old train station and a factory, a ghost town, a tank T-34, a lot of industrial things that I like so! I'm Russian but it was very interesting to see this part of a post soviet territory! We were only 5 and Reelika drive us in a car herself. It was a excellent day! Highly recommended!!!
Vera, Russia
Visiter Tallinn hors des sentiers battus , voilà ce que vous réserve ce superbe tour ...prison désaffectée, friche industriel de l'air soviétique, maison de pêcheur en bois superbement réhabilité ... Bref si vous fait un tour par Tallinn ... Ça vaut le détour !!! Sans oublier notre merveilleuse guide Katrin ....she was soo.... great , wonderfull If you visit Tallinn ask for this guide... she share her expérience without limits ... So just do it ... Enjoy
Pierre G, France
Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski Tour was spectacular, so glad I went! Highly recommended. Our guide Iida-Leena was fantastic.
Gesine, Malta
Went on the Lahemaa National Park Tour, great summer weather, fantastic tour, best I've ever been on! Iida is a really good guide and also answered our thousands of questions very patiently and competently. Tour participants were very mixed, old, young, all nationalities. Very much recommended!
Gesine, Malta
We went on the Lahemaa national park tour on the 16th July 2014 and our guide was George. He was a very knowledgeable and great person as well as an excellent organizer. He was very friendly and engaging we were having such fun talking a lot about mushrooms and day to day life in Estonia. The fish lunch in lovely Käsmu was delicious and the people there had lots of character. We especially love the bog walk. Thanks a lot George. Hopefully we meet again on another tour.
Peter & Niloo, Sweden
I arranged a Best of Tallinn car and walking tour for our group of 8 cruising in June 2014. Iida was our guide and was so engaging and informative that we all enjoyed the day immensely. Her English is excellent and she shared her knowledge of the history and local life in a way that made us all want to know more. She was unfailingly gracious and patient in answering our questions and took us to a wonderful lunch spot out of the touristy area. Everyone complimented me on finding such a great tour! Thanks Iida and Tallinn Traveller for making Tallinn a highlight of our trip.
Cindy, USA
We took the tour 20/07/14 with Iida as our guide. She was great, and the tour was wonderful. We never would have seen some of the things we did if on our own. Iida's English was excellent, and she was humorous and informative.
Bill and Judy, USA
We booked a private walking and bike tour for the four of us. Our guide was Indrik who was very knowledgeable and showed us the sites of beautiful Tallinn. It was one of the highlights of our Baltic cruise. The first part was a walking tour through the old town. It was early so the streets were nice and quiet. We enjoyed our coffee break in a nice cafe before our bike tour. Thanks Indrik for an enjoyable glimpse of your beautiful city.
The Connor family, Scotland
My and my friend did the Ghosttour with Janika. She had amazing stories and we totally enjoyed the tour.
Martin, Estonia
Our visit to Tallinn was a highlight of our 2 week vacation. Our guide, Linna, was of the best we have had among many tours in Europe. She was friendly and engaging. Our kids loved all of her stories....especially the ghost stories! Our group encompassed 3 generations...from 9 years old to 77 and everyone had a great time! We liked this tour in particular with both the biking and walking components. Thanks for a great day!!
The Morgans, USA
We had a great trip with George on Saturday June 28th to Narva. This was a great experience and George a great guide. We strongly recommend this tour, to all, who wants to understand about estonian history.
Iris and Gerd, Germany
Took the Tallinn Old Town Walking Tour with our guide Aurelia. A great way to see this fantastic part of the city in a more intimate setting than the sometimes crowded free tours. Only 7 in our group which was great. Aurelia was a fantastic guide with a very outgoing personality. The 2 hours was just the right amount of time to get a good overview of the town and is also a great was to orientate yourself to continue exploring afterwards. Would definitely recommend this tour for those who enjoy a good walking tour.
Dan, Australia
Iida and Anneli were both very pleasant and friendly and our tour with Iida was wonderful! She gave us a great idea of the historical significance of what we saw and extra opportunities for excitement if we so chose to do so. It was well worth a days outing to see more of beautiful Estonia and learn more about the culture, people, architecture, land and we even saw a mouse, a frog and a spider during our journey through the bog. Though I'm sure she gets asked the same questions by different tourists, Iida answered all of our tourist questions with great energy and generosity and was a wealth of good information regarding all of Tallinn and Estonia. Thanks very much! :)
Jennymacvet, USA
I booked a 5 hr. walking + car tour via the Internet. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks before my tour my travel plan changed and I ended up not visiting Estonia. Even though the deadline had passed, Marii refunded my deposit as a goodwill gesture. She was also very responsive and prompt with her replies to all my queries. I look forward to touring with this company in the future given how professional these people are.
cmoulikus, United States
My buddy and I signed up for the pub crawl with Tallinn Traveller Tours and were not disappointed. Marii and Kristiina were our extremely friendly and accommodating guides. They showed us several places that the locals frequent and gave us great insight into Tallinn history and culture. We would not hesitate to book a tour with Tallinn Traveller in the future. Thanks again!
Jake, USA
I want to thank Jevgeni for a wonderful day tour in Narva. We learned so much- in his calm was of speaking he was able to explain the history and plight of Estonia . He was a real professional, always smiling and accomodating. Highly recommended as was Marii who organized this for us. I shall use their services again for other trips, as I am presently living in Tallinn and want to see and learn as much as posible while here.
Nora, Israel
My family and I, five of us, scheduled a private tour since we came on a cruise and were trying to avoid the mob scene. George, our guide was fantastic, he had tons of energy and you could tell how much he loved relaying the history of Tallinn and Estonia in general. Our private tour was about 2 1/2 hours, George showed us a little extra after we were enjoying ourselves so much. Over by the university we were fortunate enough to see some of the exhibits being put together for the Lillie fair if I can remember correctly. Tallinn is a beautiful little town surrounded by medieval walls with a couple gorgeous churches and quaint side streets. I cannot say enough how surprised and how much we will cherish our tour with George. Thank you guys!
Jill, USA
My friend and I went on the day trip to Lahemaa National Park in June 2014 and had a fantastic time. Our guide Jüri (George) was fantastic - the most enthusiastic guide we have had on our trip so far. He made sure we saw what we wanted to see, and was very perceptive and receptive to what we wanted to do. He was very knowledgable and told great stories of the history and culture of Estonia. We even had an interesting political conversation that was objective and open-minded. He was also very clear and organised in guiding us and made it all very easy and smooth. Although the weather was a little dreary on the day, he was very positive and we had lots of fun! We really appreciate Jüri's efforts to make the tour what it was - a stark contrast to stock-standard tour guides who struggle to deviate from the set course/script.
Janelle, Austarlia
I took their first day trip to Riga and I'm so glad I chose that option instead of the normal 5 hour bus. The Estonian and Latvian countryside is so beautiful and I would have missed it all, since this trip follows an alternative road to Riga. Thank you so-so much Tallinn Traveller and Mart for the great day. Definitely recommended!
Eva, Germany
It was such an amazing tour. Marc and I would always be part of the tour again. Our tour guide was Jüri and he was brilliant. Had made us laugh all the time and he wasn't not always funny but also very informative. We learnt a lot about the history and also had time to digest all the information while the fantastic lunch we had at the Baltic Sea Side in a boat. All in all it was fantastic every time again. Thank so much, Isabell and Marc.
Isabell, United
On Monday 12th of May me and my classmates spent a very interesting and fun hour seeing Tallinn thanks to Tallinn Traveller Tours and their fabulous guide Aurelia. We had already had quite of a long day but because of the guide’s enthusiastic attitude, great vocabulary and intensive and confident way of speech we more than managed to stay awake. We actually enjoyed the tour and learned a lot. Aurelia had lots of interesting information to share with us and she was even able to make the learning experience entertaining with her accurate, informative but also humoristic stories about Tallinn’s history. Her spoken English was excellent and she seemed to be very enthusiastic about her topic which definitely came through to the whole audience and made it even more fascinating for us to listen to. We were lucky to have her as our tour guide. Would definitely recommend Tallinn Traveller Tours and Aurelia for everyone visiting the city.
Anna A, Finland
We opted for the 2 hour group walking tour of the old town, and would recommend this to anyone going to Tallinn. As it happened there were only the two of us, but our guide was so bubbly and interesting that it great fun. It really felt as though we were being shown around Tallinn by an old friend. The communication before the tour was great (we did it all by email) and was all very easy. Ann was our tour guide, and she gave us a lot of interesting information that I don't think we would have easily found out (plus it's so much easier being told than reading lots of guidebooks!!) as well as local knowledge - and she made us laugh so much! Thanks so much for a great morning!
zooey9, United Kingdom
What an amazing tour of the ghost stories of Tallinn. Well done Tallinn Traveller Tours and thanks to our wonderful guide Heli, one of the best tour guides you could ever hope for. A wonderfully bubbly and energetic young lady with a real talent and passion for storytelling. Superb English too. Over the 2 hours she told lots of great ghost tales with an wicked sense of humour and captivated her audience totally. Among these ghostly tales she added a few other historic details and quirky, funny anecdotes. You cover quite a distance walking around the beautiful streets of the old town but you get a real great feel for the town and some wonderful views from the viewing platforms at the top of the town. It can be a bit steep uphill but everyone should be able to manage and we'll worth the views. Heli organised a nice drink for everyone at a really cosy cafe at the end of the tour which is a really nice way to finish off a great tour. So where you're next in Tallinn check out this Ghost tour and if all their tour guides are as good as Heli you'll have a great evening. 10/10 to Tallinn Traveller Tours, great value at 13€, well done and thank you!
Ash715, Canada
A really good way to get round the city if your short on time, but the cobbled streets don't make for a comfortable ride! We also did the cycle tour which takes you beyond the touristy old town and was well the effort. Friendly staff, well maintained bikes. They even give you water proofs when it's raining.
unclebuckeroo, UK
Myself and two grown-up daughters did the Paldiski tour with Mart during our too-short 1 week trip to Tallinn. What a great day out that was. Full of surprises (I won't spoil them). There was only one other couple in the group (Tony & Susan, if you read this ...thanks for being such great company). It felt more like a day out with friends than an organised tour. Mart was more than happy to be flexible on the itinerary as we worked around the changable weather and enjoyed a little side-trip searching unsuccessfully for a mythical soviet bunker :). Mart's a funny, smart guy and really made the day. If you meet him ask him to do his hilarious impersonation of an annoyed Estonian waitress. Priceless.
Mike Sanders, UK
I want to thank Jevgeni for a wonderful day tour in Narva. We learned so much- in his calm was of speaking he was able to explain the history and plight of Estonia . He was a real professional, always smiling and accomodating. Highly recommended as was Marii who organized this for us. I shall use their services again for other trips, as I am presently living in Tallinn and want to see and learn as much as posible while here.
Nora, Israel
Last year I did the Lahemaa national park tour and also the Old town free tour. It was great and very informative. This time I decided for the Paldiski tour. Our guide Karin was excellent and we had a super wonderful day! I can highly recommend Tallin Traveller tours! I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Marie, Czech Republic
Wonderful day trip to beautiful Lahemaa National Park with Kalev, a great and interesting tour guide who was ever helpful and friendly. Also, enjoyed an informative Old Town walking tour with our entertaining tour guide Heli! Would highly recommend both these tours! (:
Rachel, Singapore
Vasja, Antonov
I joined the awesome walking tour with Heli. Thanks for all these interesting stories and silly jokes!
Julian, Germany
Yesterday I came across a Tallinn travellers Tours flyer. I forgot to write a good review of the Coastal Cliffs & Soviet Paldiski I did 2 years ago..... . Very very good tour and excellent guide (johanna maybe?) everything accurately explained.
claudio, Italy
I took this tour, and it really really made my day. Seriously, thank you Heli, it was awesome!
Guille, Spain
Heli was our guide around Tallinn on 23 Nov. What a fantastic and enthusiastic guide. She made the Old Town come alive and her delivery and knowledge was impeccable. Thanks Heli!
Hayley, UK
We altogether three people took the free walking tour in July 2013. We really enjoyed it as Celia, our guide, answered all our questions and has her own enthusiastic way of getting knowledge across so that you can't stop listening. Overall this tour is an amazing offer which we would recommend and would love to take part in again.
Natalie, Germany
I took Tallin free tour. The tour was awesome as well as the guide Heli;) i would highly recommend this tour to everyone visiting Tallin. It is fun and you learn a lot about the city and citizens)))
Vasilisa, Russia
Wonderful day trip to Lahemaa wth Kalev! My partner and I especially enjoyed the walks through the woods and crossing the bog ponds. Kalev was an exceptional guide!
Rosalind, UK
Did the free walking tour today. I thoroughly enjoyed this and found it very informative and our guide charming. Her name is Hellii (?) and she was challenged by 3 people in the group when she told us that Tallinn was bombed by the Russians in 1944 - 300 planes she said and it destroyed a large part of the city. Her challengers said that Russia didn't have an air force so it can't be. I just googled - Wikepedia confirmed exactly what she said. So, there you go - the tour comes with a highly recommended from me.
Terta, England
We as a group of 15 rouhgly people took the free walking tour. We had a lot of fun and I still remember a lot of the interesting stories about Tallinn. Tank you Heli of this amazing experience!
Johan, Holland
On the 11th of September 2013 we took part in a very interesting tour to South Estonia. Our guide, Kaido Kubri, was a very nice and communicative person. He gave us a lot of information about the sights we were visiting and about the whole South Estonia. The whole program of that tout was very interesting, but what we liked most was the manor Luka, the lake Puhajarve and the walk through the beautiful Park Taevaskoda. We were very glad we took part in that tour. That is why, we would like to recommend it to other tourists. We also have a small suggestion to make for the travel agency. In our opinion the agency could offer tourists another variant of the tour to South Estonia which would include showing them the life and culture of the Old Believers (Seto, Obinitsa) together with other manors, such as Sangaste.
Zofia & Janina, Poland
Yesterday we took the Lahemaa National Park tour and had a great day. The guide made everything interesting, with lots of stories about life in Estonia. The salmon at the lunch stop was absolutely deliscious and the visit to the disused soviet submarine base was rather different.
Kevin, England
We had a fantastic time in Tallinn last month thanks to Aurelia and Tallinn Traveller Tours. Aurelia was such an incredible, amazing and knowledgable guide! She was so very enthusiastic about showing us around this historic city and her English was great. We would happily recommend Aurelia and Tallinn Traveller Tours to anybody.
Sergei & Maryanna, Belarus
My sister and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with Ann (blonde hair) last week (August 12th). We had a 3 hour private tour. Ann showed us around both the historic district and parts of the new town. Ann was extremely knowledgeable and shared with us many historical and fun facts about Tallinn and Estonia. We were very impressed and we highly recommend Ann for a tour guide. Visiting Tallinn was a fantastic experience.
Alan, USA
joined the old town walking tour on today. the guide, Hely, did a great job introducing this history of the monuments as well as Estonia. through her jokes and informations given as we walked the old town, I do learn a lot about this beautiful place.
NST, Singapore
I did the Kuldiga tour in Latvia with Ance. It was a great day trip, lots to see and do. Ance was fun and full of interesting facts and opinions. It was great to get an insight into the country, history, culture and its people from a local. Highlights included a walk across the widest waterfall in Europe, Venta, a visit to sand caves and eating at a local cafe. I highly recommend this tour!
Forina, Scotland
Great tour from Mart. He explained the history brilliantly and really brought the many century-long struggles to life. Highly recommended.
Mark, Australia
I went on the Haapsalu tour which was great because you see the things in estonia you otherwise not would see. I actually use this review to give some ideas because you haven´t give this tour so much. The second visit is a old monastery which you also visit in the paldiski tour, maybe a visit to another place is better so you see completely different things. The other is I didn´t found the visit of the little harbor, for me it didn´t add something extra. Although these points I will recommend the tour because you see lots of things and the stories behind the sightseeings are interesting. The last point is that this tour is often cancelled maybe its an idea to do this tour on another day to see of there are more people who book this tour or to do the day on 2 days so people have more possibilities to do these tours, although I don´t know of you already looked to these options.
Bram van den Broek, Netherlands
Great trip, you get to see something else of estonia. You don´t only see nature but also a lot of culture which you otherwise never would have seen. The guides were also nice and funny. trip I would definitely recommend
Bram, Netherlands
Helli (hopefully I spelled it right) was our tour, and she was excellent! This was by far the best tour we had this two week vacation. She gave us a lot of insight into Estonia's history and culture. As soon as I got home watched at her recommendation 'A Singing Revolution' and 'Disco and Atomic War' (thank you). She was funny, very well informed and spoke excellent English. Thank you again for a wonderful experience.
Claudia, US
Seven of us booked trip to Lahemaa National Park in July 2013. Our guide Kaido. Very good day trip. Our guide drove us around the whole day and answered all our questions. Kaido has a vast knowledge and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia. Kaido was a really fun guy and ll of us had a great day out. We couldn't have done the trip ourselves. A must go trip. We really enjoyed the trip. Thank you
Samir and the gang, England
Seven of us booked a second trip with our guide Kaido. Very good day trip. Our guide drove us around the whole day and answered all our questions. Kaido has a vast knowledge and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia. Kaido was a really fun guy and ll of us had a great day out. We couldn't have done the trip ourselves. Thank you Samir and the gang from London.
Samir and the gang, England
Kaido did a very good job with interesting informations about the history of the people of Estonia. The girls in the information center have been very friendl and helpful.
Dieter, Deutschland
It was our first time in Estonia and wanted to get into the countryside without hiring a car. We took the Lahemma National Park tour which was guided by Karin. I live right beside the Killarney National Park and we do nothing like this. Karin was great and has since become a friend. The variety experienced on the tour made the day out feel only like a few hours. Do it if you have the chance.
James Loughnane, Ireland
When I travel, I crave new and different experiences. The only way I can describe Narva & Eastern Bloc Tallinn tour is an absolute adventure. Going to the Russian/Estonian Border seeing relics of the Old Communist Occupation in the east and learning about the immense history of the region were all highlights. The guides were great. I'd go back again in a heartbeat, even if it's just for the herring.
Andrew, New York
Free Tallinn Walking Tour - With 20+ walking tours behind me, Anne has to be one of the best guides I have seen in a long time... She has the perfect balance between info and humor. You cannot go wrong her being your guide in this beautiful city so SIGN UP NOW before someone else books her for a tour.
Kellly, Texas, USA
A very nice day trip in a small bus, which I did together with 7 others, plus the guide, Mart, who was not only most friendly and pleasant but also extremely knowledgable, and able to give good answers to all the questions we threw at him ! A highlight of the day trip was the excellent meal we enjoyed at the museum ( !! ) in Käsmu - lovely salmon and potato ; it couldn't have tasted any better and there was even some cake afterwards, all for only 8 Euros a head ( i.e. for the food ; the tour cost 49 Euros per person ). For that we were also treated to a short guided tour of the boat & ship museum next door, which contains many interesting maritime artefacts, as used during the last hundred years or more. The coastline with all the forest is unspoilt and lovely, and very well worth experiencing. The bogland too was interesting ; and Mart's knowledge of natural history provided us with everything else we needed to know ! The tour is to be HIGHLY recommended, in every way !!
George, Germany
What an amazing company, with amazing tour guides! I was lucky enough to experience a personal tour, during the winter season with three guides, as they were creating a new tour to bring in for the summer season. Spent the day exploring several hidden spots of Estonia. Highlights included the Padise monastery, Haapsalu & Ungru Castle. Each guide was full of interesting information about each place we visited and definitely have a real love for Estonia. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as a lone traveller. Thanks guys!!
Gemma Cullinan, Australia
A great day trip to Lahemaa! Unfortunatly I don't remember the name of our guide, but he took us in wonderful places and we ate good salmon at lunch stop!
Susanna, Italy
MAIRI was wonderful guide for my group of 35 persons. Her commentary was an excellent balance of historical facts., humorous anecdotes and mysterious folktales. Mairi has a strong melifulous voice but what I particularly enjoyed was how she mixed a sense of humour with an edge of personal cynicism. I think she could well expand her career as professional guide to, with a little work on the script, andbecome a celebrity standup comedian. Thank you Mairi once again!
Paul W., Australia
A friend and I were thrilled to be taken on one of the first full tours of Narva & the Eastern Bloc from Tallinn. We spent more than 12 hours covering incredible ground with a very wide variety of historical, political and natural sights. Our host was informative and enthusiastic and very accommodating with a last-minute booking. Even if you've got a small group of two or three people interested, it's well worth inquiring about a private tour any day of the week, beyond the standard Saturdays that they suggest.
Amelia, Canada
This was a great tour and our tour guide was a hero. She answered any questions we had, and was very friendly. I don't usually leave reviews, but I couldn't help but share my great experience on this tour with this company. We heard about them in Tallinn and did the Free walking tour there as well and decided to see some Latvia also.
Peter, Amsterdam
I took one of their first Riga tours to Jurmala. The guide was really fun and the tour was awesome. She took us to a huge beautiful sand dune next to a river and showed around in Jurmala. The old wooden houses are so romantic and the abandoned area of Jurmala called Kemeri had mysterious park. And the bog walk was amazing. Definitely do that tour if you get to Riga. Jurmala is quite close, but It is difficult to find these places on your own.
Kaido, Estonia
My girlfriend and me did the tour last week with Karin as our guide and it was amazing. Although it started a bit slow with the first stop not that overwhelming it speeded up a lot and was really a great experience. We especially liked the tasty smoked salmon for lunch and the walk through the bog. Karin was always friendly and helpful and did her very best to make us feel comfortable, what we enjoyed a lot. I would definitely recommend the tour to my friends, as it was one of the highlights of our trip.
Philipp, Germany
Tallinn surprised us: First of all because we did not expect such a wonderfull city and furthermore because we never had such a great guide before. Heli: We absolutely thank you for the best tour ever and a great time in a great city! We highly recommend this tour to everybody visiting Talinn and surely will come back to see some more and sing and dance along with the Estonians!
Saskia and Stefan, Germany
The 15th of may, in Tallinn, we had a chance to meet a very efficient travel agency, " Tallinn Traveller tours " as we thought of having a tour through the outstanding Lahemaa National Park. Quite by chance, we got a guide for both of us, Mart, whose proficiency and kindness deserve to be highly praised. Thanks to him, we could stroll through the park for not least than ten hours ( ! ) for a rather fair price, so that we could see prominent aeras and discover some scarcely visited spots. We did enjoy this trip and we warmly recommand this excellent agency to those who are keem on unusual discoveries. Pierre et Catherine de Paris
Thevenin, France
We arranged this excursion on the Internet as an 'off ship' excursion on 14 May 2013. It was excellent on every level, highly professional, personal attention from a very pleasant young man with stacks of knowledge. We would highly recommend this company to anyone and will not hesitate to book with them again particularly as it represents very good value for money apart from anything else.
James, -
Oops sorry the wrong video was posted for the firework: Have fun.
Philippe, Switzerland
We had a awesome day with Tarmo, our Tour Guide. We even shot some Videos which can be seen here: At the end of the tour a little firework will await you ;-) This tour is a must for every Estonia Visitor. See you next time.
Philippe, Switzerland
My friends and I joined the Lahemaa National Park tour on Sunday 10th March 2013. We had a fantastic day and it was the highlight of our trip to Tallinn.
Dave, United Kingdom
Awesome walking tour very fun and informative!;)
Ben, Australia
My parents and I joined the day trip on Sunday the 10th of March 2013. All of us, are not the museum types, so we figured out that this would be a great way to see a bit outside of Tallinn, and get a bit more of the Estonian culture and history by means of a local guiding us around. This tour was definitely the high light of our trip (although Tallinn is gorgeous!!!). Nevertheless, you have no idea of the beauty of the countryside unless you go out of the city. Our tour guide (I hope I spell it correctly) Tarmo, took us to different places including the Jagala waterfalls, an old Russian Submarine base, and to the old maritime town Kasmu where we visited the old captain’s school (now a museum which is run by great people) and walked across the Baltic Sea to one of the Islands. Furthermore we got to try out one typical Estonian tradition: swinging on a group swing. Besides that Tarmo did not have a fixed time plan, which also left open some time for flexibility! Yes, this tour is very recommendable!! Thank you!
Linda, The Netherlands
Ann gave us an amazing tour of the old Tallinn town. She was engaging and enjoyable, despite accommodating for close to 100 people. Definitely recommended.
Vladimir Jirasek, Czech republic
This Lahemaa day trip was awsome.
Robert Monque, Germany
Had a great time on the free city walking tour. It took about an hour, My guide was Anne and she was a good guide to listen to. We were taken around some of the famous sites around the old town. We met at the tourist information centre very close to the old town square. Anne was both very informative and charismatic. I had a great time.
Luke, UK
Nice tour!! :) I recommend it!
Mikko, Finland
Here is a link to a review from one of the leading newspapers in Norway: There is also a video from some of the Free walking tour The text is written in Norwegian but Google translate did a quite good translation to English.
Arild, Norway
Went on 29th december 2012 with my niece. Enjoyed every minute of the tour: it gets more and more adventurous as you keep seeing absolutely stunning landscapes. Excellent guide, plenty of explanations given and not banal or standard touristy info.
emilia, Italy
Heli was very enthusiastic and helpfull. Thanks Heli for wonderfull tour. May god bless you and wish you have a wonderfull life. Thanks for your help :).
Salim Poonawala, Espoo, Finland
I want to thank out tour leader Heli for a both informative and fun tour of Tallinn. It was great despite the awful weather.
Ele, Lithuania
This was a fascinating day out, and such a refreshing change from the faux mediaeval tourist trap that is Tallin. A real insight into present and past life in Estonia and the beauties of the countryside. I think the highlight of the day was the discussion over lunch, and delicious food. I'd recommend this day trip highly to anyone who has an interest in history, politics, people, wildlife.......
Cathy, Scotland
Went to Lahemaa National Park on 2nd November, thoroughly enjoyed it! Best decision we made on holiday to book the tour to see more of Estonia than just the capital city. Tour was really relaxed and Mart our guide was a really nice guy and informative. I think my friend was rather fond of the Red Setters at the lunch stop!! Fantastic day out and I would recommend this company to anyone who goes to Tallinn! :D Thank you again Mart!
Gemma Robertson Bott, Chester, UK
Had an amazing walking tour with Heli today, very informative and enjoyable, had a great sense of humour which made the tour all round fun. Cheers :)
Julian, Australia
Recently went on a day trip to Lahemaa with our excellent guide Tarmo. I would recommend anyone visiting Tallinn to do this, as it really showed areas of Estonia off the beaten track. Absolutely brilliant especially the submarine base and the bog walk. Tarmo was fantastic, explaining about life in Estonia and the places we visited in depth. Thanks
Malcolm and Angela Huckvale, UK
My boyfriend and I did the funky bike tour on September 7th. It was great. We were able to see the "real" Tallin. The guide shared personal stories about her family and gave us quite a bit of information on Tallin's history. Overall, we thought this was one of the highlights of our 12 day cruise. Highly recommend it!
Marie & Mike, USA
We spent 3 fantastic days in Tallin last August and fortunatelly we visited the Traveller Tours Office . It was a great tour, the information was very interesting and given with lots of humor. HELI i hope you'll get the OSCAR this are absolutely professional. We love you!
ricardo & itziar, spain
After having spent a few amazing days in the stunningly beautiful city we wanted to get away to the countryside. We went on the Laheema National Park day trip with Cody. It was definately worth going! He is full of knowledge, cool stories and the whole tour is a bit away from the usual routes! Nature is just amazing in this tiny country. Highly recommend the Bike Tours as well!
Berit , Germany
Fabulous tour thanks from all of us at Natural Elements Vacations Rentals. Tofino & Ucluelet, BC Canada
Dave, Canada
First, we did the Laheema Tour and enjoyed it so much, that we decided spontaneously to book a second trip to the West Coast. We had different tour guides (Kaur to the West Coast and Cody to Laheema) which we both felt, were absolutely enthusiastic about their jobs and, we spent two great days in beautiful Estonian nature with them and we received first hand impressions of the "story behind the scenery" - in every respect and as much as we could bear in just a few hours.... Thanks a lot you guys - your performance is excellent and far beyond the tourist standard !! Edeltrud & MIchael, Germany
Edeltrud & Michael, Germany
It was a really great tour, without all the boring parts, because the information was given in an exciting way, with lots of humor! Thanks o lot, you made my day! :D
Alice, wonderland
Great Tour, organization, guide, visited places, food, weather! Visit the office if you are in Tallinn: they will be really rich of worthy infos and suggestions!
gina0710, Italy
Con mio marito e mio figlio di 8 anni, abbiamo partecipato al Lahemaa National Park Tour il 21 Agosto 2012 con la guida Cody ed un ragazzo tedesco. Tutto veramente fantastico: la tempistica, l'organizzazione, i luoghi visitati, la guida, il cibo (WOW), il tempo (pare che quando portano visitatori in tour ci sia sempre il sole o che smetta di piovere quando scendono dal minivan!!). Se vi recate a Tallinn, andate a trovarli assolutamente!
gina0710, Italy
really really good. only took this day trip, which i considered as the "tourist option", due to lack of convenient public transport connections, but it was worth every penny. there's no way you could do so much in one day relying on buses or even driving yourself without being accompanied by a local. the guide (?)cody was great, very knowledgable and interesting, we were surprised to hear he'd only been doing it for a month, it seemed like he had years of experience and knowledge. all the stop-offs were interesting, varied and stunningly beautiful, and swimming in the bog was AMAZING. and the vegetarian lunch option - delicious! recommend 100 percent!
lou, UK
I had the great pleasure of participating in the "Tallinn Ghost Tour" guided by the hilarious Heli Jurisson on 14 August. With her tremendous enthusiasm and razor-sharp wit, she made the undead come alive with her magnificent storytelling. I enjoyed the evening thoroughly.
Steve P., United States
Had a wonderful time at Lahemaa national park. Talked the whole way there and back to our guide. You will love the tour from start to finish. Both the history and the beauty were amazing.
Donall Byrne, Ireland
My girlfriend wanted to check out nature, so we did the National Park day trip. We got the nature, all right . . . forests, the sea, and an intriguing walk through a mire . . . but we got much more. The guide, an extremely articulate and intelligent young man named Kaur, gave brilliant lessons in Estonian history and culture. The key is sitting up in front during at least part of the day trip and peppering him with questions. Kaur boasts an original, precocious, and uncompromising intellect, and based on some of his remarks about the other guides, I suspect they are also of high caliber. There is even an adventurous walk through of an abandoned Soviet submarine installation. If you really want to learn about Estonia, rather than just walk along the pretty streets of Tallinn, this tour is absolutely essential.
Michael, USA
we bought the lahemaa national park and western coast, it was a great day thans to our special and pleasant guide MART ! we have a wonderful remind of our vacation
giuseppe and simona , ITALY
if you want to have a special night, you have to join this pubcrawl. You will visit special places you will never see if you are just a tourist in Tallinn! cheers
Stijn, Holland!
Great tour. Our guide Helle was hilarious, entertaining and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.
Ami, NZ
Fab funky bike tour in Tallinn with a very knowledgeable tour guide, Silja. If you are in Tallinn check it out at the tourist info in Old Town. Amazing ride away from the usual tourist attractions and even takes you to an old prison.
Carol, UK
Durante la nostra permanenza a Tallinn abbiamo avuto il piacere di effettuare il tour della città vecchia, in linqua italiana, accompagnati da Kristina. Abbiamo potuto apprezzare la sua competenza e la passione verso il proprio Paese e la città di Tallinn, riuscendo anche a trasmtterla a noi. Preziosi i suoi consigli su lughi e locali da visitare, che ci hanno condotto in una città forse meno turistica, ma comunque affascinante. Grazie Kristina.
Marco & Aaron, Italy
Die beautiful bike Tour hat uns und den Kindern super gefallen. Danke an Halja für die gute Führung. Sehr empfehlenswert.
Nicole, Deutschland
A really great tour, all the things you don't see in the Old Town, an excellent guide, and the name "funky tour" sums it up perfectly!
Nick Orloff, Australia
The funky biketour was a fantastic experience! Friendly tourguide who explained everything what we wanted to know!
Lene, Belgium
Despite the fact that it rained, rained, rained our tour guide, Ana V. made experiencing Tallinn a fantastic experience. She is witty, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgable. I loved hearing her quirky facts and real opinons and not being fed the tourist line of information. We learned so much about the history of Tallinn & Estonia. We came on a cruise ship and chose not to take the cruise tours because I know they did not experience Tallinn as my group did. Thanks Ana. You made the day wonderful and fun. Thanks for the tip on Tallinn Vana; its sinfully delicious. I highly recommend taking the Old Town walking tour ( July 2012)
Robin Udoji, United States
Hello, Just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time when we visited Tallinn. We took the Old Town Walking Tour and enjoyed it very much. Our tour guide Ann Vaida was well informed and had lots of good information to give us about the old city and present day Tallinn and Estonia. She was friendlly , outgoing and well informed. Our tour was a leisure one and we visited and saw all that we had planned to see and more in the short time we had in port. We really enjoyed ourselve touring and chatting with Ann. We will highly recommend this tour company to others. Thanks for making our time in Tallinn special. Edwin and Marilyn Udoji. July 10, 2012
Marilyn Udoji, USA
Ghost tour july 2012 I've jjust been on a wonderful Ghost tour with Stacy as a guide. You've made may day and it was a surprising and very nice ending of the tour.:-) I really enjoyed both the trip and the chat.
Arild, Norway
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Sheena Cason, Canada
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
The Old town walking tour was excellent; the tour guide Heli, was funny, articulate, informative, memorable. We learned a lot about the history and the present state of Tallinn, and Estonia! highly recommended - the best way to enjoy the old town of Tallin, July 9th 2012
Your Name, Country
We just returned from a trip to Tallinn. Ann gave our group a wonderful, memorable walking tour. Even though it was a rainy day, we hardly noticed, because of Ann's enthusiasm and energy!
Bill, USA
Just back from a trip to Tallinn. One of the most interesting cities we have visited. Our walking tour was just great. We had a terrific guide-Margus- he was full of life & fun. Not your usual serious guide. Well done. We will be bac
Mags & Brian, Ireland
Just back from a trip to Tallinn. One of the most interesting cities we have visited. Our walking tour was just great. We had a terrific guide-Marius- I think and he was full of life & fun. Not your usual serious guide. Well done. We will be bac
Mags & Brian, Ireland
Go! Just go! This stuff you can't read about in any guidebook. Tanks to Epp. Helle, Helsingør, Denmark
Your Name, Country
A brilliant way to see the old town of Tallinn. Ann was an excellent guide, amusing, knowledgable and vivacious. I thoroughly recommend this free tour of the town run by local uni students!
Sarah, Australia
An excellent and informative 2 hour stroll around the old town with our guide Anne whose ability to be humourous in a foreign language was outstanding - and all at no charge too!!
Bob W, UK
Great trip with our Guide Epp who took us on an interesting trip around Tallinn. We learned many things about the society, the history and with a personal point of wiew. It was a Nice Way of discovered a different part of the town. It was 4 wonderful hours.
Flemming Nielsen, Denmark
I went on the " funky bike Tour" with a guide called Epp. It truely was a nice ride around Tallinn, where we visited places that we wouldn't have discovered our selves. If you're going to Tallinn i would recommend you to try this. And ask for the guide "Epp" cause she was a wonderful guide. :)
Gustav Egeberg Nielsen, Denmark
My husband and I along with our 12 year old son took the Funky Bike Tour in Tallin with Celia as our guide. This was easily the most memorable event of our northern Europe/Russian holdiday. Celia was extremely knowledgable and very proud of her country's history and we learned a lot. Very interesting to get an Estonian view of the Soviet era. While we enjoyed the Old Towne, this was a great chance to travel an unbeaten path. We had hoped to find some other travelers on the tour and were lucky to find two great young men, Jack from Australia and Jun from Singapore. What a great opportunity for our son to Get a view of young people touring the world. Cannot say enough good things about our bike trip. Even the rainy weather did not put a damper on the day. Great tour, great people and a fantastic country. Can't wait to find an excuse to return. Be sure to make this tour a part of your visit!
Chris, Canada
It was an awesome trip to the Lahemaa national park, even through an early snow storm. The place is amazing in its own right in winter. Thanks to our guide who braved the elements and hiked us across the frozen bog. :-) Definitely an awesome thing to do while in Tallinn.
Jay, Denmark
Just spent a week in Tallin, in March, went on the ghost and walking tours and Paldiski and Lahemaa. All the tours were brilliant taking us to places we would have never been able to get to on our own and all through a snow covered countryside! All the guides spoke fluent English and were very knowledgeable about the local area. The office staff were also brilliant arranging a cheap ferry to Helsinki and a tour of Pateri Prison. Not just for students either as me and my husband were travelling with my 80 year old Dad!
Rachael, England
When we first saw advertising posters of tours offered to Lahemaa national park, we didn't even think about doing one. After a few days we had to admit that it is quite difficult, if not impossible, to get to Lahemaa national park without a private vehicle. So we decided to do this trip. Mart was our guide and showed up in a very good mood in the morning to pick us up. He was very friendly the whole day, brought us to beautiful places and told us a lot about Estonia. We felt like having a local friend showing us the best places of Lahemaa. Without him we could never have found all the places. One of the highlights was the Kasmu Maritime Museum, run by an Estonian family who served us an amazing lunch and guided us through the museum. Also scenic walks and spectacular nature views we had - all that accompanied in a group of 4 persons, very flexible and individual. PERFECT!! Bottom line: DO IT! Thank you Mart for this amazing trip!!
Seda, Germany
Extremely good tour around Tallinn's old town. Brilliant ''performance" of sarcastic but, in fact, completely friendly Heli (14.02)! I would love to participate again :)
Adam, Poland
I want to give a big shout out to the wonderful people who staff Tallinn Traveller. I'd been having difficulties trying to contact a credit card company, and they were able to help me out. All they wanted in return was reimbursement for the Skype charge. Are you kidding me? So lovely and helpful, which was exactly the opposite of the 'official' tourist info office. THANKS, Tallinn Traveller!!!
Caroline, USA
I did a walking and a bike tour through Tallinn and I really loved it. The guides had so many stories to tell. Thank you a lot.
Uschi, Germany
Sorry its taken so long to write the review but things got back to normal very soon after we got back to England (Rush Rush) . This was our first visit to Estonia and to the wonderful capital ciy of Tallin. My wife(Rosie)and myself (Rob) were lucky enough to have what we considered to be a private tour as we were the only two people taking part with our very knowledgable tour guide (Kalev). who spoke in very good English, Our tour was on a cold cloudy day on November12th 2011 just after the football match against Ireland(sorry Kalev)and were taken by car for the full 7 hours around the Western Coast and Paldiski. Our guide kept us very well informed of the history and pointed out spots you would not normally see on any other tour.I think he was quite embarassed when we got to the lagoon/prison only to find the gates were shut and locked the only disapointment to a fantastic well planned tour. We will both recomend the tour to friends who might be going to Tallin in the future. Wondered if you still had the photographs you took of us to send on e-mail to show our friends of our day out. We gave you e-mail address on the day.. Many thanks again keep up the good work Rob& Rosie Hertfordshiere England
Rob&Rosie Bloomfield, England
Ann was a very nice tourguide with a good vibe that provided us with the information you need to have an enjoyable stay in tallinn! She did not only talk but also actively dial with us when we had questions or remarks. Thanks a lot for this!
Paolo, Switzerland
This was my 8th visit to Tallinn and although I don’t usually go on organised trips we came across Tallinn Traveller Info by chance and signed up for the Paldiski tour. What a great day we had and our tour guide Kalev, I have to say, went the extra mile to make our experience a more personal and memorable one. I’m planning my next visit Tallinn in the spring of 2012 and hope to go on the Lahemaa National Park trip.
Tina Hanks, Gloucester, England
This was a great tour and Kalev, our tour guide was a hero. He answered any questions we had, and was very friendly. He really cared about our experience and did everything in his power to make it happen. He also took photos of the whole tour and e-mailed them to us afterwards at no extra charge. I don't usually leave reviews, but I couldn't help but share my great experience on this tour with this company. We went on the western coast and paldiski tour.
Will, London
Had a great time with Ann on the Walking Tour and with Anne on the Bike Tour. Well done and thank you all for making my stay in Tallinn so good!
Diego, Italy
We made an amazing daytrip to the Western coast. Kalev, our guide (and owner of the company), drove us around the whole day. He was willing to answer all our (stupid) questions and told us everything we wanted to know about Estonia en the sights we were visiting. Kalev was a really fun guy to go with and he made our daytrip a very relaxing day out!
Luc, Holland
Great to see parts of Tallinn the normal tourist would not see! Thanks Mart for the bar stop!
Pete, Australia
It's my first and only day in Estonia and thanks to Anne it won't be my last . There is a lot to see and Anne made it really great.
George, Texsas
Thank you Ann - your talk + walk was great fun even in the rain!
Sarah and Steve, England
Wow, Awesome city, excellent guide who didn't care about time or anything, other than ensuring we had a great time. Thanks - I will return with wife and do this "beautiful" tour again.
Alex, Canada
Ann is the best tour guide in the world and a talented action photo jumper! :-) We enjoyed the tour very much and encourage everybody to do the tour as well! Thanks Ann and the team.
Jens, Nadja, Elena, Germany
Fantastic tour - from the friendly and helpful service in the office to our guide, Mart., and all that we saw. The small group, felxibility in the itinerary, the excellent driving and great knowledge of our guide, - one of the best tours I've taken anywhere, and such good value. Definitely a "must do" when in Tallinn.
Val Norris, Australia
Best trip, best guide, wonderful scenery and money well spent on this trip. Will definately do another trip with you when next in this part of the world. Many thanks Kiwi Heidi
Heidi Morris, New Zealand
Had a brilliant day thanks Mart for such an excellent time! The Salmon was amazing! haha If you ever come to Liverpool I will give you a tour.
Stephen, Liverpool, England
I've been with three of your tours (old town, Lahemaa, beautiful bike tour) in three days - so one might rightfully say you did some great work. :-) It was a great way not only to see Tallinn and hear interesting stories of it, but also to see some more of Estonia and to meet lots of friendly people. I enjoyed every minute in your company!
Tim, Germany
Simply just the best way to explore the city. Even after a few days in the city, the walking tour just made the city even better, aware of the hidden gems... Great work!!!
Victor, the Netherlands
Lahemaa National Park day tour - wow best tour ever and I have done many all over the world - the trip was a day I will never forget from the wonderful company to the amaing sites things I will truly never forget it was not just a trip it made memories - priceless, thank you, IF YOU HAVE A CHANCE DO THE TRIP you will never forget it or regret it
J Hilton , Wales UK
I did the Beautiful Bike Tour. Good bikes, Amazing City, Great Tour Guide. Mart was the man!
Will Grice, Australia
Hello, I would like to thank the Tent People for all their hints and tips. I highly recommend stopping by at the tent to pick up and ask for any useful information. My wife and I went for a Beautiful Bike Tour, it was nice to go a little off the beaten path and return back to the interesting sites along the way. Their job however is made easier because Tallinn is up to the word, really BEAUTIFUL. WE hope to make it back some day, and definitly will stop by at the tent. Keep up the good work. Take care
Dino Dalla Costa, Italy
I did the pub crawl and bike tour...the people at the tent were very friendly and helpful, one of the guys there phoned about a dozen places for me to get a rom because I didny have a place to stay! Great people there!!
Robert proudlove, Canada
Thanks to Kalev for a fantastic day in Laheema Nationalpark! I had a brilliant day there!
Julia, Germany
Just got back home after a FANTASTIC day in Lahemaa National Park with Kalev. Was just a brilliant day, and despite the rain our spirits were high. Saw so many places and things, but without ever feeling rushed...and was great to see what else Estonia had to offer outside Tallinn!. Really an absolutely super duper, well-organised but relaxed trip which you MUST go on if you are in Estonia! THANKS!!
Lizzy Stewart, Germany
What a great way of exploring Tallinn. The guide was informative and cheerful and the route was largely away from busy roads.
Richard, England
Absolutely brilliant tour with Mathias. Well worth the money and such a different tour than the normal type! When Mathias spoke about the history of Estonia with such emotion you could actually get a creepy feeling that you were there, back then! We also visited the Sea Museum in Kasmu (the Captain's village) and the guide in the Museum also spoke about his country with such emotion. One word of advice and it is not a critisicm, that the guide when driving the bus when speaking, could use a microphone as it is very hard for the people at the back of the bus to hear what is being said. Rating: 10 out of 10
Liz & Eamonn Manning, Ireland
Went on both bike tours back to back and was well worth it with minimal overlap :D
AllanSMW, UK
I've done a lot of walking tours, and this was one of the best ever! The guide was knowledgeable, lively, and funny. Highly recommended.
Deborah, USA
We had a great time on our Pubcrawl this summer. It was the perfect way to meet new people, see the city, and have fun! Our tour guide Mart was awesome and we would definitely recommend the tour and hope to do it again next summer.
Katie and Mike, United States
Amazing tour! Our guide Mathias was really friendly and instructive and showed us wonderful sights all over the park. This tour is the best way to see lots of amazing landscapes and it's totally recommended for everyone! Thanks
Bianca, Marina and Marco, Norhern Italy
Just returned from a baltic cruise and one of the highlights was definitely the day we spent in Tallinn, much of that due to our excellent tour guide Anne who walked us around the wonderful city streets. The tour isn't one of the "routine" tours run by the main operators rather a fun, well informed wander around with a local, taking in areas that the larger tour groups miss. Definitely gets our recommendation!!
Simon & Cheryl, U.K
We had a great time on the walking tour, the young lady who ran the tour had a lot of great information and made the tour lots of fun, I would recommend this is a heartbeat :)
Meaghan and Jeremy, Australia
Harry made our bike tour a fantastic experience. A great way to discover different parts of the city. To top it all we had great weather (did you guys organise that too for us) You all do a fantastic job at the info tent too and I am so glad we found you and booked the trip.
Sue, Uk
We will never forget the three tours (Funky Bike, Green Bike, Laheema National Park) with our guides. We saw parts of Tallinn and Estonia we would have never discovered otherwise. Thank you!
Annette und Franz Brand, Germany
This was such a great tour, definitely value for money. We were a group of six of ages ranging from 30s to 60s and all thoroughly enjoyed visiting Lahemaa National Park with our guide, Kalev. He was so friendly and didn't mind our constant questions about life in Estonia etc and also did a detour on the way as we wanted to see Jagala waterfall. Brilliant day.
Lyn Rands, England
Had a super fun time on the pub crawl.We've not laughed that much in a long time. Estonians have a great sense of humour, especially Mart. We will be returning in December.
Megan and Mum , England
It was really great!!! Thank you very much to be such closer. Cheers
Carla Llorca, Spain
We just finished a 16 day trip that we're affectionately calling our "Medieval Tour" because we visited 11 European cities that had Old City Centers dating back to the 13th Century. Tallin was our last city tour (a total of 9 across 16 days) and Ann did an outstanding job. She kept us engaged, paced the tour so that my 77 & 78 y/o parents could keep up, and shared some fascinating (and mostly unpublished) pieces of information on her city. Highly recommend her and the Old Town walking tour group!
Diane, USA
Das war eine tolle Tour in eine beeindruckende Natur - informativ, entspannend und locker. Unser Reiseleiter begleitete unsere kleine Gruppe aus Japanern, Amerikanern, Niederländern und Deutschen kompetent und unaufgeregt - ein wirklich sehr schöner Tag, vielen Dank!
Günter Droste, Deutschland
Fantastic tour. Enjoyed every moment. Kalev was great, really friendly and showed us so many fantastic places round the Lahemaa National Park in a day. One of the best tours I've done. The best way to see places outside the city if you can. Highly recommended and well worth every euro!!!
Kerensa, England
Our trip with Kalev to the Lahemaa National Park was a very good organized, fine travel - Kalev did a great job, and we spent a wounderful day in Estonian nature...
Christine, Switzerland
The Lahemaa-Tour with Kalev we did on Tuesday, 2 August 2011 was one of the best things that happened to us when we travel - and we travel a lot... He showed us sooo many awesome sites and gave us so much interesting information on Estonia, Tallinn, Lahemaa and the Estonians in general. 10 hours or more flew away within seconds... Take your swimming togs with you, probably you can make use of it at the end of the day...;-) Thanks to Kalev and the whole team of Travellers for giving us such a good time!
Frank and Holger, Germany
We came to Tallinn on a weekend trip from Helsinki, and did both the Lahemaa and Funky Bike Tours. The Tallinn Traveller team looked after us really well the whole time - we couldn't have planned a better time ourselves. Expect to laugh, learn and be pushed out of your everyday travel comfort zone.
James, Finland
Really nice tour! Ulena was really interesting and fun. I would recommend this tour to anyone interested to know Tallinn. Thank you!
Pablo Marco, Spain
It was a very refreshing and fast paced walking tour. We had a great number of people in our tour which made it a bit harder to hear everything, but it worked. Our tour guide was very informative in her description of the buildings and sites we were able to see. Her personal opinions reflected the "true history" of Tallinn! The tour started on time and ended on time which made the rest of our plans go smoothly. Thanks for a great job!
Mark, USA
Thumbs up for you guys! Thanks for helping us out finding a suitable location to sleep, coz all the ho(s)tels were fully booked... Keep up the good work...
Kris, Belgium
We scheduled a combination walking and bike tour ahead of our cruise ship stop on July 3, 2011. We met up with Ann at the tent. Ann was a fantastic tour guide. Our group included our two kids (ages 11 and 14) and our sister and brother-in-law. There happened to be a music / singing festival also going on in Tallin that day. Ann was fun, enthusiastic, and very, very knowledgable. We went straight into the bike ride after the walking tour and I can tell you Ann is a fearless bicyclist. We went all over Tallin and had a great day. After the tour Ann came along with us to a restuarant she suggested called Grandmas. The lunch was very good and we would never have found it if Ann did not come along. Thanks for a great day!!!
Ray & Lauri Byerley, Louisiana, USA
Easily one of the best tours I've been on. Spent a full day with Kalev roaming the Lahemaa National Park and seeing a side to Estonia that you just don't get in the city. Our guide was friendly, relaxed and always up for a chat. Almost felt like we were spending the day with a good friend. If you're in Estonia for a few days, don't leave without taking this tour.
Dylan, Australia
Heli was great!
John, USA
The walking tour with Heli on 7/18/11 was excellent!
Bob, Houston
Holy moly! I had a great time on the Funky Bike Tour! The group was small, and I got to see things I would have never discovered otherwise. All of this along with an anecdotal history of cowboy capitalism. Everyone at Tallinn Traveller made my trip to Estonia one I will never forget, I cannot recommend them enough!
Hillary, Canada
We enjoyed the free tour, our guide didn´t save his own opinions, wich was good to notice - you feel you get the real story instead of the tourist-stuff, an absolute must if you visit Tallinn!
Björn, Finland
The pubcrawl was great, we had a good time, met new people, and found out a lot about Tallinn´s nightlife, we´ll be back in Tallinn, and we will be sure to hit the pubcrawl again!
Björn, Finland
Harry is a legend of a tour guide, and Hayley was brilliant on the walking tour. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in future. Keep doing what you're doing!
Conor, Ireland
Thank you for arranging for Ann to take us on the Russian walk. She was so informative, enthusiastic, and energetic. It was great fun to have an eighteen year old guide who was willing to take two seniors who needed to sit down to a great and funky place for something to drink.
Carolyn and Tom, USA
Heli did an amazing job yesterday. I never thought a tour could be so interesting. Thanks very much. One of the highlights of my vacation for sure :)
Brianna Cote, Ireland
Ülane provided an entertaining and educational tour of Tallinn during our recent visit. Historical facts mixed with local color provided a wonderfully narrated walking tour of a beautiful city. The time in Tallinn was one of the best of our Baltic vacation and a tour that was an excellent experience. Don"t miss this wonderful opportunity to see Tallinn.
Bob, USA
Elaine, I want to thank you for the tour of Tallinn towards the end of May. Your English was amazing as was your information. Your bubbly, energetic personally made the tour a wonderful adventure and experience. I wish you all the best in the future. You are wonderful, bright young lady with a lot of promise. Thanks again!
Wayne, USA
Thank you so much Elaine, I loved your tour (May 2011). You shared many fun facts, beautiful sites & folklore. Great introduction to Tallinn, must definitely return.
Cheryl, USA
My friends and I only had one day to spend in Talinn and yet we saw so much thanks to the Funky Bike Tour! What a great way to get to know the city and its history away from the usual tourist stuff! Been on quite a few tours during the last couple of days; this one was by far the best. Harry, you rock!
Dorothea, Germany
The Beautiful Bike Tour was the highlight of my stay in Tallinn! The guide was very friendly and I enjoyed it so much I went out on the Funky Bike Tour the next day!! If you do one thing while in Tallinn, go on these bike tours!!!
Ellie, Ireland
My father gave me this tour for my birthday!!! Harry is a really nice guidewith a personal touch and you get to see a lot of the city that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. I recommend this tour to anyone going to Tallinn.
Sofia, Sweden
Best city tour ever, anywhere on the world! 2 hours over lunch time in the heat and not 1 second bored! thanks a lot for the many ghost stories!
Regula, Switzerland
We had an awesome time in Tallinn thanks to your tour and lovely hospitality! It was a memorable trip with all your help. The pub crawl was definitely the best part with drinks we could not pronounce in places only locals go to! Great initiative all around, would do it all again in a heart beat! Cheers!
Ekin, Turkey
A wee poem about the Tallinn tent in Scots/Glaswegian: ——- The Tallinn Tent’s a Stoater, Full-a things tae dae, Once yiv seen Tallinn’s sights, You’ll shuirly want tae stay ——- The Pub crawl’s trully gallus, The bars are full beer, If ahd got mair money, Ahd want tae stay a year ——- The lassies are aw bonnie, They’ll try tae nip a kiss, The Tallinn Tent Pub Crawl, Isnie one tae miss!
Andy, Glasgow, Scotland
Have been to the Pub Crawl at least five times – the best and easiest way to meet new and cool people from all over the world.
Dario, Germany
Just to say what great tours you run, the bike ride and then a ‘private’ tour with some friends was such great fun and really helped us to understand something of Tallinn and its people.
Paul & Angela, Switzerland
This may have been the best travel dollars I have ever spent. Heli was superb and made wonderful Tallinn even better with her knowledge, fun personality, obscure facts and entertaining ways.
Robby, USA
No matter which of the them takes the Pubcrawl tour you will have a great time meeting other travellers and local Estonians. You even get to sample a truly horrid but must-try Jellyfish shot and if you’re especially lucky, Tallinn’s very own Paris Hilton look-alike may join the group.
One of the best city tours I have ever taken and I have visited more than 40 countries.
John, Canada
This was very refreshing as a contrast to the official tour. This is needed in more cities around the world. Great initiative. Thanks.
Roland, Sweden
We had a great time on your tour. It’s the first time my kids have not been bored. A good mix of history and general stories.
The Patton family, Scotland
The old town tour is the best I have done since traveling through Europe for three months.
Masi, Country
We have been on the walking tour, on the funky bike tour and thoroughly enjoyed them both. We have learned much about Tallinn and Estonia’s rich history from great, interesting and very proud young ambassadors.
Carolin & Mark, Australia
Great tour to the parts of Tallinn that the tourists don’t see. You guys are totally great.
Ollie, New Zealand
I’m a 55 year old American. I love those kids. They are a wonderful representation of Tallinn. The walking tour was one of the best I’ve been on and I have toured 5 continents. And I look forward to them next year.
Fran, Boston
Refreshingly honest and informative, youthful alternative to the conventional official city story.
Muller, USA
Fantastic service. The walking tour was one of the best I have been on. And after 40 countries I have been on a few.
Michael, UK

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